🏗 Build container images for your Java applications. (by GoogleContainerTools)


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GoogleContainerTools/jib is an open source project licensed under Apache License 2.0 which is an OSI approved license.

Jib Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to jib

  • GitHub repo Bazel

    a fast, scalable, multi-language and extensible build system

  • GitHub repo kaniko

    Build Container Images In Kubernetes

  • GitHub repo dive

    A tool for exploring each layer in a docker image

  • GitHub repo skaffold

    Easy and Repeatable Kubernetes Development

  • GitHub repo distroless

    🥑 Language focused docker images, minus the operating system.

  • GitHub repo runc

    CLI tool for spawning and running containers according to the OCI specification

  • GitHub repo gitpod

    Gitpod automates the provisioning of ready-to-code development environments.

  • GitHub repo buildkit

    concurrent, cache-efficient, and Dockerfile-agnostic builder toolkit

  • GitHub repo kubefwd

    Bulk port forwarding Kubernetes services for local development.

  • GitHub repo garden

    Automation for Kubernetes development and testing. Spin up production-like environments for development, testing, and CI on demand. Use the same configuration and workflows at every step of the process. Speed up your builds and test runs via shared result caching.

  • GitHub repo source-to-image

    A tool for building artifacts from source and injecting into container images

  • GitHub repo spring-native

    Spring Native provides beta support for compiling Spring applications to native executables using GraalVM native-image compiler.

  • GitHub repo okteto

    Develop your applications directly in your Kubernetes Cluster

  • GitHub repo pack

    CLI for building apps using Cloud Native Buildpacks

  • GitHub repo crun

    A fast and lightweight fully featured OCI runtime and C library for running containers

  • GitHub repo distribution-spec

    OCI Distribution Specification

  • GitHub repo amber-docs


  • GitHub repo go-starter

    An opinionated production-ready SQL-/Swagger-first RESTful JSON API written in Go, highly integrated with VSCode DevContainers by allaboutapps.

  • GitHub repo codebase

    a software and writing repository

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    A collection of my personal dotfiles. (by jswny)

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Posts where jib has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-15.
  • Using Telepresence 2 for Kubernetes debugging and local development
    dev.to | 2021-04-15
    Skaffold is a tool for local Kubernetes development. It contains an opinionated workflow (that can work the same on your local workstation or within a CI pipeline) and has built-in integration with many popular and not so popular build tools such as Bazel, Jib and buildpacks. See our review of skaffold for more details.
  • Jib Extension Framework enables anyone to easily extend Jib's behavior to their needs
    reddit.com/r/java | 2021-04-14
    Jib builds optimized Docker and OCI images for your Java applications without a Docker daemon - and without deep mastery of Docker best-practices. It is available as plugins for Maven and Gradle and as a Java library.
  • How to run docker in docker in Google Cloud Build?
    I gave up on DiD a while ago. Have you tried https://github.com/GoogleContainerTools/kaniko or https://github.com/GoogleContainerTools/jib?
  • A categorized list of all Java and JVM features since JDK 8 to 16
    news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-01
    Use jib (java image builder) with maven or gradle and it will build an image with distroless-java plus your app:


  • JIB - A Powerful Docker Image Builder
    dev.to | 2021-02-17
    If you want more information, please check the Maven plugin README: https://github.com/GoogleContainerTools/jib/tree/master/jib-maven-plugin
  • VSCode, Dev Containers and Docker: moving software development forward
    news.ycombinator.com | 2021-01-21
    This is what I think is the most practical approach. Pinning down ALL your dependencies to the exact version is much harder than it sounds. What you’re describing sound like the way Jib [1] does it. The pictures in this [2] blog post help visualize it.

    The reason I like the approach you describe is because it keeps things simpler at the start of a project and consistent across most projects.

    I also think it makes sense to have those support containers build on a schedule. For example, you build your build/CI container weekly and that’s the CI container for the week. On demand project builds use that CI container which has all dependencies, etc. baked in.

    It would be nice if CI systems would let me explicitly tag builds as (non)reproducible.

    1. https://github.com/GoogleContainerTools/jib

    2. https://phauer.com/2019/no-fat-jar-in-docker-image/

  • It's Time to Say Goodbye to Docker
    dev.to | 2020-10-02
    Jib is another tool by Google, specifically for building Java images. It includes Maven and Gradle plugins, which can make it easy for you to build images without messing with Dockerfiles.