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async-rs/async-std is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 or later which is an OSI approved license.

Async-std Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to async-std

  • GitHub repo FrameworkBenchmarks

    Source for the TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks project

  • GitHub repo tokio

    A runtime for writing reliable asynchronous applications with Rust. Provides I/O, networking, scheduling, timers, ...

  • GitHub repo actix-web

    Actix Web is a powerful, pragmatic, and extremely fast web framework for Rust.

  • GitHub repo tigerbeetle

    A purpose-built financial accounting database, designed for high-throughput low-latency two-phase prepare/commit transfers between accounts.

  • GitHub repo alacritty

    A cross-platform, OpenGL terminal emulator.

  • GitHub repo wasmer

    🚀 The leading WebAssembly Runtime supporting WASI and Emscripten

  • GitHub repo warp

    A super-easy, composable, web server framework for warp speeds.

  • GitHub repo reqwest

    An easy and powerful Rust HTTP Client

  • GitHub repo sqlx

    🧰 The Rust SQL Toolkit. An async, pure Rust SQL crate featuring compile-time checked queries without a DSL. Supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and MSSQL. (by launchbadge)

  • GitHub repo engine

    Deploy your apps on any Cloud providers in just a few seconds (by Qovery)

  • GitHub repo smol

    A small and fast async runtime for Rust

  • GitHub repo glommio

    Glommio is a thread-per-core framework that aims to make the task of writing highly parallel asynchronous application in a thread-per-core architecture easier for rustaceans

  • GitHub repo proposal-top-level-await

    top-level `await` proposal for ECMAScript (stage 3)

  • GitHub repo rio

    pure rust io_uring library, built on libc, thread & async friendly, misuse resistant (by spacejam)

  • GitHub repo ureq

    Minimal request library in rust.

  • GitHub repo libfringe

    a Rust library implementing safe, lightweight context switches, without relying on kernel services

  • GitHub repo async

    Run IO operations asynchronously and wait for their results (by simonmar)

  • GitHub repo stylus

    Lightweight status page for home infrastructure (by mmastrac)

  • GitHub repo async-std-hyper

    How to run Hyper on async-std

  • GitHub repo web-libusb

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Posts where async-std has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-03-14.
  • Rust async is colored, and that’s not a big deal | 2021-03-14
    And also, the actual PR never got merged. | 2021-03-14
    Many people believe that based on the blog post about it, but the PR was actually never merged, and the approach was abandoned due to various issues.
  • Rust's async isn't f#@king colored! | 2021-03-10
    Async in rust needs a runtime (aka executor) to run. You can maybe get a better description from the rust docs. As an example, Tokio attempts to provide an interface for a developer that is minimal change to the more common blocking code. So you'd end up putting #[tokio::main] above your main function to spin up the executor and most of the rest of the code is similar to a non-async version with a few sprinkles of .await, which you can see in the hello world for tokio. In contrast, async-std provides a more hands-on/low-level approach. If you are unlucky enough to have libraries that choose different stacks to work on, you'll possibly (probably?) have to handle both.
  • Comparison of Rust async and Linux thread context switch time and memory use | 2021-02-11
    Nothing so fancy.

    Each worker thread runs in a loop executing a queue of jobs. On every iteration it sets an atomic progress flag to true.

    The runtime in which it's contained polls its workers every 1-10ms, atomically swapping in false and checking to see if the previous value was also false - if so, it steals its task queue and spins up another worker to execute it.

  • What is the best way to ask for user input while simultaneously outputting to the console? | 2021-01-16
    async-std uses blocking I/O on a background thread. tokio does the same for its equivalent API.
  • async-std v1.9.0 has been released! | 2021-01-15
    Looking at, it seems the deprecated APIs were hidden behind a feature flag called unstable which is understood to not guarantee such backwards compatibility. | 2021-01-15
  • Tokio, the async runtime for Rust, hits 1.0 | 2020-12-23
    if I understand correctly, smol was created by the async-std folks, and async-std now uses it as its runtime | 2020-12-23
    > There's at least one other popular one of note.

    The other popular runtimes are async-std [0] and smol [1].



  • Writing Rust the Elixir way | 2020-11-26
    The processes spawned by Lunatic are actually taking full advantage of the power provided by async Rust. They are scheduled on top of a work stealing async executor, the same used by async-std. Calling Process::sleep(100) will actually invoke smol's at function.
  • Rusticles #19 - Wed Nov 11 2020 | 2020-11-10
    async-rs/async-std (Rust): Async version of the Rust standard library