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superfly/flyctl is an open source project licensed under Apache License 2.0 which is an OSI approved license.

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Flyctl Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to flyctl

  • GitHub repo Dokku

    A docker-powered PaaS that helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications

  • GitHub repo citus

    Distributed PostgreSQL as an extension

  • GitHub repo litestream

    Streaming replication for SQLite.

  • GitHub repo logpaste

    A simple web service for storing text log files

  • GitHub repo Elixir

    Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications

  • GitHub repo containerd

    An open and reliable container runtime

  • GitHub repo bocker

    Docker implemented in around 100 lines of bash

  • GitHub repo docker-node

    Official Docker Image for Node.js :whale: :turtle: :rocket:

  • GitHub repo phoenix_live_view

    Rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML

  • GitHub repo berry

    📦🐈 Active development trunk for Yarn ⚒

  • GitHub repo materialize

    Materialize simplifies application development with streaming data. Incrementally-updated materialized views - in PostgreSQL and in real time. Materialize is powered by Timely Dataflow. (by MaterializeInc)

  • GitHub repo image-spec

    OCI Image Format

  • GitHub repo tinypilot

    Use your Raspberry Pi as a browser-based KVM.

  • GitHub repo cState

    🔥 Open source static (serverless) status page. Uses hyperfast Go & Hugo, minimal HTML/CSS/JS, customizable, outstanding browser support (IE8+), preloaded CMS, read-only API, badges & more.

  • GitHub repo wireguard-vyatta-ubnt

    WireGuard for Ubiquiti Devices

  • GitHub repo hub-feedback

    Feedback and bug reports for the Docker Hub

  • GitHub repo tictac

    Demonstration of building a clustered, distributed, multi-player, turn-based game server written in Elixir.

  • GitHub repo init-snapshot


  • GitHub repo litestream-s6-example

    Example repository for building a multi-process Docker container.

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Posts where flyctl has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-06-07.
  • What I learned last week: Deploying a Next.js App in a Docker Container (Efficiently!) | 2021-06-07
    Assuming you're asking about secret env vars specifically (since it's fine to include NOT secret ones written in the compose or copied into the container): the way I have it set up is using's secrets feature, which is pretty similar to the "deploy secrets" feature available on most of these PaaS platforms. If you need secrets available at runtime in a self-managed system, then you can use compose's `env` file feature to pipe the secrets from a local file. With either method, the main thing is to avoid having a file with plaintext secrets get copied into the container during build, so I make sure to put any env files I'm using in the `.dockerignore`.
  • How To: Deploy Next.js Apps with Docker Containers (Efficiently!) | 2021-06-07
    Ok, so now that we have our app containerizing successfully, how do we actually deploy? For this, I've been using because their support for Docker is strong and their service has a generous free tier. But if you'd rather use Heroku or Digital Ocean they have strong support for Docker as well.
  • Docker without Docker | 2021-06-02
    A thing to know off the bat: our users drive with a command line utility called flyctl. flyctl is a Go program (with public source) that runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows. A nice thing about working in Go in a container environment is that the whole ecosystem is built in the same language, and you can get a lot of stuff working quickly just by importing it. So, for instance, we can drive our Docker repository clientside from flyctl just by calling into Docker’s clientside library.
  • PolarDB, yet another open source database system based on PostgreSQL | 2021-05-29[1] supports Postgres clusters with read replicas in different cities[2]

    It looks like AWS's Aurora Postgres doesn't support cross-region read replicas, but apparently their Aurora "Global Database" offering does[3]

    - [1]

    - [2]

    - [3]

  • How Litestream Eliminated My Database Server for $0.03/month | 2021-05-27
    Sharing text files isn't exactly revolutionary, but serverless data replication might be. Here's a demo of me migrating my LogPaste app server between two separate hosting platforms: Heroku and There's no database server or data migration step, but all of my data persists between platforms:
  • Building a Distributed Turn-Based Game System in Elixir | 2021-05-26 – Hosting platform that enables private networked connections and multi-region support.
  • Heroku, Digital Ocean, AWS or other for hosting? | 2021-05-23 and and
  • Services Status Page. | 2021-05-16
    I also think it needs to be running on different infrastructure than your app/site (so that if your hosting provider is down/unreachable, your status page will still be up). For example my app is hosted on while my status page is hosted by
  • Is there something like MongoDB Atlas, but for PostgreSQL?
    Lots of them. I just started playing with they have a free postgres tier.
  • Does serverless make sens for very low traffic websites ?
    As for executing application you could go with Fly.
  • What do you like or don't like about Heroku? | 2021-04-16 is AWESOME.
  • Show HN: Hoppy – Public IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses over WireGuard | 2021-03-19
    Buyvm offers that for a VM:

    And offers that but it's not a classic VM with SSH but a service similar to heroku:

    I'm affiliated with neither of these.

  • How do you host your pet projects on the web? Preferably free ;) | 2021-03-13
    I'll keep pushing the micro instance until it can't hold anymore and then I'll give fly free tier a shot.
  • Is deployment that complicated ? | 2021-03-05
    As another option, there is ( which seems pretty neat and would make your life easier if you're already using docker.
  • | 2021-03-02
    The link to the source code is in the middle of the article, jeez: