Coriolis Shipyard for Elite Dangerous (by EDCD)

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  • GitHub repo EDDI

    Companion application for Elite Dangerous

  • GitHub repo EDDiscovery

    Captains log and 3d star map for Elite Dangerous

  • GitHub repo EDEngineer

    An overlay to track Elite Dangerous blueprints progress in real time

  • GitHub repo EDHM

    Elite Dangerous HUD Mod

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  • Beginner's Guide to Farming Engineering Mats
    Build out a ship on or After you add the engineering mods you want, both sites will estimate the type and number of engineering mats you will need to create that ship. Then go and collect those mats. In, click the gear icon in the upper right. In, click Analysis at the top, then click on Generate Retrofit Report. Tools like EDEngineer can help you keep track. ED Discovery has a page which shows you your current engineering mat inventory at a glance (no need to dig through the right hand menu).
  • How do you guys handle being targeted by two ships at the same time? (Build maker/editor hooks into Inara)
  • New Player, can someone explain how to improve my shields?
    Use to test the shield configuration and get an idea of the total pool as well as the resistances. There are 3 types of generators (normal, BW=bi-wave, PSG=prismatic). Normal SG (generator) comes in all 5 ratings (A-E), BW is only C, PSG is only A. The BW has mediocre shield cap but very fast recharge rate which makes it very good for pve and boom & zoom (hit & run) tactics. The highest the class, the faster it recharges. PSG is often used on pvp because it has the highest shield cap of all 3 but it has the highest power requirements as well as being the heaviest. A typical scenario for pve RES hunting is thermal resistant BW with fast charge effect.
  • Sooo the Krait mkII, I choose it for looks. It's going to be a combat explorer, I hope. Pros and cons?
    I'll probably come back here and post a link for a couple of good examples. *I* personally never leave my Krait unless I need to use a Highly specialized build (cough cough, Anti-Thargoid[haha and the funny part about that is I have a Krait for that too.])
  • Hello!
    Ship calculator:
  • Stuck with 1 ly jump
    First - stop selling ships. There is literally no need. Second - always save enough for a “rebuy” if you blow up. Third - if you have less then 50k credits - find a low res and follow local security around and fire at the ships they soften up for you so you can get the bounty. As soon as you have 50k credits - stop and go buy a stock sidewinder. Do absolutely no modifications to it and proceed to the next step Fourth - with a stock sidewinder - go to a low res site and (possibly again) follow local security. Shoot at what they are shooting at but scan the ships first. Do not fire at local security - even accidentally. That would be bad. Cash in your bonds when you are uncomfortable - but keep doing this grind until you have at least 50 million. Don’t get tempted to stop and buy something else. Fifth - use to figure out what type of ship you want to go with. You can outfit your vulture or move on if you like. Sixth - consider doing the grind for either guardian or engineering. It’s possible to do the guardian grind without an engineered FSD - but it helps to unlock felicity Farseer first. There are mega ships that have weekly trips into guardian space that will also help you with getting the 200ly of travel needed to unlock felicity.
  • My Phantom
    Maybe play with the outfitting on a bit, I could probably export my ship from EDDI or something if you want to compare it too.
  • Is broken right now?
    Ive been trying to check my Exploration Phantom build on and each time i go to the site, im met with a blown up image of a blue Coriolis station, and the page only has super blown up icons on the page. Like the image below. Does anyone have a workaround or know what's going on?
  • Python combat build
    You should check out this site. Google it. But you can basically build any ship in the game, with any module in the game, view the ship stats as you tweak it, and view price as you build it. You can also then export the final build and save it locally.
  • Bought ED today, been playing now for 8 hours straight!!!
    Useful sites include The Miner's Tool, Inara, Coriolis, EDDB, EDSM, Fuel Rats, Hull Seals, Canonn Research, Operation Ida, Mobius, DSSA.
  • Elite Dangerous
    There are also a ton of online resources. EDDB and Coriolis were the two I had open almost all the time I played.
  • Well guys... I did it
    Yeah, it is versatile I've heard, I play quite a lot with
  • New to this game, any recommendations on the best way to learn it?
    Playing the game well depends a lot on 3rd party sites (all that missing information). Get yourself familiar with some sites like to help you design the ships you want to build. for great information about stations, bodies, and systems. You can look up commodity prices, or find the nearest station that sells the module you need to buy next and lots more. has a lot of the same features that has, and more. I mention both because each offers its own ways to search the data and you might find one site easier to find the specific bits you are interested in. has some very specific tools that will help you find certain things very easily. There are lots of other sites, but those are the ones that I seem to frequent the most.
  • Anaconda?
  • What’s the min jump range for 5k+ ly expeditions?
    If you want to get an idea of what modifications and ship loadouts do, I recommend taking a look at or (they both serve the same purpose and work more or less the same)


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