An implementation of model parallel GPT-2 and GPT-3-style models using the mesh-tensorflow library. (by EleutherAI)


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EleutherAI/gpt-neo is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

Gpt-neo Alternatives

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  • GitHub repo lm-evaluation-harness

    A framework for few-shot evaluation of autoregressive language models.

  • GitHub repo awesome-golem

    A community-curated one-stop-shop of resources and information for all things New Golem

  • GitHub repo gpt-neox

    An implementation of model parallel GPT-3-like models on GPUs, based on the DeepSpeed library. Designed to be able to train models in the hundreds of billions of parameters or larger.

  • GitHub repo kiri

    Backprop makes it simple to use, finetune, and deploy state-of-the-art ML models.

  • GitHub repo transformers

    🤗Transformers: State-of-the-art Natural Language Processing for Pytorch and TensorFlow 2.0.

  • GitHub repo haystack

    :mag: End-to-end Python framework for building natural language search interfaces to data. Leverages Transformers and the State-of-the-Art of NLP. Supports DPR, Elasticsearch, Hugging Face’s Hub, and much more!

  • GitHub repo aitextgen

    A robust Python tool for text-based AI training and generation using GPT-2.

  • GitHub repo openchat

    Easy to use opensource chatting framework via neural networks

  • GitHub repo OpticSim.jl

    Optical Simulation software

  • GitHub repo simpler-state

    The simplest app state management for React

  • GitHub repo info

    (Deprecated) A hub for onboarding & other information.

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Posts where gpt-neo has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-07.
  • Fifteen days ago, this beast was published.
    Idk if the site got the hug of death or what. But or their github at seem to work for me.
  • Try to talk with GPT3 (GPT-Neo)
    The GPT-Neo model was released in the EleutherAI/gpt-neo repository by Sid Black, Stella Biderman, Leo Gao, Phil Wang and Connor Leahy. It is a GPT3 like causal language model trained on the Pile dataset.
  • Recommendations for a beginner? | 2021-03-31
    I'm an engineer, mostly web, but am fascinated by AI and would like to learn more. I found this repo that looks like a great start but at the same time is a little intimidating. There are so many esoteric terms used that if feels as if I am at stage 1 again. AI masters of this subreddit, how did you ramp up and if you could do it all over again are there any resources and/or things you would have done differently to get you where you are now?
  • Eluther: A grassroots collective of researchers working to open source AI | 2021-03-31
  • AI Can Generate Convincing Text–and Anyone Can Use It | 2021-03-29
    As someone who works on a Python library solely devoted to making AI text generation more accessible to the normal person ( ) I think the headline is misleading.

    Although the article focuses on the release of GPT-Neo, even GPT-2 released in 2019 was good at generating text, it just spat out a lot of garbage requiring curation, which GPT-3/GPT-Neo still requires albeit with a better signal-to-noise ratio.

    GPT-Neo, meanwhile, is such a big model that it requires a bit of data engineering work to get operating and generating text (see the README: ), and it's unclear currently if it's as good as GPT-3, even when comparing models apples-to-apples.

    That said, Hugging Face is adding support for GPT-Neo to Transformers ( ) which will help make playing with the model easier, and I'll add support to aitextgen if it pans out.

  • To the guys whose exsistence on this subreddit revolves around complaining and proclaiming that you are going to boycott the game, here's a suggestion: start your own fork of the game. You know, so you would shut up about the devs pocketing your money and not living up to your standards. | 2021-03-27
    There's an open GPT-3 project up to around 2 billion parameters. A far cry from 175 billion, but it's on its way.
  • China’s GPT-3? BAAI Introduces Superscale Intelligence Model ‘Wu Dao 1.0’ (2.6 billion parameters) | 2021-03-23
    It sounds like a university was doing this though. If they get an industry partner they could scale it up. This also says it’s open source (though I don’t think I saw a link?). That would put them on competitive footing with Eleuther.
  • GPT-3 tries pickup lines | 2021-03-23
    I tried the same prompt on the open-source recreation of OpenAI GPT-3 -- GPT Neo (, specifically on their 2.7B model -- which should correspond to the smallest model in the article (Ada) that produced just pure garbage. The result is surprisingly good:

    1. How did this little blossom happen? When are you going to bloom? | 2021-03-23
  • EleutherAI releases gpt-neo models trained on GPT3, GPT2
  • Hacker News top posts: Mar 22, 2021
    GPT Neo: open-source GPT model, with pretrained 1.3B & 2.7B weight models\ (106 comments)
  • [P] EleutherAI releases 1.3B and 2.7B GPT-3-style models trained on the Pile
    The GPT-Neo project by EleutherAI has released 1.3B and 2.7B parameter GPT-3-style models. The models are trained on the Pile, a 800 GB curated dataset EleutherAI released in January.
  • GPT Neo: open-source GPT model, with pretrained 1.3B & 2.7B weight models
  • GPT Neo: open-source GPT model, with pretrained 1.3B & 2.7B weight models
  • EleutherAI collective releases its GPT-2-1.3b/GPT-2-2.7b language models trained on 'The Pile' dataset | 2021-03-21