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Exercism - Scala Exercises Alternatives

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  • GitHub repo codewars.com

    Issue tracker and wiki for Codewars

  • GitHub repo reviews

    A terminal UI for tracking Github pull-requests and reviews

  • GitHub repo go

    The Go programming language

  • GitHub repo computer-science

    :mortar_board: Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science!

  • GitHub repo book

    The Rust Programming Language

  • GitHub repo rust-by-example

    Learn Rust with examples (Live code editor included)

  • GitHub repo Rust-Full-Stack

    Rust projects here are easy to use. There are blog posts for them also.

  • GitHub repo tour_of_rust

    A tour of rust's language features

  • GitHub repo adventofcode

    Advent of Code solutions of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 in Scala

  • GitHub repo scikit-learn

    scikit-learn: machine learning in Python

  • GitHub repo Code-Server

    VS Code in the browser

  • GitHub repo Home Assistant

    :house_with_garden: Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first

  • GitHub repo Godot

    Godot Engine – Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine

  • GitHub repo styled-components

    Visual primitives for the component age. Use the best bits of ES6 and CSS to style your apps without stress 💅

  • GitHub repo Standard

    🌟 JavaScript Style Guide, with linter & automatic code fixer

  • GitHub repo ripgrep

    ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore

  • GitHub repo OSQuery

    SQL powered operating system instrumentation, monitoring, and analytics.

  • GitHub repo Clippy

    A bunch of lints to catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code

  • GitHub repo JS Bin

    Collaborative JavaScript Debugging App

  • GitHub repo Lobsters

    Computing-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion

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Posts where Exercism - Scala Exercises has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-05-10.
  • Code sites to challenge your skills
    dev.to | 2021-05-10
    Exercism.io I was introduced to exercism at a local developer meet up, remember those? We would just split into some groups work on some exercises and then had group discussions on them. I recently picked back up on Exercism because VirtualCoffee group began doing channel with biweekly challenges. Exercism gives you a problem and some tests. Your challenge is to write the code to pass the test. Once the code passes the test, you uncomment the next one and continue till you solve them all. Exercism has challenges in several language tracks. Once you solve an exercise you unlock another. They now have online mentors that will review your solutions. I just started using this feature. The mentors supplied some good tips to refactor the code and make the solutions more concise. The comments included links to documentation. I read the docs, made changes and improved my answers.
  • programming languages for smart contracts
    reddit.com/r/cardano | 2021-05-09
    I found it significantly different enough from Clojure to have been worth learning (and they share immutability). I did the Haskell track on https://exercism.io in mentored mode as well as going through http://learnyouahaskell.com it terms of real world application I’ve taken this knowledge across to building some stuff with PureScript
  • Coding challenges websites for intermediate-advanced programmer
    reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-05-08
    Exercism - https://exercism.io/
    reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-05-08
    Exercism is a very good choice for beginners. Has great challenges and has the option for you to submit your code to mentors where they will give advice if your code is not right or needs some fixes.
  • Any good websites where i can practice C# programming from beginner to advanced concepts
    reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-05-06
    Not sure about advanced concepts but at the beginning of your journey you can try https://exercism.io/. C# track there has more than 100 exercises.
  • Less than a week til my Haskell Exams and I feel like I haven’t progressed in skill
    reddit.com/r/haskell | 2021-05-05
    I found it very useful to solve some http://exercism.io tasks and comparing my solutions to the best rated ones.
  • Need advice on learning Go
    reddit.com/r/golang | 2021-05-04
    Wow both resources you recommended are awesome! I like freecodecamp and didn't know they have free courses on YouTube. And the exercises on exercism.io are great!
  • Any good textbooks with LOTS of exercises?
    Not a textbook, but exercism.io is great for exercises in case you find a good book but it lacks exercises.
  • I need someone to keep me on task and help me remember what to do. Will you give me something to program for you. I want to write code
    I think you would enjoy solving problems on https://exercism.io/ and this would solve your problem of having a range of problems/tasks to solve, and a given input and expected output.
  • Resources for beginners
    reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-04-30
    "modern C++ for absolute beginners" by Slobodan Dmitrović is a good lightweight introduction. Also the best way to learn a language is to use it. https://exercism.io has a C++ track where you can solve small challenges and get feedback from experienced mentors.
  • Websites for c# practice
    reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-04-27
  • Resources to learn Elixir
    reddit.com/r/elixir | 2021-04-23
    Oh and you have https://exercism.io/ perfect for solving same problems in almost every programming language, mentorships etc.
  • I'm having a hard time developing the right programming language path. Any suggestions?
    Then if you want to get better at C download Modern C for free on Jens Gustedt's website and do exercise on either codewars or https://exercism.io/. Implementing solution to problems will help you learn the logic and the language. There is also this course on edx but I don't know about its quality.
  • Learning Bash and things to do with it
    reddit.com/r/bash | 2021-04-18
    Try exercism.io, they have a lot of exercises to do for many languages. Just practice your skills there and as you develop, you'll get new ideas to improve on existing ideas and that's how you'll get better.
  • What is the best way to learn c++?
    Try https://exercism.io/ for some exercises and nice feedback.