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signalapp/Signal-Desktop is an open source project licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 which is an OSI approved license.

Signal-Desktop Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to Signal-Desktop

  • GitHub repo TextSecure

    A private messenger for Android.

  • GitHub repo Signal-Server

    Server supporting the Signal Private Messenger applications on Android, Desktop, and iOS

  • GitHub repo Signal-iOS

    A private messenger for iOS.

  • GitHub repo LibreSignal

    LibreSignal • The truly private and Google-Free messenger for Android.

  • GitHub repo axolotl

    A Signal compatible cross plattform client written in Go and Vuejs

  • GitHub repo AppImageLauncher

    Helper application for Linux distributions serving as a kind of "entry point" for running and integrating AppImages

  • GitHub repo libsignal-client

  • GitHub repo whisperfish

  • GitHub repo nodegui

    A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with Node.js and CSS 🚀. React NodeGui : and Vue NodeGui:

  • GitHub repo signal-cli

    signal-cli provides a commandline and dbus interface for signalapp/libsignal-service-java

  • GitHub repo Unigram

    A Telegram desktop app made for Windows 10

  • GitHub repo libsignal-service-java

    A Java/Android library for communicating with the Signal messaging service.

  • GitHub repo signal-back

    Decrypt Signal encrypted backups outside the app

  • GitHub repo session-desktop

    Session Desktop - Onion routing based messenger

  • GitHub repo Synapse

    Synapse: Matrix reference homeserver

  • GitHub repo peek

    Simple animated GIF screen recorder with an easy to use interface

  • GitHub repo urh

    Universal Radio Hacker: Investigate Wireless Protocols Like A Boss

  • GitHub repo relm

    Idiomatic, GTK+-based, GUI library, inspired by Elm, written in Rust

  • GitHub repo Prosody IM

    IMPORTANT: due to a drive failure, as of 13-Mar-2021, the Mercurial repository had to be re-mirrored, which changed every commit SHA. The old SHAs and trees are backed up in the vault branches. Please migrate to the new branches as soon as you can.

  • GitHub repo Signal-Android

    Patches to Signal for Android removing dependencies on closed-source Google Mobile Services and Firebase libraries. In branches whose names include "-FOSS". Uses new "foss" or "gms" flavor dimension: build with "./gradlew assemblePlayFossProdRelease". (by tw-hx)

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Posts where Signal-Desktop has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-28.
  • Crims using encrypted platforms 'almost exclusively', ACIC claims - ‘No legitimate reason’ for everyday public use. | 2021-05-07
    Signal is a good place to start.
  • May we get a Signal Desktop in the Mac App Store? | 2021-05-01
    Yes, Signal's developers have said that adding Signal Desktop to the Mac App Store is on their radar and something they would eventually like to do. As with most other feature requests, the community is already keeping track of this on the Signal Community forum:
  • Grand jury subpoena for Signal user data, Central District of California | 2021-04-28
    OT and tinfoil hat on; there was a strange event last week with users of Signal on the Telia ISP.[1]

    For about 24 hours no messages could be sent, resulting in a 401 unauthorized error from the server side.

    Telia is the former state-owned Swedish ISP that is now only half state-owned I believe.

    They have a bad rep already for sending out extortion letters to torrent users and are almost assumed to be monitoring all user traffic for the police.

    No explanation of the event has been provided by anyone. Users have done some basic troubleshooting but couldn't really establish much. I personally would love to see what those 401 errors looked like on the Signal server side. What exactly were these clients sending that was unauthorized on the server side? I guess we'll never know, hopefully it wasn't even stored.


  • Inventive grandson builds Telegram messaging machine for 96-year-old grandmother | 2021-04-26
  • Import failed. Android -> mac, what do? (I tried it a few times just incase) Both of my devices are connected to the internet | 2021-04-26
    Maybe a bug. You can report bugs with the correct template and a debug log here:
  • What forces me to continue using Telegram and Signal instead of only the latter | 2021-04-26
    Literally the first line of the readme: "Signal Desktop is an Electron application that links with Signal on Android or iOS. "
  • Does anyone else seem to get terrible cellular service consistently in the area (AT&T)? | 2021-04-25
  • Beijing won total control over Hong Kong. Now, the ‘brainwashing’ begins. “Children at the open day played with toy guns inside a mock subway car, activity that social media users noted echoed the August 2019 incident. The police chief said they were just children ‘having a great time.’” | 2021-04-21
  • Ongoing issue with voice/video calls? | 2021-04-21
    According to and the issue seems to have been resolved for now.
  • Signal Desktop is unable to send messages | 2021-04-21
  • cant receive messages from some users since yesterday | 2021-04-20
    Alot of reassemblence with the issue described in however Im not using the desktop app but only the signal app on Android devices. | 2021-04-20
    Indeed. There's a discussion about it on GitHub.
  • Blue window after installation | 2021-04-18
    Hi! Could you please file a new bug report for this issue? Please include the version of Windows and of the Signal app that you're using and (if possible!) debug logs. | 2021-04-18
    I've tried this method described here, but that didn't help either (so did reinstalling, restarting the pc or installing the beta version). Googling the issue I've found no other talks or solutions for this problem. | 2021-04-18
    Thanks for the answer, submitted the issue here: