What is the "evilest" thing you ever done with Rust?

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  • stack_dst-rs

    Stack-allocated DSTs for rust (fixed capacity)

    For me it's the coolest and evilest - https://github.com/thepowersgang/stack_dst-rs/ A collection of data structures that store unsized types in an inline fixed-size buffer - with a single value, LIFO (list/Vec), and FIFO (stack) structures.

  • xkcd-386

    Someone is wrong on the internet

  • Scout APM

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  • summon

    A logic engine designed to give you things based on what you ask for (by vadixidav)

    I didn't write it, but there is https://github.com/vadixidav/summon it's.... glorious.

  • cargo-get

    A cargo subcommand to handle dependencies a-la go

    Also, I have this floating in my mind since then, but it's a shitload of work to do, and I am not ready to commit so deeply for this community.

  • rust-sinner

    Easy c̵̰͠r̵̛̠ö̴̪s̶̩̒s̵̭̀-t̶̲͝h̶̯̚r̵̺͐e̷̖̽ḁ̴̍d̶̖̔ ȓ̵͙ė̶͎ḟ̴͙e̸̖͛r̶̖͗ë̶̱́ṉ̵̒ĉ̷̥e̷͚̍ s̷̹͌h̷̲̉a̵̭͋r̷̫̊ḭ̵̊n̷̬͂g̵̦̃ f̶̻̊ơ̵̜ṟ̸̈́ R̵̞̋ù̵̺s̷̖̅ţ̸͗!̸̼͋

    Not mine but extremely cursed https://github.com/Eugeny/rust-sinner

  • encrypted-ref

    Encrypting references in Rust for stupid reasons.


  • metarust_demo

    Metarust, a proc macro that let's you do inline procedural codegen. Here's a demo generating all possible swizzle functions for an arbitrary length vector

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  • metarust

    metarust repo

  • crimes

    pointer crimes

    This is probably UB, but the rules are not set yet so I can do whatever I want https://github.com/Nilstrieb/crimes.

  • vechonk

    A Vec<T: ?Sized>

    There's also this one, a Vec that stored the items inline, pretty cursed https://github.com/Nilstrieb/vechonk.

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