TensorFlow for macOS 11.0+ accelerated using Apple's ML Compute framework. (by apple)


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apple/tensorflow_macos is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 or later which is an OSI approved license.

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Posts where tensorflow_macos has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-30.
  • Need help in installing tensorflow
    You need to install Apple’s fork that works on M1 Macs: https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos
  • [D] M1 MacBooks versus Google Colab for deep learning
    https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos you mean this one?
    So the question I have now is which one is faster/better suited for my puropses. M1 got [hyped](https://machinelearning.apple.com/updates/ml-compute-training-on-mac) a lot so I thought the M1 would savage my desktop (and acutally the hype biased my purchase decision), but well its only slightly better (like 1.2-1.5x faster in my cifar10 benchmark) and I wonder if its worth the effective 1-2 GB of RAM left on MacOS vs the \~14 GB on my Linux machine. Further there is Colab and I can't really tell which one will win the race, since Colab limits resources by demand but also allows distributed fit on cloud TPUs, which would introduce some extra coding efforts. Then again I have to say: so does ML on Apple Silicon, which comes with [a handful of limitations](https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos#additional-information), a [peculiar MiniConda setup](https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos/issues/153), a [lot of issues](https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos/issues) (also severe ones, like training errors etc., problems which I would not even recognize) which are actually not really being worked on.
  • Terminal killing my command to initialize conda for Miniforge3
    Following this site's instructions, I tried multiple ways of downloading and installing Miniforge, including Homebrew, CI pipeline, and by downloading the shell files from here.
  • Cerebras’ New Monster AI Chip Adds 1.4T Transistors
    news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-22
    You might be interested in this for your M1 MBA: https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos
  • [Discussion] I own a 16" macbook pro with max specs. But how can I make it fast for Keras?
    a) plaidML, so that I could exploit the discrete AMD GPU in the macbook b) Using the "accelerated tensorflow" specifically tailored for macs available here c) I also own an eGPU powered with a AMD Radeon rx 5700xt 8GB (no CUDA 🙃) is it compatible with something like plaidML? d) Your call
  • Hey Rustaceans! Got an easy question? Ask here (16/2021)!
    reddit.com/r/rust | 2021-04-19
    I did find this thoguh: https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos Take this with a grain of salt though. I don't own a M1 (although I do save up for a new laptop and am thinking about it :) ).
  • Beginner question: hello, World!
    reddit.com/r/docker | 2021-04-18
    Yeah,I've been running into compatibility issues from day one with M1. It's kind of the reason why I put machine learning on hold until tensorflow gets properly ported.
  • Radeon Big Navi Support (6xxx series) coming in Big Sur 11.3 stable update
    reddit.com/r/apple | 2021-03-08
    For what it's worth, they do have an alpha for tensorflow in production.
  • Microsoft releases M1-native Visual Studio Code for developing apps
    reddit.com/r/apple | 2021-03-05
  • Are the New M1 Macbooks Any Good for Deep Learning? Let’s Find Out
    news.ycombinator.com | 2021-02-15
    Just tried out apples native tensorflow for M1 branch yesterday: https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos

    installation was a non-issue, The training kept the Mac mini completely silent, having 40% of colab gpu speed is very satisfying for small tests.

    pytorch on the other hand is not ready yet (there are installation instructions but they didn't work)

    news.ycombinator.com | 2021-02-15
    Tensorflow is natively accelerated on M1. The branch is different - https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos

    Not sure what the confusion was.

  • D Machine Learning On Apple M1 Platform
    Someone else posted this already but it looks like Apple has its own Tensorflow version to work with the M1 chips: https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos
  • Same code, conflicting results between my mac m1 and Kaggle
    Nevermind. I found out that it's a bug in the TF fork for M1: https://github.com/apple/tensorflow_macos/issues/145