This is the release repository for Fan Control, a highly customizable fan controlling software for Windows. (by Rem0o)

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Posts where FanControl.Releases has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-07-17.
  • My CPU is over heating.
    But yeah, from what youve told me thats just how these cpus are. You could try also turning up your fan curve so its at like 50-60% at idle. The program called Fan Control is perfect for this.
  • Fans connected to GPU run full speed | 2021-07-27
    Or the free and open source FanControl. Amazing little app. Has all kinds of ways to manage the fans including from the GPU sensor(s).
  • Custom Jank | 2021-07-27
    Also Fan Control is a great software to create fan curves for case fans
  • Speedfan download link reloads the page?
    If fan speeds check out its far more robust.
  • Just upgraded from a Ryzen 5 3600 to a Ryzen 7 3800x and the fan is roaring like a jet engine. Can/how do I slow it down a bit?
    Try FanControl,
  • SpeedFan issue continuous beeping noise
    Try this instead of speedfan.
  • very newb question.. | 2021-07-20
  • What does "Gaming mode" on the 3080 Surpim actually do?
    You can use other programs to control your GPU fan curve, like for example Fan Control
  • What are the cool tools to install for windows ? | 2021-07-17
    Fancontrol - Just like the name says, it is an open source program that lets you control your PC's fans, I use it to control 1 System fan, 2 PC fans and 2 GPU fans with curves.
  • Pc fan noise, help :/ | 2021-07-17
    Sounds like you just need to adjust your fan curves then to be lower. I use this software to do that but you can also do it through bios.
  • B550 ITX mobo with the least onboard issues? | 2021-07-13
    But you could always go x570i if you wanted, with the gigabyte being the best there since it has bios flashback so you wouldn't need an older chip to update it in case it came with an older version (like the Asus x570i, which doesn't have bios flashback). And if the chipset fan concerns you, on the gigabyte, they actually allow you to control it (Asus does not). In the bios or their software you just get three profiles, including a silent profile that's quite quiet, but you can go further by using userspace fan control software like FanControl to even shut it off if you wanted or just take full control of the curve. It does nothing to cool the chipset due to how it's designed anyway, but it is a fantastic NVMe cooler for the front drive (at full obnoxious 10k RPM it drops the drive temp by 10-20C depending on which drive I use, though that was just for testing). My fan curve for it runs off the NVMe drive and if the chipset hits 70 it will begin to creep up, but given that the chipset is rated to 100C and can run all the way to that point, it's not that big of a deal to just shut it off. Anecdote time. The Asus x570i had a few boards early on that went out without the thermal pad between the chipset and the heatsink, leaving it exposed to the open air with no contact. They peaked at 90-95C in open air. I think that's why AMD decided to release it again as a passive variant without changing anything in the silicon because it doesn't get hot enough to matter and a heatsink alone is enough.
  • Are these normal clock speeds for 5950x idle? Dropping as low as 2.8mhz? | 2021-07-08
  • NH-D15/S vs NH-D14 vs NH-U14S for semi-passive/low-noise? | 2021-07-06
    I control the fans using a software called Argus Monitor. It's great but its unfortunately paid software. There is a FOSS alternative called Fan Control that I personally haven't tried (I had Argus before this software came out) but that many people have recommended, here's the github page:
  • Smart Fan 5, how do you set your case fans up? | 2021-07-01
    But that's also why I don't use the gigabyte software, and just set a baseline in the bios that is similar as a fallback, but then use FanControl to run all my fans, since I can use other sensors including the GPU for the temperature trigger. And this way, I set my case fans to run a steady RPM, then ramp up as the GPU gets warmer since that's what's going to be heating my case up the most as my CPU exhausts directly outside. I don't need my case fans responding to my CPU, and my motherboard temp is never going to get hot enough to trigger a change, so that's why I like using FanControl which is wildly customizable.
  • Fans not compensating for temperature increase


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