Will Rust-based data frame library Polars dethrone Pandas? We evaluate on 1M+ Stack Overflow questions

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  • polars

    Fast multi-threaded DataFrame library in Rust | Python | Node.js

    Concretely I'm still waiting to be able to use the fix to this issue I reported 20 days ago :). I like your crate that's why I'm bringing up this issue as it is frustrating to see the python version having the fix while I need to use workarounds till the next version is released.

  • db-benchmark

    reproducible benchmark of database-like ops

    We didn't conduct our own benchmarks for this post, but in this comparison from ~1 year ago, Polars emerged as the fastest https://h2oai.github.io/db-benchmark/

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  • crates.io

    Source code for crates.io

    However you cannot publish to crates.io, if any of your dependencies point to github. I don't think its too bad, because you as a rust use can always point to our master, until we issue a new release next month.

  • plotnine

    A grammar of graphics for Python

    The best one I've found is plotnine, which is just a reimplementation of the ggplot API.

  • jj

    A Git-compatible DVCS that is both simple and powerful

    That said, one alternative I've seen that is compatible with Git is JJ which looks interesting. And Pijul may have a chance.

  • explorer

    Series (one-dimensional) and dataframes (two-dimensional) for fast data exploration in Elixir (by elixir-nx)

    I've got to make a shameless plug for Explorer, which is a dataframe library for Elixir that builds on `polars`. It's not quite just bindings, as the idea is to have a functional, dplyr-esque API with pluggable backends (e.g. ExplorerSQL, ExplorerBallista). The main/default backend uses Elixir NIFs via Rustler to call polars.

  • VFSForGit

    Virtual File System for Git: Enable Git at Enterprise Scale

    Well, MS on the other hand created a fork/tool adding VFS support to Git: https://github.com/microsoft/VFSForGit and it seemed to have worked out for them. It is sort of a hack, but just shows that Git has had enough momentum to justify this hack, instead of going with some better suited alternative tools.

  • SonarQube

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  • roast

    🦋 Raku test suite

    For the Raku language, a data analytics module can help us be more useful to data scientist / programmers. Polars is a better option than Pandas. Why?

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