Server supporting the Signal Private Messenger applications on Android, Desktop, and iOS (by signalapp)

Signal-Server Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to Signal-Server
  • Signal-Android

    A private messenger for Android.

  • Signal-Desktop

    Signal — Private Messenger for Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Signal-iOS

    A private messenger for iOS.

  • LibreSignal

    LibreSignal • The truly private and Google-Free messenger for Android.

  • matrix-doc

    Matrix Documentation (including The Spec)

  • Telegram

    Telegram for Android source

  • tdesktop

    Telegram Desktop messaging app

  • synapse

    Synapse: Matrix reference homeserver

  • vscode-remote-release

    Visual Studio Code Remote Development: Open any folder in WSL, in a Docker container, or on a remote machine using SSH and take advantage of VS Code's full feature set.

  • zre_raft

    Experiment with ZRE and Raft

  • pyright

    Static type checker for Python

  • element-web

    A glossy Matrix collaboration client for the web.

  • github

    Just a place to track issues and feature requests that I have for github

  • mollyim-android

    A fork of Signal for Android with passphrase lock.

  • Signal-Android

    Patches to Signal for Android removing dependencies on closed-source Google Mobile Services and Firebase libraries. In branches whose names include "-FOSS". Uses new "foss" or "gms" flavor dimension: build with "./gradlew assemblePlayFossProdRelease".

  • org.signal.Signal

  • libsignal-client-node

  • UP-spec

    UnifiedPush Specifications

  • ContactDiscoveryService

  • storage-service

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Posts where Signal-Server has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-01-22.
  • Signal starts catching up to WhatsApp by adding custom wallpapers and animated stickers | 2021-01-22
    Yep. AGPL v3
  • Anyone self hosted Signal?
    I have not but I'd be curious if anyone has successfully done so. While OWS does publish the server source code, they provide zero documentation on how to get the server up and running. If anyone has done it I would be curious as to how complicated the setup process is.
  • Ask HN: What companies are you excited about? | 2021-01-22
    The source to their server seems open source licensed and available:

    Wikipedia also says their server is open source:

  • The Secure Messaging App Conundrum: Signal vs. Telegram (A Comparisson for Non [pdf] | 2021-01-22

    Plenty of threads about people asking about updates or not being able to run it

  • Is Signal as easy to use as WhatsApp? (a ~40 hour analysis) | 2021-01-19
    I'm a big fan of Signal and have been encouraging friends and family to use it.

    That said, I (like others) am a bit concerned about the lack of updates to Signal-Server ( Commits seemed to suddenly stop April last year, and I'd be very surprised if the actual Signal Server that's running in production hasn't been updated over such a long period. Would be very happy to be proven wrong here, or to be pointed in the direction of anything that might explain the lack of activity.

  • Signal: New Signal groups use Google servers Some readers have pointed out to me that Signal appears to be using the Google Data Center to create / manage new Signal groups. The domain resolves to the IP addresses:
    Take a look for yourself
  • We can do better than Signal | 2021-01-17
    Can anyone closer to development of Signal (or who works on it) comment on why the server code was last updated in April (7 months ago

    Has _all_ development been client side? | 2021-01-17
    Can you name anything that should have been fixed in Signal Server before April? Probably not, but this doesn't look very good | 2021-01-17
    Huh? I googled "signal server" and got | 2021-01-17
    On the public repo, there have been no changes since April 2020

    If you go here you can see there were changes 8 hours ago.

    So yes no public changes have been pushed, but changes are happening. It is fair to ask what changes are being pushed given their push for privacy.

    How much do you want to trust here? | 2021-01-17
    the last PR was 9 hours ago

    while the main page says update was 8. Thats what threw me off | 2021-01-17
    What's untrue about that? There haven't been any commits to Signal-Server for almost a year.

  • [Q] Why doesn't Telegram make the Secrets Chats option more obvious to the new user for E2EE, and why are they unavailable in the web and desktop apps? | 2021-01-17
    Have a look for yourself: We also know the production Signal server is running a later closed-source version of the code since a few features are missing from the released codebase.
  • Signal on Twitter: "Signal is back! Like an underdog going through a training montage, we’ve learned a lot since yesterday — and we did it together. Thanks to the millions of new Signal users around the world for your patience. Your capacity for understanding inspired us while we expanded capacity." | 2021-01-17
    Just a small note - signal server is open source:
  • Signal is back!
    Looking forward to a write up. Not sure what was being worked on but has no recently merged PRs.


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