A tool for secrets management, encryption as a service, and privileged access management (by hashicorp)


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hashicorp/vault is an open source project licensed under Mozilla Public License 2.0 which is an OSI approved license.

Vault Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to Vault

  • GitHub repo Keycloak

    Open Source Identity and Access Management For Modern Applications and Services

  • GitHub repo filemanager

    📂 Web File Browser

  • GitHub repo sops

    Simple and flexible tool for managing secrets

  • GitHub repo fzf

    :cherry_blossom: A command-line fuzzy finder

  • GitHub repo Pi-hole

    A black hole for Internet advertisements

  • GitHub repo consul

    Consul is a distributed, highly available, and data center aware solution to connect and configure applications across dynamic, distributed infrastructure.

  • GitHub repo Dokku

    A docker-powered PaaS that helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications

  • GitHub repo Gson

    A Java serialization/deserialization library to convert Java Objects into JSON and back

  • GitHub repo Bazel

    a fast, scalable, multi-language and extensible build system

  • GitHub repo bitwarden_rs

    Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust, formerly known as bitwarden_rs [Moved to:]

  • GitHub repo Nomad

    Nomad is an easy-to-use, flexible, and performant workload orchestrator that can deploy a mix of microservice, batch, containerized, and non-containerized applications. Nomad is easy to operate and scale and has native Consul and Vault integrations.

  • GitHub repo CoreDNS

    CoreDNS is a DNS server that chains plugins

  • GitHub repo Twig

    Twig, the flexible, fast, and secure template language for PHP

  • GitHub repo DOMPurify

    DOMPurify - a DOM-only, super-fast, uber-tolerant XSS sanitizer for HTML, MathML and SVG. DOMPurify works with a secure default, but offers a lot of configurability and hooks. Demo:

  • GitHub repo SFTPGo

    Fully featured and highly configurable SFTP server with optional FTP/S and WebDAV support - S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob

  • GitHub repo PowerDNS

    PowerDNS Authoritative, PowerDNS Recursor, dnsdist

  • GitHub repo Spotbugs

    SpotBugs is FindBugs' successor. A tool for static analysis to look for bugs in Java code.

  • GitHub repo OpenMediaVault

    openmediavault is the next generation network attached storage (NAS) solution based on Debian Linux. It contains services like SSH, (S)FTP, SMB/CIFS, DAAP media server, RSync, BitTorrent client and many more. Thanks to the modular design of the framework it can be enhanced via plugins. OpenMediaVault is primarily designed to be used in home environments or small home offices, but is not limited to those scenarios. It is a simple and easy to use out-of-the-box solution that will allow everyone t

  • GitHub repo Thymeleaf

    Thymeleaf is a modern server-side Java template engine for both web and standalone environments.

  • GitHub repo Aerospike

    Node.js client for the Aerospike database

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Posts where Vault has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-05-08.
  • Kubernetes, external-dns, Pi-hole and a custom domain | 2021-05-08
    For example, I use Vault to store secrets, and I want an easy way to access the web-ui rather than using the IP address. The solution in Kubernetes is to create an Ingress; right now, I only have Ingresses with my main domain but if I use it will be exposed to the whole internet, and I don't want that.
  • Go is powering enterprise developers: Developer survey results | 2021-04-23
    Vault (~284k go lines)
  • Authorization and micro services | 2021-04-22
    checkout hashicorp’s Vault
  • which file server that is secure, easy, fast, stable, reliable, accessible from every devices? (no seafile, no nextcloud) you can use the opensource version and manage your internal CAs.
  • 1Password Secrets Automation | 2021-04-13
  • Aerospike as a Backend Storage for HashiCorp Vault | 2021-04-05
    Vault 1.7.0 is released, and it includes my contribution to support the Aerospike database as backend storage. See the release notes for more details.
  • docker, sensitive data, git repo, best practice? | 2021-04-04
    A popular open source option that can be made to work in many settings is HashiCorp Vault
  • How do you guys encrypt hassle free?
  • How to encrypt traffic to internal servers? | 2021-03-22
    For bonus points you can use something like Vault for your PKI.
  • google_maps_flutter.dart: API key stored in AndroidManifest.xml: alternatives?
  • If OpenBSD wanted suggestions for a new native daemon, what would you suggest they write? | 2021-03-01
    Addendum: A secure way to store credentials for other services would be good. Like doas for service credentials. The closest thing I can think of is Hashicorp Vault ( There aren't a plethora of solutions in that space, and that is right up OpenBSD's alley.
  • How to handle secrets in code | 2021-03-01
    Another option is to use
  • Should DevOps Toolchain contain Azure KeyVault | 2021-02-28
  • Is there a good certificate manager for managing all VMs, CF and K8s workload certificates? | 2021-02-20
  • Lastpass alternative? If you got longer secrets?