:crescent_moon: A language that compiles to Lua (by leafo)


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Moonscript Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to moonscript

  • GitHub repo LangTrans

    Customize programming languages

  • GitHub repo Py_Trans

    Customize Python Syntax

  • GitHub repo free-programming-books

    :books: Freely available programming books

  • GitHub repo developer-roadmap

    Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2021

  • GitHub repo javascript

    JavaScript Style Guide

  • GitHub repo computer-science

    :mortar_board: Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science!

  • GitHub repo free-for-dev

    A list of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev

  • GitHub repo scikit-learn

    scikit-learn: machine learning in Python

  • GitHub repo Code-Server

    VS Code in the browser

  • GitHub repo Projects

    :page_with_curl: A list of practical projects that anyone can solve in any programming language.

  • GitHub repo Standard

    🌟 JavaScript Style Guide, with linter & automatic code fixer

  • GitHub repo OSQuery

    SQL powered operating system instrumentation, monitoring, and analytics.

  • GitHub repo kakoune

    mawww's experiment for a better code editor

  • GitHub repo Exercism - Scala Exercises

    Crowd-sourced code mentorship. Practice having thoughtful conversations about code.

  • GitHub repo Serpent.AI

    Game Agent Framework. Helping you create AIs / Bots that learn to play any game you own!

  • GitHub repo lightline.vim

    A light and configurable statusline/tabline plugin for Vim

  • GitHub repo JS Bin

    Collaborative JavaScript Debugging App

  • GitHub repo Projects-Solutions

    :pager: Links to others' solutions to Projects (

  • GitHub repo Lobsters

    Computing-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion

  • GitHub repo missing-semester

    The Missing Semester of Your CS Education 📚

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Posts where moonscript has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-05-02.
  • Any Lua exercises? | 2021-05-02
    Though lately my interest is more in using Lua as an intermediate language, similar to how JS is being used as a compilation target for other languages. It can be a good way to add new features and abstractions while still taking advantage of Lua's embeddability. Stuff like Urn (lisp), Amulet (ML-family, OCaml/Haskell-like), and MoonScript (Python-like).
  • Trying to move to Emacs again | 2021-04-12
    I've put together a Lua config with Neovim, but it was still kind of obnoxious to put together. Lua isn't that great of a language, because people seem to forget it's an embed-able language for a reason (it's not supposed to give you tons of features). Using something that makes some of your more complex problems easier like Moonscript or Yuescript can make things more complex in regards to your configuration.
  • Customized Python Syntax | 2021-04-09
    I understand that what you're focused on the transpiler (LangTrans), rather than the particular dialect of Python or whatever language you're preprocessing with it. Most similar projects I can think of are really about the particular dialect (like Moonscript for Lua, CoffeeScript for JS, the various CSS preprocessors, etc.), rather than the transpiler itself. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Babel as a transpiler in wide use, but even there the value is in the ECMA features and JS dialects it brings to the table, not ad-hoc syntax sugar.
  • Best Websites Every Programmer Should Visit | 2021-03-14
    A programmer-friendly language that compiles to Lua.
  • config on moonscript | 2021-03-14
    also it have simple interface to create and inherit classes, and things from functional languages like monads and permutations