A collection of mods to boost the performance of PojavLauncher. (by Doregon)


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  • Anybody know ways to improve frame rate?
    Use optimization mods like Optifine, Sodium, you might try PojavOptimize (The fabulously Optimize modpack remade for pojav https://github.com/Doregon/PojavOptimize ) and you can look here if you want more information https://pojavlauncherteam.github.io/android/wiki/faq/optimizing.html for android
  • How do I mod this?
    You might want to check out PojavOptimize, it's a list of mods to help boost performance. The main things on here are Lithium, Starlight, and Sodium. Starlight is like Phosphor, but it completely rewrites the lighting engine, faster performance. It breaks light suppression though.
  • A feature Iā€™d like to have simplified about in Pojavlauncher_iOS and a bug too


Basic PojavOptimize repo stats
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