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Posts where EnhancePoEApp has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-27.
  • Can GGG please implement this vendor recipe to improve currency trading?
    chaos recipie is probably this tool: https://github.com/kosace/EnhancePoEApp
  • well, RNG finally blessed ME!
  • Searching for an item slot i.e "glove" now correctly highlights items that it didn't before! Great for chaos recipe.
    May I introduce you to Chaos Receipe Enhancer.
    Tool assisted recipe + familiarity and you get very good source on white/yellow maps.
  • Ritual had by far the most stable ex price in the past 10 leagues.
    You can now search for base names such as "gloves" or "body armour" so it wont be that bad with GitHub - kosace/EnhancePoEApp: PoE Chaos Recipe Tool and quadtabs.
  • What are some must have tools for playing?
    - Chaos Recipe Enhancer (https://github.com/kosace/EnhancePoEApp) is very useful for league starts
  • Path of Matth's Currency Guides for both Casuals & 1% Gamers
    Which one are you using? this one? https://github.com/kosace/EnhancePoEApp/
  • Chaos recipe
    There's a modern tool for the chaos recipe making it convenient enough to use : https://github.com/kosace/EnhancePoEApp so it's indeed efficient to go with chaos recipe nowadays up to a point, with little extra organization headache.
  • Chaos orb farming
    Early league : GitHub - kosace/EnhancePoEApp: PoE Chaos Recipe Tool (this is an overlay and within ToS).
  • I know this isn't much, but as someone absolutely terrible at the fight I finally managed to beat Sirus at 8 for the first time (just have no friends to share it with).
    The chaos recipe is good if you're not at the point where you can get through T11 content quickly or get one or two of the juicy atlas ascendancy things like Harbinger unlocked. It also helps to use told like Chaos Recipe Enhancer, https://github.com/kosace/EnhancePoEApp. Even in lower tier maps you can get at least 20 and realistically 50 chaos ab hour which isn't a ton, but it adds up.
  • The Progress on My Chaos Recipe App
    Did you really ? Because I had this error in the early league, checked the git, saw this : https://github.com/kosace/EnhancePoEApp/issues/84
  • DIY Chaos Recipe using a Quad Tab and this one weird trick!
    Dragging every item is extremely inefficient. I use this tool for fast chaos rec and lootfilter adjustment on the fly https://github.com/kosace/EnhancePoEApp
  • Anyone experiencing issues with Chaos Recipe Enhancer?
  • What are the best 3rd party apps people are using now?
    https://github.com/kosace/EnhancePoEApp - only found about this tool toward the end of league. its a chaos recipe tool which is very useful for start,
  • Advice on how to earn Currency?