Tiddlyhost is a free hosting platform for TiddlyWiki

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  • TiddlyWiki

    A self-contained JavaScript wiki for the browser, Node.js, AWS Lambda etc.

    Tiddlywiki is underrated for personal notetaking, I think. Like sqlite, it can come across as a toy, but the more you study it, the more possibilities emerge.

    I come from Emacs and have worked in Org Mode for years, but I use Tiddlywiki every day to manage my work and personal notes. One of the most notable aspects of Tiddlywiki is that its interface is built from tiddlers, so, as a user of the wiki, you have full access to customize not just themes and content of the wiki, but everything about how it works. In this way, it reminds me very much of Emacs: a toolkit from which you build a system that suits you.

    In addition, because it is self contained, it is not tied to today's software ecosystem. I can take a Tiddlywiki from years ago and open it on any machine with a browser...there's no install and no dependencies that might go stale. This takes the loqseq/Obsidian/Joplin philosophy of "I can take my notes with me to any system" and extends it to the system itself: "I can take my system to any computer, both now and later". I use Tiddlywiki to generate my website as well, but this requires using the npm module. Notably, even the npm module is dependency-free[0].

    Personal example: I found that I think in terms of logs: recurring meetings are kept as a log, my daily notes are kept as a log, and projects I work on are kept as a log. Even my TODO items are logs of my efforts and findings as a work through the task. To support this more seamlessly, I've built a log-centric extension to Tiddlywiki that allows me to turn any tiddler into a logging tiddler. It has a text box that I type into at the top of the tiddler, and every time I press Ctrl-Enter, a log entry is added to the body of that tiddler. Because this system uses tag-based aggregation, a log entry can belong to multiple logs (the day it happened, the project it was related to, the recurring meeting where the idea was mentioned, etc.)

    I don't think my system is for everyone, but that's kind of the point: Tiddlywiki is a system that allows you to build the system that suits you best.

    [0]: https://www.npmjs.com/package/tiddlywiki

  • TidGi-Desktop

    TidGi is an privatcy-in-mind, automated, auto-git-backup, freely-deployed Tiddlywiki knowledge management Desktop note app, with local REST API. 「 太记 」是一个基于「 太微 TiddlyWiki 」的知识管理桌面应用,能保护隐私内容、高级自动化、自动Git云备份、部署为博客,且可通过RESTAPI与Anki等应用连接。(迭代开发中欢迎试用,开发进度见下方链接)(Under active development, see website below for details)

    There will surely be more amazing things like tiddlyhost come to TW ecosystem in the next decade.

    Because it is fun creating thins around TiddlyWiki ecosystem, I've created things like

    - Desktop app https://github.com/tiddly-gittly/TidGi-Desktop

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support . Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

  • solid-tiddlywiki-syncadaptor

    Sync TiddlyWiki to SoLiD Server.

    - Sync to SoLiD web3 project https://github.com/linonetwo/solid-tiddlywiki-syncadaptor

    I really enjoy the TW community that offers help and encouragement, and playing opensource code here is even more fun than playing video games (I stop playing genshin impact and 2077 after I started the WYSIWYG project).

    Hope more people find it fun joining this community and ecosystem.

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