Carbon - an experimental C++ successor language

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  • carbon-lang

    Carbon Language's main repository: documents, design, implementation, and related tools. (NOTE: Carbon Language is experimental; see README)

    No, by using a language that's significantly more amenable to modern tooling (e.g. not a pain in the arse to parse) and has learnt from the mistakes of its predecessors. Read through the language design overview to get a better idea of what it does.

  • Odin

    Odin Programming Language

    There are some Go alternative languages such as Vlang and Odin. So there are options to transition to and/or contribute as a developer on.

  • SonarLint

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  • Rustler

    Safe Rust bridge for creating Erlang NIF functions

    I love Erlang, but its strengths are concurrency and fault tolerance, not high performance compute. Unless you pair it with Rust of course ;)

  • autocxx

    Tool for safe ergonomic Rust/C++ interop driven from existing C++ headers

    Again, not really...? A lot of the proposed ABI changes (for C++ - I don't know what they're planning for Carbon) are trivial to automatically fix if you have source access. If you don't have source access, you "only" need to maintain the ABI at the boundaries between foreign code and your code, which is quite possible (especially after the success of autocxx and related projects in the Rust <-> C++ world)

  • zig

    General-purpose programming language and toolchain for maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software.

  • Killed by Google

    Part guillotine, part graveyard for Google's doomed apps, services, and hardware.


  • Beef

    Beef Programming Language (by beefytech)

  • Scout APM

    Truly a developer’s best friend. Scout APM is great for developers who want to find and fix performance issues in their applications. With Scout, we'll take care of the bugs so you can focus on building great things 🚀.

  • vala-www

    Website of the Vala programming language

    I know it's not quite what you're asking for, but check out Vala, which is effectively writing C in C#

  • go-is-not-good

    A curated list of articles complaining that go (golang) isn't good enough an entire repo dedicated to articles on the topic

  • Vale

    Compiler for the Vale programming language - (by ValeLang)

    Also check out Vale, It's another serious PL experimenting with new ideas

  • Tango-D2

    A port of the Tango library to D2

    The standard library split was about API design, not GC. D1 Phobos (the official standard library) had a C standard library style API, and Tango was more like Java. And because Tango was a class-based API, it used GC more heavily than Phobos did. The split was resolved in 2007 as D2 was under development, when the common runtime was split out from the standard library. A D2-compatible version of Tango is usable today, though most D programmers these days Phobos.

  • jakt

    The Jakt Programming Language

  • Cap'n Proto

    Cap'n Proto serialization/RPC system - core tools and C++ library

    Worth noting that the long-time maintainer of Protobuf eventually left Google and made Cap'n Proto. It doesn't get as much development time but you have much closer communication with the developer.

  • v

    Simple, fast, safe, compiled language for developing maintainable software. Compiles itself in <1s with zero library dependencies. Supports automatic C => V translation.

    Vlang, a Go alternative language, has had: generics, map, filter, and more for quite a long time (

  • v-mode

    🌻 An Emacs major mode for the V programming language.

    There are some Go alternative languages such as Vlang and Odin. So there are options to transition to and/or contribute as a developer on.


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