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Tool that allows you to add more games to your NES/SNES Classic Mini (by TeamShinkansen)


Basic Hakchi2-CE repo stats
19 days ago

TeamShinkansen/Hakchi2-CE is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 only which is an OSI approved license.


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  • snes classic mini is not recognized at all - still blnking
    See here for another connection tip
  • Hakchi2 CE 3.9 released
  • New purchase, curious what you guys think
  • Hakchi not recognizing my SNES Classic
    Also, you are using Hakchi2 CE 3.8.0 (just to verify)?
  • F**ked my SNES. Installed the newest Hakchi, reset button working no bother at all, Didn't even put anything new on it. Plug it into monitor, open SMW, screen flashing menu and game simultaneously. Reset button now not working. Tried factory reset. Now won't enter FEL mode. Any ideas?
    I swear I've searched online for an answer and I'm having no luck, I've got the Sfrom Megapack and the Sfrom tool all downloaded, tool is setup with the patches. I've tried copying the zip file into Hakchi app, I've tried extracting the files into the Hakchi folder (in the C Drive and in Documents), and nothing is coming up in Hakchi. The instructions are: " Just unzip over latest debug version of HakchiCE, load hakchi, sync/export, and play!"
  • Hakchi v2.32 No export function?
    FYI, hakchi 2.32 is the "old" version of hakchi2. The newer fork that's still worked on with a lot of user interface improvements (like the export to USB function) is hakchi CE, with the most current version available being 3.8.
  • Multi Boot Acting Strange
    The download page is here:
  • Where do I put the repro file of KMFD mod for hackchi2 after I've downloaded it?
  • Hakchi on my tv screen when I turned snes mini on.