QGIS is a free, open source, cross platform (lin/win/mac) geographical information system (GIS) (by qgis)


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qgis/QGIS is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 only which is an OSI approved license.

QGIS Alternatives

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  • GitHub repo open-source-exandria

    A repository for fans of Critical Role to contribute to the data behind the interactive fantasy map for the show.

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Posts where QGIS has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-03-16.
  • DB Manager - create SQL plugin
    reddit.com/r/QGIS | 2021-06-10
    Here's the Database Manager plugins in the Github repo. Is this what you're looking for?
  • [No Spoilers] Feeling foggy after the finale? Same here. Brand new fog effect added to the horizon in the Wildemount interactive map! [OC]
    I made the map by superimposing the official paper maps arbitrarily on the earth's surface and tracing the geography using QGIS, a free and open-source mapping program. I uploaded and styled that data in Mapbox, a web-mapping company with a generous free tier. If you're curious about making your own, I've got some tutorials on my Twitch channel. Or if you wanna see more about other maps I make you can follow me on Instagram (@redgiantmaps). The maps are free and hopefully always will be, but if you're super appreciative of them, you can always support me via the Ko-Fi links in the maps or on Patreon.
  • QGIS Open Day – QGIS Cutting Edge (2021-05-28)
    reddit.com/r/GeoNe_ws | 2021-05-21
  • "Used a ballpark transform" message
    reddit.com/r/QGIS | 2021-04-25
    See also: https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/issues/34983
  • QGIS 3.18.1
    reddit.com/r/PDQDeploy | 2021-03-23
    Welcome to the QGIS project!
  • QGIS 3.18.1 released
    reddit.com/r/gis | 2021-03-19
    reddit.com/r/QGIS | 2021-03-19
  • [No Spoilers] It's been one year since I released the Tal'Dorei interactive map! It's free to use! Link in comments.
    P.S. - The most common question I get is how it's made! I linked to a tutorial above, but essentially I use Geographic Information System (GIS) software—specifically a free and open-source program called QGIS—to place the maps from the books arbitrarily on the earth's surface. This allows me to create a web map with the data using Mapbox because it thinks it's somewhere on earth. Both of these software programs are free to use and have loads of documentation and tutorials online. To do this process takes a mix of GIS skills (knowing how to use the software, conducting geospatial operations, projections) as well as web development skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). If you're curious about it, check out my Twitch and feel free to reach out with any questions. If more people know how to do cool mapping stuff, the world would be a better place.
  • Hold off on installing QGIS 3.18 on windows
    reddit.com/r/QGIS | 2021-03-01
    not sure if barnezhilton is serious or joking but the only security relevant issue I could find on github was this one server access control completely ignored. https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/issues/41800
  • How to install PDAL package to import las/laz in 3.18?
    reddit.com/r/QGIS | 2021-02-27
    Hi, QGIS 3.18 now supports point clouds in las/laz format. However, after a fresh installation of 3.18 I still can't import las/laz. I'm encountering the same problem as a user reported here on Github. According to this reply the problem can be solved by installing the PDAL provider. How do I do that? I'm not very familiar with OSGeo4W but I managed to install the PDAL lib 1.8.0-1. It doesn't help, though. The package is still not showing up in QGIS. Any hints what I have to do?
  • Saving "policy"
    reddit.com/r/QGIS | 2021-02-12
    Reflecting further on your experience, I've created a feature request for QGIS to warn users from falling into your trap. https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/issues/41535
  • Issue with Polygonize
    reddit.com/r/QGIS | 2021-01-28
    This issue report suggests some issue with lines not technically intersecting https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/issues/34840
    reddit.com/r/QGIS | 2021-01-28
  • What programming languages are used the most in GIS work?
    reddit.com/r/gis | 2021-01-19
    You can see the breakdown of QGIS in the repository. Mostly C++ and Python.