Amplication is an open‑source development tool. It helps you develop quality Node.js applications without spending time on repetitive coding tasks. (by amplication)

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  • GitHub repo Prisma

    Next-generation ORM for Node.js & TypeScript | PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server & SQLite

  • GitHub repo Strapi

    🚀 Open source Node.js Headless CMS to easily build customisable APIs

  • GitHub repo Knex

    A query builder for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite3, designed to be flexible, portable, and fun to use.

  • GitHub repo Appwrite

    Appwrite is a secure end-to-end backend server for Web, Mobile, and Flutter developers that is packaged as a set of Docker containers for easy deployment 🚀

  • GitHub repo generator-angular-fullstack

    Yeoman generator for an Angular app with an Express server

  • GitHub repo KeystoneJS

    The most powerful headless CMS for Node.js — built with GraphQL and React

  • GitHub repo MikroORM

    TypeScript ORM for Node.js based on Data Mapper, Unit of Work and Identity Map patterns. Supports MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.

  • GitHub repo xgenecloud

    •:fire: •:fire: •:fire: • Instantly generate REST & GraphQL APIs on any Database (Supports : MySQL, PostgreSQL, MsSQL, SQLite, MariaDB & Aurora)

  • GitHub repo typegraphql-prisma

    Prisma 2 generator to emit TypeGraphQL types and CRUD resolvers from your Prisma 2 schema

  • GitHub repo docs

    📚 Prisma Documentation (by prisma)

  • GitHub repo documentation

    Strapi Documentation mono-repo (by strapi)

  • GitHub repo crisp-react

    Boilerplate with React client and Express backend written in TypeScript. Offers performance and extended functionality. Comes with SSR and without need to learn a framework. Helps to avoid frequent React-Express integration pitfalls.

  • GitHub repo graphql-utils

    Utilities and helpers to make working with GraphQL.js based APIs simpler.

  • GitHub repo nestjs-and-child-processing

    Example how to use nestjs and child process to scale nestjs application

  • GitHub repo andrejs-tunes

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Posts where amplication has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-07-23.
  • Open source products which turn SQL database into API with web UI (think Airtable and Google Spreadsheet alternatives). Low code. | 2021-07-23
  • Road To An Internship - Grinding Period [3/3] | 2021-07-22
  • I made a prisma boilerplate code generator for nestJS
    I watched a talk on a tool called Amplication literally 30 minutes ago, saw the title just now and genuinely thought it'd be a promo for that. If you're interested:
  • Are you aware of any enterprise level Node starter templates/projects, using best practice? (Standard plumbing stuff) | 2021-06-08
    Amplication: Development tool to model your data in a UI which then generates a full NestJS project from it (incl tests, docs, admin UI, GraphQL+REST APIs, auth & permissions, ...)
  • Show HN: Recast – convert Excel into Node.js, Postgres and GraphQL, open-source | 2021-05-20
    4. Making sure everything is written with best practices, security, performance, and maintainability in mind.

    That process was tedious and repetitive, even when using an existing boilerplate project.

    Recast was designed exactly for these types of projects to save time and money and bring the development process up to speed in no time, eliminating the painful process. We generate a TypeScript Node.js source code that includes a GraphQL and REST API, authorization, authentication, identity management, logging utility, error handler, and a React admin UI - just by importing a data schema from excel.

    The generated source code is automatically pushed to your GitHub repository or you can download the source code in a Zip file. You own your code.

    From this point, you can use your favorite IDE to customize the code and add business logic. We also made it easy to modify your data models without overriding your custom code every time you re-generate your app, allowing your service to evolve with the business.

    Would love to get your feedback and answer any question you have.

    Amplication project on GitHub -

  • Turn Excel into code in seconds: generate Node.js app with APIs, auth, DB, Docker, and more… from an Excel file | 2021-05-20
    As a free, open-source project, Recast offers developers immediate access to a free and full-featured account to start developing their next Node.JS application from an excel file at | 2021-05-20
    Recast is built on top of Amplication, an open-source development platform that generates a TypeScript Node.js source code that includes a GraphQL and REST API, authorization, authentication, identity management, logging utility, error handler, and a React admin UI — just by importing a data schema from excel.
  • Auto generate NodeJS API - Open-source | 2021-05-04
    Currently, the generated app is using basic HTTP. we plan to add more auth providers. You can track and comment on this issue on our repo
  • Auto generate NodeJS app
  • Planning to create a full-stack open source project | 2021-04-18
    Hey there! I think your project is a great idea! I just wanted to make you aware of the Amplication project which might be considered a competitor.
  • How the F**** does anyone use Prisma in production? | 2021-04-02
    There are also several tools that allow you generate a GraphQL CRUD API based on Prisma, such as Amplication, KeystoneJS or typegraphql-prisma.
  • Amplication – Instantly Generate Node.js Apps with GraphQL and REST API | 2021-03-14


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