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iearn-finance/yearn-finance is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

Yearn-finance Alternatives

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Posts where yearn-finance has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-13.
  • Frustration that I’m late to the party. | 2021-04-15
    Also, don't worry about NFTs so much right now. Most money spent will never be recovered as they won't hold their value for the vast majority. But you absolutely should be learning more about DeFi and some of the incredible yields that are available to lenders (yield farming). I would suggest for this and r/yearn_finance. The yearn ecosystem basically looks all of the DeFi protocols out there that provide interest to liquidity providers and aggregates them.
  • vs | 2021-04-14
    What is the difference between and I also see v1 and v2 versions at but assume I should use v2
  • What's up with this tab on Earn? Pretty sure all these APYs are wrong. Why is it like this? Is it safe to deposit to BUSD here?
    The old website has Vaults and Earn. The new website just has Vaults. That's why I screen shotted the old site. If you're, click "invest" up top, then select "earn". It will send you to the old site, and you'll see what I posted.
  • Question about crvSETH vault
    Thanks! I like to use because it gives descriptions of the strategies. I don't see that anywhere on Am I missing something?
  • ELI5 to Noob?
    Third, after getting an idea of what's what, and assuming your $15k is now in your wallet, go to and scroll through the vaults to find what you're interested in. You can then deposit in your selected vault or vaults
  • After being in BTC since 2020 I decided to jump on the ETH train. Just purchased my first 5 ETH. What now? | 2021-04-12
    -Deposit it into for a passive 8% yield from underlying strategies
  • Tezos future adoption | 2021-04-11
    I know teams like LOVE Python for deployment - but core contracts in ETH still require Solidity. I believe you also need to be aware of other stuff like ABI. I'm not a programmer by profession, but I understand enough to interpret for myself. However, I'm also open to learn from others who may have experience working in both ecosystems.
  • The valuation of the leading Dapps reached billions but what about the actual usage of those dapps? | 2021-04-08
    Uniswap ~ 15.4 blm (Market Cap in USD) and 50k (the number of daily users); Rarible ~ $121.4 mio and 2.5k; PancakeSwap ~ $3.1 bln and 51K; SuchiSwap ~ 1.8 bln and 3.6k; SteemIt ~ 371.6 mio and 4.3k; WiNk ~ 1.4 bln and 1.2K; ~ 1.7 blm and 613 (six hundred thirteen) users; ~ 958,2 mio and 477 (four hundreds and seventy seven) users; Compound ~ 2.3 bln and 470 users; Balancer ~ 580.6 mio and 238 users; Everipedia ~ 281.5 mio and 153 users; Akropolis ~ 213.0 mio and 120 users; Aave ~ 4.5 bln and 108 users; dXdY ~ 7.1 mio and 96 users; CrpytoKitties ~ 392,930 USD and 81 users; Decentraland ~ 1.3 bln and 64 users; Nexus Mutual ~ 506.6 mio and 36 (thirty six) users; Melon ~ 140.8 mio and 29 users; Pickle Finance ~ 4 blm and 21 (thwenty one) users; Bancor ~ 1.2 bln and 1 (I mean, The One) user.
  • Weekly DeFi Discussion - A great place to ask questions and discuss ideas | 2021-04-07
    I mean, I'm looking at and it's currently showing 20+% APY for USDC. Even if I don't think BTC/ETH/etc are going to appreciate, it seems like it would be foolish not to turn some large chunk of cash (let's say $100k) into a USDC deposit on
  • Best way to put my BTC to work on Yearn
    Hi all, I'm pretty new to but already put some ETH and LINK to work on vaults.
  • YFI v2 vault 0% returns for almost 3 weeks
    A percent increase of 0.422093%. Any reason why was always showing double digit growth all this while? And the tvl has almost doubled in the last three weeks. Are there other ways you can earn after you deposit yfi in this vault? I am thinking it is more like deposit and forget, but the rate at which price per share is increasing is bit disappointing.
  • Buy BTT | 2021-04-06 12:56 EST
  • Best staking platforms for Australians
    Use, aave, compound for lending ethereum tokens. For staking, each coin that has staking like ADA or DOT usually has instructions on their website for non-custodial lending.
  • Holdings haven't grown in crvSTETH vault
    Thank you! It does show an additional 0.004 crvSTETH I thought it might be that initially but seems like a silly mistake for both and the vercel app to make. Also given a 25% APY 2 weeks should compound 0.01 off of 1.01 but I guess it wasn't active until a few days ago.