Simple Ruby script to download manga and merge the images into a single pdf file. Available with both CLI and GUI. (by PinGunter)

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  • Manga2PDF GUI by Glimmer DSL for LibUI
    2 projects | | 21 Oct 2021
    # From: require 'selenium-webdriver' require 'uri' require 'ruby-progressbar' require 'rmagick' require 'glimmer-dsl-libui' module Manga2PDF class MangaIMG def initialize(url, mkdir, ch_limit, savefile) @url = url @end_state = false @global_count = 0 @opts = ['-headless']) @driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for(:firefox, capabilities: @opts) @driver.get @url @mkdir = mkdir @current_title = @driver.find_element(tag_name: 'h1').text @ch_limit = ch_limit @img_list = [] @savefile = check_savefile savefile end def check_savefile(savefile) if savefile[savefile.length-4, savefile.length] != ".pdf" return (savefile + ".pdf") end savefile end # method to "download" all images # it actually screenshots the html element # to bypass server restrictions def get_img images = @driver.find_elements(tag_name: 'img') progress_length = (images.length) -2 progress_bar = ProgressBar.create(:title => "Progress", :total => progress_length, :length => 80) dir_path = "." dir_path = "#{@current_title}" if @mkdir if not Dir.exists? dir_path Dir.mkdir dir_path end index = 0 images.each do |img| if index > 0 and index < images.length - 1 scrn_dir = "#{@global_count}_#{index}.png" scrn_dir = "#{dir_path}/#{index}.png" if @mkdir img.save_screenshot scrn_dir @img_list << scrn_dir progress_bar.increment end index += 1 end end # method to navigate to the next page def next_page begin next_btn = @driver.find_element(link_text: 'NEXT CHAPTER') rescue @end_state = true end if not @end_state end @current_title = @driver.find_element(tag_name: 'h1').text #update title end def merge_to_pdf puts "Starting merge" puts "output file: #{@savefile}" final_img_list =*@img_list) final_img_list.write(@savefile) puts "Finished merging!" end # method to download all images from all volumes def get_img_all while not @end_state puts "Currently downloading: #{@current_title}" get_img next_page @global_count += 1 if not @ch_limit.nil? and @global_count == @ch_limit @end_state = true end end puts "Finished downloading!" end end class MangaGUI include Glimmer def initialize @url, @mkdir, @chlimit, @chlimit_toggle, @savefile = nil, nil, 1, nil, nil @inner_thread = nil @running = false end def launch window('Manga2PDF - GUI', 600, 200) { on_closing do @inner_thread.exit end margined true vertical_box { horizontal_box { group('Manga2PDF') { vertical_box { group('Enter the URL:') @entry = entry { stretchy false on_changed do @url = @entry.text end } group('Savefile name:') @entry2 = entry { stretchy false on_changed do @savefile = @entry2.text end } @checkbox = checkbox('Have separate folders for each chapter?') { stretchy false on_toggled do @mkdir = @checkbox.checked? end } group('Max number of chapters') @checkbox2 = checkbox('Download only a number of chapters') { stretchy false on_toggled do @chlimit_toggle = @checkbox2.checked? end } @spinbox = spinbox(1,9999) { stretchy false value 1 on_changed do @chlimit = @spinbox.value end } @button = button('Download') { stretchy false on_clicked do if not @running @running = true @inner_thread = do Glimmer::LibUI.queue_main do @label.text = "Initializing WebScraper" @progressbar.value = 5 end @chlimit = nil if not @chlimit_toggle @manga =,@mkdir,@chlimit,@savefile) Glimmer::LibUI.queue_main do @label.text = "Moving to #{@url}" @progressbar.value = 15 @label.text = "Downloading images" end @manga.get_img_all Glimmer::LibUI.queue_main do @label.text = "Finished downloading images" @progressbar.value = 75 @label.text = "Merging images" end @manga.merge_to_pdf Glimmer::LibUI.queue_main do @progressbar.value = 100 @label.text = "Finished! You can close the window now" end @running = false end end end } @progressbar = progress_bar { stretchy false } @label = label("Waiting") { stretchy false } } } } } }.show @inner_thread.join end end end


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almost 2 years ago
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