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smallbets/userbase is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

Userbase Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to userbase

  • GitHub repo

    🛡🛠 You are being watched. Protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.

  • GitHub repo fake-s3

    A lightweight server clone of Amazon S3 that simulates most of the commands supported by S3 with minimal dependencies

  • GitHub repo archivy

    Archivy is a self-hosted knowledge repository that allows you to safely preserve useful content that contributes to your own personal, searchable and extendable wiki.

  • GitHub repo tubesync

    Syncs YouTube channels and playlists to a locally hosted media server

  • GitHub repo Clendar

    Clendar - universal calendar app. Written in SwiftUI. Available on App Store. MIT License.

  • GitHub repo cloud-from-scratch

    Build yourself a private self-hosted full-stack personal cloud system.

  • GitHub repo dotfile

    Simple version control made for tracking single files

  • GitHub repo kanception

  • GitHub repo pull-request-stats

    Github action to print relevant stats about Pull Request reviewers

  • GitHub repo name-needed

    🎮 A one man effort to produce an open source, intuitive and high performance Dwarf Fortress-esque game. Needs a name.

  • GitHub repo sogdb

    An open database for stadia games

  • GitHub repo deltaflow

    A GPU-accelerated differentiable fluid simulator written in JAX.

  • GitHub repo dev-portal-frontend

    A StackOverflow / Reddit / Disqus / Talkyard clone

  • GitHub repo coprocessor.js

    serial-based, nodejs-backed, remote code execution system

  • GitHub repo qrxfil

    Exfiltrate files via QR codes

  • GitHub repo bayes-bet

    Productionized NHL hockey model predictions with Django fontend

  • GitHub repo server

    Scinna is a self-hosted screenshot sharing site (by scinna)

  • GitHub repo SearchStory

    Lucene based search application to search your own history (notes, papers, browser history)

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Posts where userbase has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-03-16.
  • Ask HN: What (side-)project are you working on? | 2021-03-16
    I filled my own need with

    I have a minor, but chronic medical condition I am trying to get in check, and I just wanted something incredibly simple to identify good and bad days. I was inspired by "year in pixels" calendars.

    And I took the opportunity to try out Userbase[0] and build something with a secure backend and no tracking, considering the potentially sensitive nature of it.

    No plans for monetization at the moment. I could see adding more features such as tracking multiple data points, stats, correlations, notes, etc., and creating a premium version. I would need more users and feedback.


  • Here is our list of businesses that accept Monero payments | 2021-02-16
    Likewise, we offer a 15% discount for payments made with Monero at :)
  • Ask HN: What is a good product development stack for rapid launch to users? | 2021-02-15
    If you’re wanting something super simple check out UserBase . You haven’t given a lot of requirements here so there’s not much to go on.
  • Userbase: tool to add end-to-end encrypted storage and authentication to an app in a few lines of code, 100% open source | 2021-01-24
    Instructions provided here to get it up and running locally yourself
    Completed a security review by an independent team, and have a comprehensive specification of the architecture available for all to see.
  • Show HN: Userbase – Add user accounts and E2E encrypted persistence to your app | 2021-01-21
    Hi HN,

    Userbase is a tool for developers to build secure and private apps. We launched 1 year ago [1], and have worked hard to widen its use cases. Userbase offers built-in user accounts and authentication, an end-to-end encrypted zero-management database, file storage, streaming and sharing, and logic to process and manage subscriptions (via Stripe). All Userbase features are accessible through a simple JavaScript SDK, directly from the client. 100% open source, and all platforms are supported (browser, iOS, Android, desktop).

    Today, Userbase can also be used in apps that don’t require end-to-end encryption. Userbase can handle authentication and data storage/retrieval in a few lines of code.

    We also completed a security review by an independent team [2], and wrote up a comprehensive specification of our architecture [3].

    Personally I started working on Userbase to store end-to-end encrypted data in a performant way for an accounting app. Under the hood, each write to a Userbase database is an append-only transaction to a log stored in DynamoDB (therefore constant time), which is then pushed to connected clients over a Web Socket. Each client then applies this transaction to its local state of the database in memory (real-time syncing is provided out of the box). In this process, the server ensures each client receives transactions in a consistent order, 100% of the time. This is unlike some of the (very awesome) decentralized alternatives that exist today (OrbitDB, GunDB, Scuttlebot), which generally rely on CRDTs to stay in sync, and CRDTs can be pushed in any order. For certain applications, the consistent ordering guarantee a central server provides may be extremely useful (such as in an accounting app), on top of the added reliability and performance.