Application that fixes common errors in Scrap Mechanic (by TechnologicNick)


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11 months ago


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  • Endlessly Falling
    You can reset your position using It also clears your inventory.
  • How do I fix corrupted save files?
  • Im stuck in the elevator
    You could use this program I made to reset your player data. This resets you back to the overworld spawn but also clears your inventory.
  • Hi i got a problem with world in survival and the owner of this world is my friend (lets call him John) more info below
    external program, I still have it on my pc so I can do it for you so you don't have to get it, or you get it yourself at
  • Might have killed my survival save
    You can delete your player data using Sadly this also clears your inventory but at least it'll allow you to play on it again.
  • How to find a modded part bassed on part ID. Select the "unable to find mod" option