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Synapse: Matrix reference homeserver (by matrix-org)


Basic Synapse repo stats
2 days ago

matrix-org/synapse is an open source project licensed under Apache License 2.0 which is an OSI approved license.

Synapse Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to Synapse

  • GitHub repo Vector

    A glossy Matrix collaboration client for the web.

  • GitHub repo Signal-Server

    Server supporting the Signal Private Messenger applications on Android, Desktop, and iOS

  • GitHub repo matrix-docker-ansible-deploy

    Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker

  • GitHub repo TextSecure

    A private messenger for Android.

  • GitHub repo session-desktop

    Session Desktop - Onion routing based messenger

  • GitHub repo jami-cli

    Jami client for terminal

  • GitHub repo killedbygoogle

    Part guillotine, part graveyard for Google's doomed apps, services, and hardware.

  • GitHub repo Mattermost

    Open source Slack-alternative in Golang and React - Mattermost

  • GitHub repo PeerTube

    ActivityPub-federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in your web browser

  • GitHub repo Mumble

    Mumble is an Open Source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software

  • GitHub repo AppImageLauncher

    Helper application for Linux distributions serving as a kind of "entry point" for running and integrating AppImages

  • GitHub repo matrix-doc

    Matrix Documentation (including The Spec)

  • GitHub repo LibreSignal

    LibreSignal • The truly private and Google-Free messenger for Android.

  • GitHub repo Mastodon

    Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community

  • GitHub repo Nextcloud

    ☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data

  • GitHub repo Conversations

    Conversations is an open source XMPP/Jabber client for Android

  • GitHub repo threema-android

    Threema App for Android.

  • GitHub repo Prosody IM

    IMPORTANT: due to a drive failure, as of 13-Mar-2021, the Mercurial repository had to be re-mirrored, which changed every commit SHA. The old SHAs and trees are backed up in the vault branches. Please migrate to the new branches as soon as you can.

  • GitHub repo signalbackup-tools

    Tool to work with Signal Backup files.

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Posts where Synapse has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-14.
  • Telegram Now Has Darktable Group | 2021-04-15
    Please don't use centralized and commercialized software for FOSS communication. There are alternatives, Matrix is awesome.
  • Lost access to account
    I recommend looking into Matrix.
  • PingMe: A CLI for sending messages to multiple platforms
    check out and their bridges
  • WhatsApp's new privacy policy is so bad it might be illegal | 2021-04-13
    I've never heard of wire but it looks good, aside from the pricing.

    I'm hoping the future is a migration to a protocol such as Matrix, rather than users endlessly hoping from one product to another until they get sold out.

  • Apple says iMessage on Android ‘will hurt us more than help us’ | 2021-04-13
    If we want true freedom we need a standard that allows messaging across platforms. Something like Matrix.
  • Daycare Reporting App/site
  • In Defense of Signal | 2021-04-11
  • Loss of Faith in Signal | 2021-04-10
    If anyone is looking for an alternative messenger, Matrix is the best - you can have a look at its protocol). Element is the most popular Matrix client, created by the founders of the Matrix organisation, but there are more here. It's completely open and decentralised, and E2EE.
  • What to expect from MobileCoin CEO AMA? Let's take a look at his HackerNews AMA | 2021-04-09
    If we are looking for an alternative to Signal, though, not fully decentralized isn't a new downside- you can just go off the homeserver
  • Self-hosting Matrix
    Hello, I'm planning on hosting a personal Matrix instance for no more than 10 users. However, I have very little prior admin experience and following the Github install process has been very painful to follow (stuck at the Postgres/Reverse proxy parts). Is there a script that automatically installs this for you? For reference this is instance will be hosted on an old PC I have. I also already have a domain name (e.g.
  • Apple declined iMessage for Android in order to keep customers in their ecosystem | 2021-04-08
  • How to reactivate account? | 2021-04-08
    I have previously used Riot/Element with being my homeserver. I deactivated my account and would now like to reactivate it maintaining my original username.
  • Welcome to the new r/nonprofits. I just turned off "archived mode". We're now live.
  • MobileCoin is a censored, Monero wannabe, premined cash-grab from Signal
    This whole MobileCoin release was going to be bad even in the best of cases if they support censorship. But they actively made it even worse with their actions. MobileCoin reflects poorly on Signal, something I have recommended in the past. I will encourage all users to use Matrix instead.
  • Well IRC ain't bad but it's not the same thing as Discord
    Check out matrix