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  • bitcoin

    Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

  • btcrecover

    An open source Bitcoin wallet password and seed recovery tool designed for the case where you already know most of your password/seed, but need assistance in trying different possible combinations.

  • bip39

    A web tool for converting BIP39 mnemonic codes

  • dogecoin

    very currency

  • scriptless-scripts

    Documentation about scriptless scripts

  • btcd

    An alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang)

  • wallet

    Bitpay Wallet (formerly Copay) is a secure Bitcoin and other crypto currencies wallet platform for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • NBitcoin

    Comprehensive Bitcoin library for the .NET framework.

  • slips

    SatoshiLabs Improvement Proposals

  • neutrino

    Privacy-Preserving Bitcoin Light Client

  • rust-lightning

    A highly modular Bitcoin Lightning library written in Rust. Its Rust-Lightning, not Rusty's Lightning!

  • ivy-bitcoin

    A high-level language and IDE for writing Bitcoin smart contracts.

  • Bitcoin-Spec

    Bitcoin Developer Reference

  • dlcspecs

    Specification for Discreet Log Contracts


    ★MyDiceBot★ - Ultimate Bitcoin Dice Bot. Bet More, Earn More!

  • LifeHash

    A beautiful method of hash visualization based on Conway’s Game of Life.

  • DotNetLightning

    Lightning network daemon with F# (alpha)

  • bittube-old

    BitTube Coin

  • NRustLightning

    C# bindings for rust-lightning

  • xthinner-spec

    Specification for the Xthinner block propagation protocol

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Posts where bips has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects.
  • Bitcoin is decentralized. However, I assume there’s developers who have access to code? What if they decide to change it? Quite a responsibility given for a few unknown developers? | 2021-01-17
    Everyone has access to the code; it's open-source. Anyone can participate.
  • Silly question about Proof-Of-Work | 2021-01-17
    For technical reference, I suggest the bitcoin wiki: and the BIPS:
  • Cant access wallet? | 2021-01-17
    It's 24 words and all these words are standard.
  • Why is Bitcoin "Unconfiscatable"
  • Moving Cold Storage Funds | 2021-01-17
  • Recover Software wallet into a Trezor? | 2021-01-17
    Hmm you can check the bip39 words on github
  • PSA: Most of you don't know how crypto works or your ledger for that matter so don't blame the product for losing your funds.
    Wow that’s still crazy high! Everyone has access to the list, it’s called the bip-39 list
  • Always triple check the address, your partner will thank you
  • Help- Friends BRD wallet seedphrase doesn't restore wallet | 2021-01-16
    Next step would be to make sure that every word is correct using this wordlist: | 2021-01-16
  • Convert BIP39 Seed to BIP39 Mnemonic
  • Having trouble sending transaction from Blockstream Green back to Coinbase | 2021-01-14
    Regarding the replace-by-fee issue: this doesn't seem to be the expected behaviour of RBF, according to Could just be an implementation bug with the wallet you're using. Is there an option to reduce the output fund amount when re-specifying the fee? You'd have to do that, since you're allocating more to the fee.
  • Why source code of dogecoin blockchian does not continue to be developed? | 2021-01-14
    From a feature perspective, I personally think we should at the very least be looking at starting the CSV softfork (BIP68, BIP112 and BIP113) but I'm also wary of this change, because looking at how fast wallets solved their non-consensus issues when we finally enforced fees, there is a risk here. Theoretically we could enable this within the 1.14 baseline if a major release would take a longer time to materialize into production ready code, however, I'd prefer it if we could do this as part of a major release, to improve overall security and code maintainability together with features.
  • Why do most multisig wallets use m/48'/0'/0'/2 as a derivation path ? | 2021-01-13
    An old pull-request for BIP-44 for multisig, never accepted:
  • The password guess worth $240m in Bitcoin | 2021-01-13
    This can actually be solved using smart contracts in bitcoin, it is built into the underlying bitcoin opcodes -- CSV

    This is the underlying mechanism for Unilateral Channel Close in the lightning smart contracts (on bitcoin), a timeout spend clause.

    Note: It wasn't a thing when these coins were first acquired, so it doesn't really help in the situation.


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