Tool to controll USB ports and turn on/off WMR headset with comfort. (by ArtemkaKun)


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  • Automated script to start WMR and set all screens to 1080p 60hz and reset them on WMR closing, based on u/kevboisatania's batch file, for improved performance
    reddit.com/r/HPReverb | 2021-02-27
    Try disabling that. I'd recommend using this tool here. It actually has a simple button to disable virtual monitor pre-allocation, and it includes my script in a button to start WMR.
  • Script to auto set all monitors to 1080p 60Hz, start WMR, and reset monitors when WMR closes
    reddit.com/r/WindowsMR | 2021-02-23
    Tool (I posted it some time ago here, seems people like and use it) - https://github.com/ArtemkaKun/wmr-usb-controller


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ArtemkaKun/wmr-usb-controller is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 only which is an OSI approved license.