JavaScript SDK for the OpenSea marketplace. Let your users buy or sell cryptogoods on your own site! (by ProjectOpenSea)


Posts where opensea-js has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-07-24.
  • Daily General Discussion - July 24, 2021
    Not entirely sure, but I'd guess that you would go to and then connect to the site using Coinbase Wallet. Once connected you should be able to see the NFT and you should be able to transfer from there to your MetaMask address. I think it'll probably ask you to sign on your Coinbase wallet when you click transfer button.
  • Can't stake Ampl-Eth into Geyser
    The process should create a vault NFT, that you can send to a hardware wallet address via . You would need to send the vault nft back to the hot wallet to manage the staking or to withdrawl the LP tokens from the vault until hardware wallets can be used with the new geyser directly.
  • Im new to the world of nft’s, i need to know which is the best marketplace, wallet, etc. | 2021-07-23
    I’m rather new to NFTs as well, but I’ll do my best to answer what questions I can. Different marketplaces offer different styles of NFTs. The two that come to mind immediately are •
  • ELONBALLS 100x Potential | Amazing NFT's | Staking Farm | Dedicated Dev team
    Mommy Doge Coin ($MommyDoge) is going to be the most viral crypto project of its kind. $MommyDoge is fully decentralized, hyper deflationary, environmentally friendly and supports the womens rights and gender equality movement. She comes with super cool meme NFT trading cards on launch day that are already listed on and is on a mission to moon! Mommy Doge has studied Doge and all his copycats for a while and has learned a few tricks and lessons from the meme father. We are proud to say that Mommy Doge is a hyper evolution of Doge:
  • 🦾Programmer needed: I just finished creating 4200 PNGs. I need a program for automatic uploading and listing on OpenSea (Polygon). If you can deliver such program to me, you will receive 420(‼️) random NFTs from the collection. PS: I do not want to share the pictures publicly in advance. Just pm:)
    Maybe try to learn programming yourself and go to this subreddit and then to this, if you want it for no money


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ProjectOpenSea/opensea-js is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.