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  • Word Games
    1 project | reddit.com/r/WriteStreakEN | 20 Jan 2022
    This Subject of the Day was inspired by u/anna011a, who wrote about the online game Wordle. Wordle is a word game where you have up to six chances to guess the 5-letter word. With each try, you get feedback on whether the letters you’ve used are correct or not.
  • Do you play wordle, easy game
    1 project | reddit.com/r/PollsAndSurveys | 20 Jan 2022
  • I made a Wordle
    1 project | reddit.com/r/crochet | 20 Jan 2022
    A hot little word guessing game: link
  • Key features in "Wordle" and it is the start of a new genre?
    1 project | reddit.com/r/gamedesign | 20 Jan 2022
    You probably know it, right now they have a success on social media called "Wordle". Let play it to understand what is this refreshing game.
  • Wordle import/export
    1 project | reddit.com/r/shortcuts | 20 Jan 2022
    Only tested with the original version of the game
  • Wolver, another algorithmic approach, and a suggester spreadsheet
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/wordle | 20 Jan 2022
    The hard way to cheat in Wordle is to write code! (The easy way are anonymous browser windows). After many hours, and many nights of computing, it turns out that Wolver, the Wordle Solver,  is rarely better than teenage girls. Still, it was a lot of fun. Part of the fun was learning a lot of new words.
  • Are browser-based games still a thing?
    3 projects | reddit.com/r/patientgamers | 20 Jan 2022
    I have also been playing a lot of geoguessr and obviously wordle lately.
  • I have different puzzles??
    1 project | reddit.com/r/wordle | 20 Jan 2022
    Are you using a random app with the name Wordle or the correct website at https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/ ? Only other thing would be check the clock on the device you're using.
  • Do you think Wordle can be made into a board/card game?
    1 project | reddit.com/r/boardgames | 20 Jan 2022
    In case anyone here hasn't heard of Wordle - https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle
  • Late Night Random Discussion Thread - 20 January, 2022
    1 project | reddit.com/r/indiasocial | 20 Jan 2022
  • Connectle - not a HCG but it's a concept that I want to share
    1 project | reddit.com/r/hyper_casual_games | 20 Jan 2022
    You probably know it, right now they have a success on social media called "Wordle". Let play it to understand what is this refreshing game.
  • Solving the "Wordle" Game using Python and Selenium
    2 projects | dev.to | 20 Jan 2022
    import ast import random import requests from seleniumbase import __version__ from seleniumbase import BaseCase class WordleTests(BaseCase): word_list = [] def initalize_word_list(self): js_file = "https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/main.e65ce0a5.js" req_text = requests.get(js_file).text start = req_text.find("var La=") + len("var La=") end = req_text.find("],", start) + 1 word_string = req_text[start:end] self.word_list = ast.literal_eval(word_string) def modify_word_list(self, word, letter_status): new_word_list = [] correct_letters = [] present_letters = [] for i in range(len(word)): if letter_status[i] == "correct": correct_letters.append(word[i]) for w in self.word_list: if w[i] == word[i]: new_word_list.append(w) self.word_list = new_word_list new_word_list = [] for i in range(len(word)): if letter_status[i] == "present": present_letters.append(word[i]) for w in self.word_list: if word[i] in w and word[i] != w[i]: new_word_list.append(w) self.word_list = new_word_list new_word_list = [] for i in range(len(word)): if ( letter_status[i] == "absent" and word[i] not in correct_letters and word[i] not in present_letters ): for w in self.word_list: if word[i] not in w: new_word_list.append(w) self.word_list = new_word_list new_word_list = [] def test_wordle(self): self.open("https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/") self.click("game-app::shadow game-modal::shadow game-icon") self.initalize_word_list() keyboard_base = "game-app::shadow game-keyboard::shadow " word = random.choice(self.word_list) total_attempts = 0 success = False for attempt in range(6): total_attempts += 1 word = random.choice(self.word_list) letters = [] for letter in word: letters.append(letter) button = 'button[data-key="%s"]' % letter self.click(keyboard_base + button) button = 'button[data-key="↵"]' self.click(keyboard_base + button) self.sleep(1) # Time for the animation row = 'game-app::shadow game-row[letters="%s"]::shadow ' % word tile = row + "game-tile:nth-of-type(%s)" letter_status = [] for i in range(1, 6): letter_eval = self.get_attribute(tile % str(i), "evaluation") letter_status.append(letter_eval) if letter_status.count("correct") == 5: success = True break self.word_list.remove(word) self.modify_word_list(word, letter_status) self.save_screenshot_to_logs() print('\nWord: "%s"\nAttempts: %s' % (word.upper(), total_attempts)) if not success: self.fail("Unable to solve for the correct word in 6 attempts!") self.sleep(3)
  • Daily Wordle - #215 | Thursday, 20 January
    1 project | reddit.com/r/wordle | 20 Jan 2022
  • Discussion Thread
    2 projects | reddit.com/r/neoliberal | 20 Jan 2022
  • 20 January 2022 - Daily Chat Thread
    1 project | reddit.com/r/indonesia | 20 Jan 2022


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