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numba/numba is an open source project licensed under BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License which is an OSI approved license.

Numba Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to Numba

  • GitHub repo SPS-QM-2D

  • GitHub repo dtale

    Visualizer for pandas data structures

  • GitHub repo legate.numpy

    An Aspiring Drop-In Replacement for NumPy at Scale

  • GitHub repo tinyrenderer

    A brief computer graphics / rendering course

  • GitHub repo FrameworkBenchmarks

    Source for the TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks project

  • GitHub repo cupy

    A NumPy-compatible array library accelerated by CUDA

  • GitHub repo cudf

    cuDF - GPU DataFrame Library

  • GitHub repo robin_stocks

    This is a library to use with Robinhood Financial App. It currently supports trading crypto-currencies, options, and stocks. In addition, it can be used to get real time ticker information, assess the performance of your portfolio, and can also get tax documents, total dividends paid, and more. More info at

  • GitHub repo fastr

    A high-performance implementation of the R programming language, built on GraalVM.

  • GitHub repo setuptools-rust

    Setuptools plugin for Rust support

  • GitHub repo copperhead

    Data Parallel Python

  • GitHub repo grcuda

    Polyglot CUDA integration for the GraalVM

  • GitHub repo dtale-desktop

    Build a data visualization dashboard with simple snippets of python code

  • GitHub repo numba-examples

    Example Numba implementations of functions

  • GitHub repo HIPIFY

    HIPIFY: Convert CUDA to Portable C++ Code

  • GitHub repo rocm-build

    build scripts for ROCm

  • GitHub repo jupyterlab-autoplot

    Magical Plotting in JupyterLab

  • GitHub repo github_actions_js

    Kickstart automation in one command. Clone, update and share GitHub Actions workflows and CI/CD best practices.

  • GitHub repo numba

    NumPy aware dynamic Python compiler using LLVM (by gmarkall)

  • GitHub repo PyQuest

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Posts where Numba has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-21.
  • The best description of JS I've ever seen.
    That's probably because it was using a JIT compiler, probably V8, which is fantastic don't get me wrong but its apples to oranges. Give python a hand with something like numba and it'll probably come out that python is more even.
  • Unifying the CUDA Python Ecosystem | 2021-04-16
  • Deep Learning options on Radeon RX 6800 | 2021-04-16
    Numba: A High Performance Python Compiler (
  • Sunday Daily Thread: What's everyone working on this week? | 2021-04-03
    I just learned about numba recently. Other than that, I'm trying to see what I can accomplish with the multitude of python decorators.
  • Iterating over a 2D array in a numba CUDA kernel
    Haven’t worked with CUDA in numba before, but from a quick search this documentation and this question might be helpful.
  • Inspired by hudsmith's previous post, here are the first 50 eigenstates in a potential that consists of four inverted Gaussian wells | 2021-03-30
    Curious, have you looked into CuPy or Numba to help speed up your calculations? They are both relatively easy to implement.
  • Can this be vectorized to speed it up?
    If you need it to be faster, you could look into JIT compilation with numba, or perhaps even GPU compute!
  • We improved our app that lets you search Stack Overflow and documentation and now we are doubling down on Python support | 2021-03-25
    Do you know Numba ( by the way? It's a kinda niche library, but with it, you can write the renderer in the tutorial in Python and CUDA.
  • Is it possible to convert a particular section of code in python to C and execute it as a C code?
    Is it possible? Yes, though doing thing in a way that's reasonable and actually yields good performance gains can be an involved process. numba is probably the most straightforward way to try this out.
  • How to use GPU in an embarrassingly parallel calculation? | 2021-03-16
  • How fast is Python?
    Fairly slow because it's interpreted and there's no compiler optimizations at all. If you're doing a lot of numerical calculations you can get C-like speeds if you write those parts in numpy. You can also JIT compile specific functions with numba, or the whole program with pypy.
  • I need help to speed up my program!
    The first thing I would do is write the code in a non-vectorized fashion to see where I could get rid of any unnecessary copying/allocating. Then you could rewrite the code using a more efficient sequence of vectorized operations, or you could JIT it using a library like numba
  • Do Python developers want static typing?
    If you are not aware, this is already available for numeric operations. Libraries like numba, CuPy, and XLA allow for AOT/JIT compilation. This enables you to write fast code for the parts that need to be fast.
  • Can someone help me understand PyO3? I'm not sure how it works. | 2021-02-24
    Well put. Another great way to optimize Python code is Numba.
  • Python Concurrency: The Tricky Bits | 2021-02-18