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sveltejs/svelte is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

Svelte Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to Svelte

  • GitHub repo React

    A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

  • GitHub repo Vue.js

    🖖 Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

  • GitHub repo kit

    The fastest way to build Svelte apps (by sveltejs)

  • GitHub repo Tailwind CSS

    A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

  • GitHub repo hotwire-rails

    Use Hotwire in your Ruby on Rails app

  • GitHub repo Visual Studio Code

    Visual Studio Code

  • GitHub repo Angular

    The modern web developer’s platform

  • GitHub repo Next.js

    The React Framework

  • GitHub repo Sapper

    The next small thing in web development, powered by Svelte

  • GitHub repo Bootstrap

    The most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

  • GitHub repo node

    Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

  • GitHub repo AngularJS

    AngularJS - HTML enhanced for web apps!

  • GitHub repo Gatsby

    Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React

  • GitHub repo Bulma

    Modern CSS framework based on Flexbox

  • GitHub repo Preact

    ⚛️ Fast 3kB React alternative with the same modern API. Components & Virtual DOM.

  • GitHub repo vite

    Next generation frontend tooling. It's fast!

  • GitHub repo Snowpack

    ESM-powered frontend build tool. Instant, lightweight, unbundled development. ✌️

  • GitHub repo reactstrap

    Simple React Bootstrap 4 components

  • GitHub repo htmx

    </> htmx - high power tools for HTML

  • GitHub repo gomodest

    A complex SAAS starter kit using Go, the html/template package, and sprinkles of javascript.

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Posts where Svelte has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-06-16.
  • How does kentcdodds tutorials compare to Wes Bos? | 2021-06-19
    If you want a mix between vanilla js and react check out
  • Building projects with Svelte | 2021-06-19
    I have been learning Svelte for a while now while building projects. I would love your feedback and any suggestions on them.
  • When you cant do it in CSS
    The current "webdev meta" is JavaScript frameworks such as React and vue, which offer state-driven component organization instead of event based operations. These make writing scalable applications considerably easier and more organized. I personally think that these will eventually go the way of jQuery and be replaced with compiled frameworks such as svelte.
  • Why build Single Page Apps in Blazor | 2021-06-16
  • [OC] Visualizing Censorship in Iran
    Inspired by Persian architecture, created with Svelte and D3. Visualization: Tweetorial: Code:
  • Looking to share a blueprint? Frustrated with Pastebin deleting stuff? Me too! That's why I made FactorioBin, a new site for quickly and easily sharing blueprints (no login, just paste and go!) | 2021-06-06
    Have you guys heard about Svelte? Reactive component framework (like react i guess, but never got to learn these), but svelte files are compiled into unbelievably small files with no extra runtime needed, so it loads and runs real fast. Seriously, try the tutorial at, it won't even take you more than one hour
  • SvelteKit Blog with RxJS | 2021-06-05
    Actually I'd say it's quite the opposite: RxJS and Svelte fit really nicely together because you use an RxJS observable exactly like a Svelte store. See
  • What exactly is a UX-Unicorn? | 2021-06-03
    Singe-Page-Frameworks (Angular, React, Vue and Svelte)
  • How I built a SaaS with Next.js in a week | 2021-06-03
    Svetle is the best choice in this case. It doesn't come with a runtime and compiles the component into vanilla JavaScript.
  • RazorSvelte: ASP.NET Razor Pages with Svelte | 2021-06-02
    Svelte is compiled, the output is pure vanilla JS, doesn't have or need any runtime, and is extremely fast and small.
  • A Look at Compilation in JavaScript Frameworks | 2021-06-01
    With non-VDOM libraries, like Svelte or Solid, we can further optimize for updates as well since the framework is not built on a diff engine. We can use the statically known information like attributes and directly associate template expressions with them, without necessarily understanding much about those expressions. This is basically loop unwinding. Instead of iterating over a list of unknown properties we compile in the inline update expressions. You can think of it like:
  • Taking Advantage of the platform with Sutil and Web Components | 2021-05-27
    Sutil is an abstraction over Svelte in contrast to Feliz which is an abstraction over React both projects allow you to do web development the only (and radical) difference is that when you do your F# there's a different engine under the hood when you website runs.
  • Parere su un uso di jQuey e Html
  • 5 Reasons why we chose to transpile to SolidJS instead of React
    Choosing a relatively young framework with a limited support over Facebook's giant may seem like craziness. As a core developer at GlueCodes Studio, I was the one pushing towards taking the risk. The decision has been mainly driven by Solid's build-time DOM diffing flavoured with a very simple API. I really believe it's a natural replacement of Virtual DOM. I always believed that taking the compromise of re-rendering the whole tree when the app state changes just for a "developer's convenience" is a matter of time. There was Svelte on radar, but I'm rather in favour of JSX, especially because we already provide an abstraction layer for templating using HTML with our meta-framework specific directives. So, I thought it would be awesome to write UIs with this higher level of abstraction and export to more flexible JSX and if you wish, continue development out of our tool. Check out the docs for more info.
  • planning to learn svelte for front-end, need advice | 2021-05-23
    I am not sure whether or not they help you, but both and are open source. both of those projects are built on sapper, not svelte-kit, but a quick look at should be enough to see what changed. (both of those make heavy use of markdown files so I don't know how helpful they are, also if you need help translating something from sapper to svelte-kit just reply and I'll probably be able to help)