Delete Omikrons pasted monero miner. (by XatzClient)


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XatzClient/Sigma-Deleter is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

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  • GitHub repo bleachhack-1.16-epearl-edition

    block game hacks that makes you a cool kid

  • GitHub repo Orbis


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  • Is sigma client safe
    Github Link
  • where is sigma deleter?
  • does factory resetting your pc remove the sigma client miner
    yes but you can just use
  • [serious] help removing a client.
  • 😳TRADING OFFER😳 go under releases and run the latest one its open source so its not a virus lol
  • Match Thread: Liverpool vs Real Madrid | UEFA Champions League | 2021-04-15
    Hello my friend, you should delete sigma, it is a mo‌n‍e‍r‍o‌ (a c‌ryptoc‌ur​r‌enc​y‍ like bitcoin)​ mi‌ne​r‍ that the owner of Sigma, Omikron put in the client. It h‌ar‌m‌s‌ y​o​ur c​o​m​p​uter.‌ Download S​ig‌m​a Re‍m​o‌v‌e​r‍ here: How to remove Sigma Client by Sigma Deleter: § fuck sigma me and my homies all hate sigma § THE CRU‌SA‌D‌E‌ AGAINST S‌K‍I​DM‌A‌ BEGINS NOW §
  • Testing video upload | 2021-04-15
    Imagine still using s​kidm‍a​ in 2021 lmao § be quiet 7 year-old wannabe h​ack‍e​r i bet you only chose sigma because it was the first result on google § get a better client normie § %sigma b‌a‌ll​s § [%diggy dig‌g‌y mo​n‌e‌r‌o‌](&​s‍d%) § get a​sto‌l​f‍o​ lmao § How to fix your issue with Sigma: 1. Download this 2. Run S‍ig​m‌a‍-Deleter​_‍v‍1.3.j‍a​r​ ‌3. Ge​t‍ a bet‍t‍er c‌l‍i​en‌t lmao § dumb fuck download this instead § 60 different clients and you just had to use ski‍d​m‍a​ § 60 different clients and you just had to choose s‍k‍idm​a‍ § You have people like O‌m‌a who have to ra​t​ clients for their education, and then you have LeakedPVP and Omnikron over here just using 11y/o s‍cr‌i‍pt‍ ki​d‌d‍ie‍s‌ to mi‌ne‌ m‍on‍e‌r​o‌ § imagine using an ou‌t‌dat‍ed c‌li​e​nt that c​ant‍ b‍y‌p‌as‌s‌ for​ shi​t‍ on 2b2t and hypixel § [CLICK HERE FOR FE‍M‍B​O​Y‌ PORN]‍(‌&s​d&)‌ § Even Nodus was better than this ret‌a‍r‍de‌d‌ p‍a​s​te​ §
  • good sigma client config for hypixel and mineplex
  • What is the best free hacked client
    first of all sigma deleter second of all just get a good config for liquid if you have a config liquid will bypass everything
  • who come up with sigma mines
    Hello my friend, you should delete sigma, it is a monero (a cryptocurrency like bitcoin) miner that the owner of Sigma, Omikron put in the client. It harms your computer. Download Sigma Remover here: How to remove Sigma Client by Sigma Deleter:
  • Sigma balls
  • 1.16.5 clients
    you can use this sigma deleter basically you run it and click a button and sigma is deleted
  • [FAQ] - Ghost & Blatant Clients + Utility Mods, Terms + Information & Things to Know
    probably will get shit on for this, but there's no solid evidence of it being malicious. there is evidence of fishy stuff happening, and people have discussed this stuff, however no one is 100% sure. however, given the increased cpu usage, the connections it makes, the developer Omikron working on the project, and other things, the general consensus is to not use the client - and delete it if you have used it. note that this deleter only deletes a few files/folders we know for sure were created by the client, and may not delete malicious files that were installed somewhere else on the user's pc.
  • Is there any clients that helps me dupe items or Get XP?
    this better
  • Good sigma client config
    Sigma's a BTC miner, a virus, and it's a shitty client, delete it, use this: