DeFi Blockchain desktop app for Windows, Linux and Mac. (by DeFiCh)


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DeFiCh/app is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

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  • GitHub repo ain

    DeFi Blockchain - enabling decentralized finance on Bitcoin

  • GitHub repo bitcore

    A full stack for bitcoin and blockchain-based applications

  • GitHub repo dfips

    DeFiChain Improvement Proposals

  • GitHub repo WalletApp

  • GitHub repo DefiChain-packager

    This repository is made to trigger custom builds on release of new versions of DefiChain

  • GitHub repo SmartsApp

    💬📱 An End to End Encrypted Cross Platform messenger app.

  • GitHub repo electron-discord-webapp

    A Discord web client made with :electron: Electron API.

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Posts where app has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-06-07.
  • Insufficient funds when trying to send DFI from wallet to cake
    Hi u/HugoLu84 , nope you're good, keep it as utxoDFI, an explanation on the difference in utxoDFI & tokenDFI that might help:
  • Lost Transfer when sending from Cake to Defi-App
    Hi u/stasevich , the v2.5.0 is the latest version. If you've made your tx from cake to DeFi Wallet app on 8 Jan 2021, and there's a txid, then the transactions should've went through. The tx won't appear on the Ethereum network as we're on the DeFiChain network, any tokens send to your DeFi Wallet will be "wrapped" — dETH, dBTC, dUSDT etc.
  • Sending DFI from Wallet to DefiChain
    If your tx got through but the tx history is not displayed, then you're likely facing this UI issue:
  • Windows 10 and v2.5.0 DeFi App Not loading
    Download v2.5.0 *For Windows, select DeFi-Wallet-Setup-2.5.0.exe
  • Transaction from Defi wallet to cake got stuck :-(
    Hi u/vermonttrader , you're likely facing a missing tx history UI issue, kindly save your logs and send it to
  • Senden von DFI / Wechsel von Tokens in Coins
    DFI exist in 2 forms; `utxoDFI` and `tokenDFI`. utxoDFI is used to pay for transactions fees while rewards received from liquidity mining (for example) are in tokenDFI. You can freely convert between the 2 anytime — at a 1:1 ratio. To convert tokenDFI to utxoDFI, the simplest way would be via DeFi Wallet app. An article on how to convert tokenDFI to utxoDFI here.
    Hi u/rafa_el_zrh , there's no need to manually convert them via the CLI. You can send to self like in the link provided. Maybe try to wait for a new block to be mined and try again. It could also be because you've multiple addresses with utxoDFI. Try sending them to the 1 address and try again.
  • App working wel?
  • How sustainable is LM?
    Of course we need it to be feature-rich in order to attract investors/arbitragers. For example I have proposed to implement swapping across all token pairs (see, because people are more interested in working with the tokens they know instead of just token vs DFI.
  • Raspberry Pi (ARM) docker images now on available on Docker Hub
    Hi u/wakago749 , you can publish your passion project on DeFiChain Discussions, to gain more awareness and share with the community!
  • Unable to start blockchain
    Hi u/CryptoCHBS u/kryptomartin u/jfad1286 u/alexs001 u/mrgni u/Desperate-Childhood9 u/vermonttrader , v2.4.5 is out. Kindly refer to DeFiChain Announcements (EN) for the latest updates. An announcement on Reddit will be ready soon. Thank you for your patience.
  • DEX Swap Error
    Sure, you can send them here: Click on New issue.
  • Is there a reason why the official Wallet App download is an RC? Aren't RC's for internal use?
    Hi u/Aereic , u/wmbst is right, usually we mark pre-release version and it's not advised to used. For the case of v2.4.1-rc1 it's been marked back to pre-release and users can use v2.4.1. v2.4.1-rc1 was initially released due to the lag issue with Liquidity & DEX that some users are facing. Apologies for any confusion. Kindly proceed with v2.4.1, thank you.
  • 🔊 DeFi Wallet app release v2.4.1 is out! 🔊
    • Optimized network calls in DEX and Liquidity Page @uzyn @thedoublejay #898
  • DeFiChain officials have some explaining to do For issues with the app