The extensible vi layer for Emacs. (by emacs-evil)

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  • From Doom to Vanilla Emacs
    6 projects | dev.to | 22 Feb 2024
    evil mode
  • Packages that you would like to be in emacs core ?
    10 projects | /r/emacs | 11 Dec 2023
    Since we already have vyper-mode, why not add Evil to the stack?
  • Ask HN: Does anyone Lisp without Emacs?
    4 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 7 Nov 2023
    2 stripe blue belt here! I used to use Vim for everything other than Java development and have now adopted Emacs in the same way. I am using it for Clojure and Common Lisp development along with org mode, irc, rss, git and file management

    I started with Evil mode and then moved to Xah fly keys before sticking to the emacs bindings. Having the caps lock key bound to CTRL helped me a lot. I don't know if it makes that much of a difference for Emacs but using the DVORAK layout has helped my fingers

    There are other bindings you can try like Meow or God mode but I don't know what the adoption rate is like for them. Emacs gives you the flexibility to set it up as you please. As others have mentioned, there may be other keyboard options that might be more helpful as well


  • Emacs Is My New Window Manager
    9 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 1 Aug 2023
    If you already know Vim, you should probably not use Emacs without Evil:


    It gives you comprehensive Vim bindings so what you need to learn to be comfortable in Emacs is very little. As a bonus, it also keeps your RSI risk unchanged.

  • Is orgmode really that much better than an equivalent workflow using vim + other tools?
    14 projects | /r/orgmode | 29 May 2023
    I would *highly* recommend using vim keybindings if you're just getting into it (Doom or just evil). I switched from vim to emacs and tried to rough it with the default keybindings thinking that otherwise I wasn't /really/ using emacs, but I was wrong! I've been using org-mode/emacs for ~2 years now and I've slowly been migrating everything into it as I find useful tools/modes/etc (and now thanks to u/ilemming I have ~12 more to experiment with 😂)
  • Switching from Emacs. My experience
    20 projects | /r/neovim | 24 May 2023
    Despite using Emacs as my main editor, I was extremely familiar with Vim since I also used it frequently, and was able to use it quite well, especially because I also used [evil](https://github.com/emacs-evil/evil) in Emacs since Emacs's native keybindings are uncomfortable to use. I never used Vim as my primary editor though because it was cumbersome to configure. As many people say, Vimscript just feels wrong, so I gave up on trying to customize Vim.
  • Is it possible to use vim like navigation and control everywhere on the windows/mac applications?
    4 projects | /r/vim | 14 May 2023
    uhm... this maybe? https://github.com/emacs-evil/evil
  • evil-set-leader vs general.el for SPC based keybindings
    2 projects | /r/emacs | 26 Apr 2023
    ;; (setq debug-on-error t) (setq warning-minimum-level :error) ; don't show warning buffer unless error ;; REQUIRE PACKAGES AND CONFIGURE THEM (require 'package) (add-to-list 'package-archives '("melpa" . "https://melpa.org/packages/")) (package-initialize) ;; no littering (keep ~/.emacs.d from being generated so ~/.config path used) (require 'no-littering) ;; KEEP FILES UP TO DATE (GOOD FOR GIT BRANCHES) (global-auto-revert-mode t) ;; CONFIGURE BACKUP FILE BEHAVIOR (setq backup-dir (getenv "EMACS_BACKUP_DIR")) (setq backup-by-copying t) ; don't clobber symlinks (setq version-control t) ; use versioned backups (setq kept-old-versions 2) (setq kept-new-versions 4) (setq delete-old-versions t) (setq backup-directory-alist `((".*" . ,backup-dir))) ;(setq auto-save-file-name-transforms ; `((".*" ,backup-dir t))) ;; ORG MODE ; allow TAB to control folding in org-mode, see: ; https://jeffkreeftmeijer.com/emacs-evil-org-tab/ (setq evil-want-C-i-jump nil) ; needed before evil loaded (add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'org-indent-mode) ; always pretty indent ;; EVIL MODE (setq evil-want-integration t) ; optional since already t by default (setq evil-want-keybinding nil) (require 'evil) (when (require 'evil-collection nil t) (evil-collection-init)) (evil-mode 1) (evil-set-undo-system 'undo-redo) ; built-in undo-redo as evil backend ; start terminals in normal state by default so leader buffer navigation is more ; consistent ;(evil-set-initial-state 'term-mode 'normal) ; absolute garbage ; fix "v$" to exlcude newline (https://github.com/emacs-evil/evil/issues/897) (setq evil-v$-excludes-newline t) ; replace only in visual selection (setq evil-ex-visual-char-range t) ; built in solution for single line ; solution for visual block mode uses leader key below (evil-visual-replace-visual-bindings) ; leader key (largely used to replace C-x commands) (evil-set-leader nil (kbd "SPC")) ; window movement (evil-define-key 'normal 'global (kbd "o") 'other-window) (evil-define-key 'normal 'global (kbd "wh") 'windmove-left) (evil-define-key 'normal 'global (kbd "wj") 'windmove-down) (evil-define-key 'normal 'global (kbd "wk") 'windmove-up) (evil-define-key 'normal 'global (kbd "wl") 'windmove-right) ; buffer select, buffer list, find file, delete window (evil-define-key 'normal 'global (kbd "b") 'switch-to-buffer) (evil-define-key 'normal 'global (kbd "B") 'list-buffers) (evil-define-key 'normal 'global (kbd "f") 'find-file) (evil-define-key 'normal 'global (kbd "0") 'delete-window) ; definition jumping (gd already goes to definition) (evil-define-key 'normal 'global (kbd "gD") 'xref-pop-marker-stack) ; allow replacement only in selection for visual block mode (evil-define-key 'visual 'global (kbd "vbr") 'evil-visual-replace-replace-regexp) ; commenting (evil-define-key '(normal visual) 'global (kbd "gc") 'smart-comment) ; indentation (evil-define-key '(normal visual) 'global (kbd "gi") 'indent-region) ; statusline commands (available as ":") (evil-ex-define-cmd "done" 'save-buffers-kill-emacs) (evil-ex-define-cmd "at" 'open-ansi-term) (evil-ex-define-cmd "rb" 'rename-buffer) (evil-ex-define-cmd "hsp" 'split-window-below) (evil-ex-define-cmd "sw" 'rotate-frame) (evil-ex-define-cmd "tp" 'transpose-frame) (evil-ex-define-cmd "rshp" 'reshape-window)
  • 916 Days of Emacs
    12 projects | news.ycombinator.com | 13 Apr 2023
    I just stopped worry and succumbed to https://github.com/emacs-evil/evil.
  • How do I take priority from Evil's escape key?
    2 projects | /r/emacs | 5 Apr 2023
    I am currently using evil and corfu, but I want to configure such that pressing a single escape will invoke corfu-quit when its UI is active (because pressing "C-g" is harder).
  • A note from our sponsor - WorkOS
    workos.com | 17 Apr 2024
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