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A Rust compiler front-end for IDEs (by rust-analyzer)


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rust-analyzer/rust-analyzer is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 or later which is an OSI approved license.

Rust-analyzer Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to rust-analyzer
  • GitHub repo bevy

    A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust

  • GitHub repo rust

    Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

  • GitHub repo rfcs

    RFCs for changes to Rust

  • GitHub repo coc.nvim

    Nodejs extension host for vim & neovim, load extensions like VSCode and host language servers.

  • GitHub repo LanguageClient-neovim

    Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for vim and neovim.

  • GitHub repo coc-rust-analyzer

    rust-analyzer extension for coc.nvim

  • GitHub repo Visual Studio Code

    Visual Studio Code

  • GitHub repo neovim

    Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

  • GitHub repo Rustlings

    :crab: Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code!

  • GitHub repo ale

    Check syntax in Vim asynchronously and fix files, with Language Server Protocol (LSP) support

  • GitHub repo language-server-protocol

    Defines a common protocol for language servers.

  • GitHub repo Cargo

    The Rust package manager

  • GitHub repo sqlx

    🧰 The Rust SQL Toolkit. An async, pure Rust SQL crate featuring compile-time checked queries without a DSL. Supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and MSSQL. (by launchbadge)

  • GitHub repo rustfmt

    Format Rust code

  • GitHub repo tonic

    A native gRPC client & server implementation with async/await support.

  • GitHub repo vim-lsp

    async language server protocol plugin for vim and neovim

  • GitHub repo vscode-rust

    Rust extension for Visual Studio Code

  • GitHub repo chalk

    An implementation and definition of the Rust trait system using a PROLOG-like logic solver (by rust-lang)

  • GitHub repo mun

    Source code for the Mun language and runtime.

  • GitHub repo awesome-bevy

    A collection of awesome Bevy projects

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Posts where rust-analyzer has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-12.
  • rust-analyzer changelog #72 | 2021-04-12 | 2021-04-12
    Steering Issue: | 2021-04-12
    Will be fixed in Didn’t notice this bug n VS Code, as it deduces error messages itself
  • Setting Up a gRPC Protobuf Server With Tonic | 2021-04-12
    But this didn't work out. My linter, rust-analyzer, gave me an error "OUT_DIR not set, enable "load out dirs from check" to fix"". This had recently been a bug with rust-analyzer, but even with building with cargo build, I still got "environment variable OUT_DIR not defined". I knew that this had something to do with how tonic generates code for the proto files. | 2021-04-12
    The original message from rust-analyzer was confusing to me because I remembered turning it on, but I couldn't find it anymore. Rust-analyzer is always changing quickly, so my first instinct was that maybe they had changed the configuration recently. Looking at the issues for rust-analyzer, I found one that said the setting had been renamed to runBuildScripts. This one happened to be on in my configuration, so I decided it might be better to look into the other error message.
  • Mun v0.3.0 Released | 2021-04-11
    Mun is an embeddable programming language empowering creation through iteration. The idea to create Mun originated out of frustration with the Lua dynamic scripting language and a desire to have similar hot reloading functionality available in Rust. As such, it’s not a direct competitor with Rust, but instead is intended to be used with Rust (or C/C++) as a host/embedded language pairing. Actually, Mun is completely written in Rust, building on similar crates as rust-analyzer and rustc. Its key features include:
  • Anyone else getting unresolved-macro-call with rust analyzer? | 2021-04-07
  • Hey Rustaceans! Got an easy question? Ask here (14/2021)! | 2021-04-06
    Rust completion generally uses the Language Server protocol through rust-analyzer. There are several language server plugins available for neovim, I'm not entirely sure how much exists for standard vim. | 2021-04-06
    The relevant issue has been opened for some time sadly
  • Bevy 0.5 | 2021-04-06
    Something like rust-analyzer's document really. After reading that I felt way more comfortable navigating the code base to make contributions. And their dev docs on debugging, common workflows etc is fantastic. This is a lot though so I'm not like saying I expect this from Bevy immediately, especially as the API will be changing so fast so something less detailed would probably make more sense
  • rust-analyzer changelog #71 | 2021-04-05
    That was probably the unlinked file diagnostics (where you're missing a mod declaration or you have an unusual project structure) and it should have been fixed in today's release. See,
  • ALE vs YouCompleteMe vs CoC-rust vs LanguageClient-neovim | 2021-04-04
    The extensions we use are listed here: | 2021-04-04
    Yes, there is a clear winner VS Code + rust-analyzer.
  • Rust-Analyzer Drop “Experimental” | 2021-03-29
  • rust-analyzer drop "experimental" | 2021-03-29
    Relevant issue: