The Scala 3 compiler, also known as Dotty. (by lampepfl)


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lampepfl/dotty is an open source project licensed under Apache License 2.0 which is an OSI approved license.

Dotty Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to dotty

  • GitHub repo Slick

    Scala Language Integrated Connection Kit. Slick is a modern database query and access library for Scala (by slick)

  • GitHub repo dotty

    Research platform for new language concepts and compiler technologies for Scala. (by dotty-staging)

  • GitHub repo Quill

    Compile-time Language Integrated Queries for Scala (by getquill)

  • GitHub repo µTest

    A simple testing framework for Scala

  • GitHub repo chimney

    Scala library for boilerplate-free, type-safe data transformations (by wookievx)

  • GitHub repo scala

    Scala 2 compiler and standard library. For bugs, see scala/bug

  • GitHub repo Play

    Play Framework

  • GitHub repo MapStruct

    An annotation processor for generating type-safe bean mappers

  • GitHub repo intellij-plugins

    Open-source plugins included in the distribution of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and other IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform

  • GitHub repo Metals

    Scala language server with rich IDE features 🚀

  • GitHub repo cats-effect

    The pure asynchronous runtime for Scala

  • GitHub repo ScalikeJDBC

    A tidy SQL-based DB access library for Scala developers. This library naturally wraps JDBC APIs and provides you easy-to-use APIs.

  • GitHub repo PyCall.jl

    Package to call Python functions from the Julia language

  • GitHub repo treelog

    Allows logging in a tree structure so that comprehensive logging does not become incomprehensible

  • GitHub repo kotlin-spark-api

    This projects gives Kotlin bindings and several extensions for Apache Spark. We are looking to have this as a part of Apache Spark 3.x

  • GitHub repo Airstream

    State propagation and event streams with mandatory ownership and no glitches (by raquo)

  • GitHub repo laminar-web-components

    Web Component definitions for Laminar

  • GitHub repo scala3-macro-debug

  • GitHub repo advent-of-code-2020

    Advent of Code 2020 (by vasilmkd)

  • GitHub repo cf020031308

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Posts where dotty has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-05-03.
  • Will there be a Scala 3 RC4? | 2021-05-10
  • Scala 3 bug? | 2021-05-03
    Submitted a bug here. Seems that a solution is in the works.
  • Ideas for a Scala 3 MapStruct library? | 2021-05-01
    Seems the OP(?) got a bug fixed to enable this, for example:
  • Starting with Scala 3 macros: a short tutorial | 2021-04-09
    Scala 3, also known by its development name Dotty, is expected to ship by the end of April 2021. One of its flagship features is principled metaprogramming. This includes macros — compile-time code generation.
  • Scala 3.0.0-RC2 Has Landed | 2021-03-30
    Here are the (in-progress) release notes. Looks like barring any show stopper bugs Scala 3 GA could happen a month from now. | 2021-03-30
    Lack of existential types has been tripping me up quite a bit and unlike most other breaking changes, I'm personally finding this one harder to workaround (example) | 2021-03-30
    We do support function specialization and we should support tuple specialization in the future:
  • Scala 3 Release Party -- 23 April 2021 | 2021-03-15
    Scala 3.0-RC2 is due by March 18, and currently has 13 open tickets.
  • Martin Odersky explains the motivations behind "Safe Exceptions" PR in Scala 3 | 2021-03-14
    (from the PR description) | 2021-03-14
    Yes, Throwables that are not Exceptions and RuntimeExceptions are treated as an unchecked exception (See here). The exceptions are the same as the Java exceptions.
  • What does the "Safe Exceptions" PR means? | 2021-03-13
  • Will I like Scala? (Go and Rust) | 2021-03-05
    As for learning resources, the Scala online course is good and the book Programming in Scala by Martin Odersky (creator of Scala) is also good. Note that Scala 3 will be released later this year, and some things will change compared to Scala 2, but it's similar enough that old learning material still mostly applies.
  • Tuples bring generic programming to Scala 3 | 2021-03-03
    Odd that they'd choose to spotlight this at this time, when it's full of bugs. Even basic things one would try are immediately bugged, see, or just filter issues with the word Tuple, or match types
  • From First Principles: Why Scala? | 2021-02-11
    22 is just arbitrary.

    > Is it one of those no one is going to need more than 22 arguments?

    You can work around this limit with nested tuples, or just defining Function23 yourself. Although if you're function accepts 23 arguments, you should probably refactor that anyways.

    It is also worth noting that Scala 3 drops this limitation by implementing function arguments with arrays:

  • What do you think about the new Scala 3 syntax? | 2021-02-03
    For everyone that hasn't read the 3.0.0-M3 syntax change PR, I recommend it: