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  • Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support
  • Klotho - AWS Cloud-aware infrastructure-from-code toolbox [NEW]
  • Sonar - Write Clean JavaScript Code. Always.
  • InfluxDB - Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.
  • macrome

    The in-tree build system

    This is related to the goals I have for, except that my focus is on restoring forking potential for frontend development.

    I expect if forks become more abundant that the need for trust will be a major driver of merges.

  • awayto

    Awayto is a curated development platform, producing great value with minimal investment. With all the ways there are to reach a solution, it's important to understand the landscape of tools to use.

    I made a web application generation tool built on top of AWS. It deploys all the basics you need for a web application in the modern era (db, ui, api, users, groups, roles). -- Check out the video

    If you like making tools for developers, contractors, and the business world. Come check us out and join the discord!

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support . Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

  • quickjs-emscripten

    Javascript/Typescript bindings for QuickJS, a modern Javascript interpreter written in C by Fabrice Bellard.

    I want the web to be more end-user programmable. Web apps big and small should offer plugin extension mechanisms! Ideally plug-ins are frictionless to author, and powerful enough to build fun UIs. Today, only really big premier apps like Figma and Google Docs have this kind of feature.

    One problem is that it’s very difficult for an app to run arbitrary, untrusted user code in a way that’s secure and efficient, especially in the browser. Apps need to worry about XSS and unintended remote code execution, much less try adding those things as a feature.

    I started working on a Typescript/WebAssembly library around the QuickJS JavaScript runtime to address this need. QuickJS runs modern ES2020 and provides an API for the host process to set CPU and memory budgets for the execution environment. My work so far exposes a basic interface to create VMs, expose APIs from the host to the guest, and evaluate code.



    Areas of work:

    - Make the library importable as ES modules on the web without a Webpack build step.

    - Design higher-level but still security-conscious APIs for building plugin systems on top of the existing library.

    - Expose more QuickJS C APIs to library users.

    - Performance or ergonomic improvements.

    If you share any of these goals or would like to help out, please drop me a line.

  • rsyscall

    Process-independent interface to Linux system calls

    Can you say what left you confused?

    I'm surprised, I thought is pretty self-contained and self-explanatory (if unclear on what exactly rsyscall is useful for), and I thought is quite detailed (perhaps excessively so).

  • Yacy

    Distributed Peer-to-Peer Web Search Engine and Intranet Search Appliance

    YaCy [1] already exists, but I've never tried it. I've been wanting to set it up (locally at first, not participating in the decentralized network, unless I really like it) to crawl only sites I choose to add to the list – I was thinking perhaps just blogs and documentation that I like, along with anything I bookmark.

    That being said, I think YaCy looks dated, the website has several typos, and I get the impression that not many people are still active in the network. I feel that a new project with similar technology in a "hotter" language (just for popularity's sake) could get a lot more traction.


  • bangle-io

    A web only WYSIWYG note taking app that saves notes locally in markdown format.

    Hey I am working on a opensource web based note taking tool called [0]. This is a pretty crowded space with new tools showing up every other day. tries to stand out by providing allowing users to own their data and not locking them to a cloud provider. I also have plans to add extensions and the ability for multiplayer collaboration in the future. If this spikes your interest please find me at [1].


  • platelet

    Dispatch system for emergency volunteer couriers.

    I'm working on a project to develop a dispatch system for volunteer emergency couriers, aka blood bikes. They deliver samples, blood, donated breast milk and equipment between hospitals around the UK, as well as supply blood to air ambulances.

    The app is meant to replace a system of pen, paper and spreadsheets that the service is mostly being run on. I've been working directly with the charities for it to best suit their needs.

    It uses React, JavaSript, Material UI, Jest, Redux and React Testing Library. Eventually I'd like to develop a React Native mobile app too.

    There are some details on the issues page about some of the work that still needs to be done.

    I have a Discord too although it's a little quiet -

    I'd be glad to hear from anyone who feels like they'd want to contribute. If you have any questions, feel free to ping me (Ducky) on Discord.

  • Klotho

    AWS Cloud-aware infrastructure-from-code toolbox [NEW]. Build cloud backends with Infrastructure-from-Code (IfC), a revolutionary technique for generating and updating cloud infrastructure. Try IfC with AWS and Klotho now (Now open-source)

  • adama-lang

    A programming language for board games powered by the JVM. It is a data-centric programming language which enables building tiny persistent game servers which radically reduce engineering and operational costs for board games.

    I'm working on which started as a programming language for board games, and it is turning into a reactive privacy-focused data store for Jamstack.

    I hope to launch in coming month an "Early Access" edition.

    While I do intend to turn this into a business, I'm primarily focusing on small projects to amuse myself. I'm going to break every rule in the business with my LLC. The #1 company value is sleep.

  • futurecoder

    100% free and interactive Python course for beginners

    Not my project

    futurecoder: 100% free and interactive Python course for beginners

    Issues page has plenty of help wanted tags (course content, frontend design, marketing, etc):

  • web_app_from_scratch

    One script for every web framework which sets up a minimal web app with routing, templates and users.

    I am building an open source web framework comparison.

    The idea is to put together a project that gives an overview of how to set up a minimal viable web application from scratch via all the different frameworks.

    For each framework the project features a self explanatory shell script. So there is no ambiguity of how to reproduce the results. And it is even possible to just copy&paste the steps into a docker container and see the framework in action.

    The shell script for each repo starts from scratch and builds a web app with routing, templates and user accounts.

    Here is the repo:

    So if you want to compare how do you use a template, you can look at the "Let's use templates" part and have a quick overview of how it is done in Django, Laravel, Flask, Symfony, NextJS...

    So far, I wrote the beginning of the Django script and two developers contributed Laravel and Symfony scripts. So far we have routing and templates. All three still need user accounts.

    If you are experienced in a web framework, feel free to add to one of the scripts or a new one and send a pull request!

  • SnapKit

    A Java UI toolkit (by reportmill)


  • cdn

    I'm building a live video cdn backed by a kademlia dht (the BitTorrent one).

    No major benefit of using a dht except it's kinda cool that the entire thing runs sans centralized database.

    If you're interested, the space is what my startup is working on but the cdn specifically is mostly a fun tangent to learn about kademlia for me.

  • camera-preview

    Capacitor plugin that allows camera interaction from HTML code

    I recently took over maintaining because lots of people find embedding a camera in their apps useful and it hadn't been updated for ages.

    I'm not a Swift programmer, or Kotlin, and haven't touched Java in a decade. I would love to collaborate with people on this project. I can offer lots of enthusiasm, I'll handle all the user-facing stuff and managing GitHub issues and support requests, project admin and writing documentation :)

    There is much to do and I've plenty of ideas, but not got the coding skills to know where to start.

  • the-bootstrap-approach

    Python library and tooling for modeling the performance of light aircraft 🛩️🏔.

    I'm an instrument-rated pilot. I'm working on a Python library to model aircraft performance with just a few numbers specific to your airplane (e.g., the drag coefficient, and some measurements). I used performance data generated by the library to fly across the entire United States at altitudes and with efficiency beyond the POH.

    Seeking other pilot-programmer-contributors:

  • relevant_xkcd

    A reccomender engine for relavent xkcd comics

    TL;DR--an automatic xkcd recommendation bot. [1]

    "Relevant xkcd" is a meme that's been a part of online communities for as soon as the comic had gained notoriety on online communities. [2] I wanted to build a bot to see how true that was. I've got a lot of the hard parts completed, sitting in my TODO box for quite some time and would love to pair up with a collaborator to get it across the finish line.

    The idea is an automatic xkcd recommendation bot that takes advantage of the latest and greatest in NLP advances (a fine-tuned hugging face model). [3] I've already got the training data (reddit comments that mention "relevant xkcd") and each individual xkcd's notes from the xkcd wiki. [4, 5]

    Feel free to reach out to me via email (in my bio).






  • congol

    Conway's game of life for 2 players

    I'm working on a website where you can play a 2-player version of Conway's Game of Life.

    I could use someone to help out and keep me motivated.

  • codespan

    Beautiful diagnostic reporting for text-based programming languages.

    Working in a GENERAL relational language (ie: not just a query one, like SQL, but general to make full apps, like python/delphi/c# + linq):

    that is my attempt to resurrect the spirit of the FoxPro/dbase kind of tools.

    Is on Rust, and is also my way to sharp my skills on it.

    Now, I'm in the process of improve the parsing to be robust like in Rust, so i can show good error messages:

    and also, hopefully, implement a solid type inference that work fine with the challenge of infer joins like "customer CROSS JOIN address".


    The idea, long-term, is create a tool alike MS Access/FoxPro+Excel that I think could be great for a lot of companies (that are using stuff like "BigData" tools -like hadoop- when them are struggling with more fundamental issues!) and improve the condition of make business apps/analysis.

    I already hear some interest when the vision is described in full, and I certain any company that use Excel/Access to deal with data and/or make business apps is anemically served by it.

    The alternatives now are only for the cloud, and I instead wanna a local-first/on-premise offering...

  • TablaM

    The practical relational programing language for data-oriented applications

    Working in a GENERAL relational language (ie: not just a query one, like SQL, but general to make full apps, like python/delphi/c# + linq):

    that is my attempt to resurrect the spirit of the FoxPro/dbase kind of tools.

    Is on Rust, and is also my way to sharp my skills on it.

    Now, I'm in the process of improve the parsing to be robust like in Rust, so i can show good error messages:

    and also, hopefully, implement a solid type inference that work fine with the challenge of infer joins like "customer CROSS JOIN address".


    The idea, long-term, is create a tool alike MS Access/FoxPro+Excel that I think could be great for a lot of companies (that are using stuff like "BigData" tools -like hadoop- when them are struggling with more fundamental issues!) and improve the condition of make business apps/analysis.

    I already hear some interest when the vision is described in full, and I certain any company that use Excel/Access to deal with data and/or make business apps is anemically served by it.

    The alternatives now are only for the cloud, and I instead wanna a local-first/on-premise offering...

  • aurora

    A FHIR Written in TypeScript and NodeJs. Running on Express server (by rukshn)

    I'm writing a FHIR server in NodeJS. The currently widely used FHIR server is a JAVA based monolith called HAPI FHIR.

    I haven't seen many alternatives to FHIR server other than HAPI FHIR. It's a super challenging project and I'm not even sure I can pull it off.

    Feel free to collaborate -

  • nap

    Nap is a FAST, file-based framework for creating and running integration tests over HTTP. (by davesheldon)

    I'm working on Nap[1], a fast, file-based framework for defining and running HTTP integration tests via the CLI.

    The ultimate goal is to embed Nap into the SDLC--tests that are defined during development and then run during CI/CD. I'm closing in on a V1 release of the CLI tool, at which point I'll be looking to start expanding on the feature-set and add a UI.

    I could use contributors who are comfortable building something Postman-esque as e.g. a VSCode plugin that could take advantage of the file-based nature of my project and make it more approachable for the masses.


  • quantragrpc

    If someone is interested I am trying to build a distributed engine based on QuantLib.

    QuantLib is an opensource quantitative finance library implemented in C++. I think it would be useful and to me the main goal now would be to know use cases to implement them, mostly what type of financial products would people like to have, in case there are any.

    It is implemented in C++, gRPC and Flatbuffers

  • ubikom

    Free, secure communications for everyone, powered by decentralized private identity.

    I'm working on, end-to-end encrypted email service based on the concept of self-sovereign identity. Basically, you keep the encryption key, and all your messages are encrypted, on the wire or at rest. The core platform is open-source, the code is available here:

    Billions of users use GMail (or similar services). These companies are making money by selling ads, and their "free" email service is just another way to improve ad targeting. Furthermore, your account can be disabled at any time and for any reason. Sure, you can switch to Protonmail, Tutanota, etc. because they are "good" companies. But why do you have to trust to any of them? Keep your encryption key, and have communication providers move around encrypted bytes on your behalf. Store your identity on a blockchain (maybe), so that no one can take it away.

    That's the idea. If you'd like to work on something like this, get in touch. lgx (at)

  • fhir-works-on-aws-deployment

    A serverless implementation of the FHIR standard that enables users to focus more on their business needs/uniqueness rather than the FHIR specification

    Checkout this TS implementation for inspiration:

  • meshitup

    Where can the world collaborate on a DIY 802.11ax mesh implementation? Lets start here!

    On the current place to collaborate, there's actually nothing. And at your suggestion, here's where collaboration can start: Empty repositories are all opportunity. PRs welcome!

  • chessmadra-frontend

    I'm interested in collaborating with someone for my side project . There's no money in it, as I haven't monetized it and don't plan to, but if you're interested in chess, have ideas for training tools, have some design skills, any of the above, let me know, would love to collaborate. Also open a mentoring sort of thing, if anyone wants to get some exp w/ React or Rust, as that's what it's built in.

  • inet256

    Identity Based Network API with 256-Bit Addresses

    I'm working on INET256, a 256 bit network address space for easily and securely connecting applications.

    - The API is focused around sending and receiving messages to addresses derived from public keys.

    - Each application can have its own stable address.

    - Runs as a daemon process which is configured with peering information. Additional network nodes can be spawned through the API.

    - Can easily support arbitrary routing algorithms through a well defined interface.

    - A TUN device (similar to CJDNS or Yggdrasil) is included as a separate application. (The IP6 Portal)

  • http-add-on

    Add-on for KEDA to scale HTTP workloads

    I am a core maintainer on the KEDA HTTP Addon project ( It's 100% written in Go and we are a small group looking for additional contributors. I believe there are interesting challenges ahead of us that will be enjoyable to solve.

    If you're interested, please reach out. My username here is the same as my username on the Gophers and Kubernetes slack groups.

    (You're of course welcome to just go pick up an issue in the repo if you'd prefer)

  • coughdrop

    Open source web-based AAC app

    You might also want to look at other apps that use the OpenBoardFormat:

    I contribute to Optikey and was involved in OpenVoiceFactory in its first incarnation. Optikey is primarily QWERTY based but does supported the Communikate pagesets - more general OBF support would be a welcome PR! Coughdrop is probably a better fit for your needs, and is open source so free to self-host, though they do offer hosted plans for $.

  • NotNot

    A baby of a C# ECS Framework

    I am making a C# (net6) game engine. Features very similar to unity ecs, and that works.

    But I don't have much of anything else implemented yet. graphics are crude, and no other systems.

    if you are interested in checking it out:

  • DS4Windows

    A reimagination of DS4Windows. (by CircumSpector)

    A couple of FOSS enthusiasts and myself have taken over the decade old game controller remapping tool DS4Windows ( with the goal to rewrite major parts using latest dotnet patterns and technologies. There's still months worth of work left but despite being an ambitious task, it's quite doable and fun figuring out your way around someone else's massive code base. Join us if you like!

  • DevUtils-app

    All-in-one Toolbox for Developers. Native macOS app.

    This is a neat idea. I am always googling for formatters and such.

    Have you seen

  • django-rest-framework-gis

    Geographic add-ons for Django REST Framework. Maintained by the OpenWISP Project.

    OpenWRT is missing a big piece of the puzzle: configuration management and the ability to work with a "controller". OpenWRT is currently great at running stand-alone but has essentially zero support for being part of a "fleet" of devices managed centrally.

    This means something as simple as changing the network name or password requires changing it on every single access point manually, and even worse if your mesh system relies on sharing frequently-changing state between devices.

    OpenWISP tries to address this problem: - I suggest you check it out and solve the configuration management problem first.

    The actual "mesh" part is actually relatively easy. Most commercial systems use basic Linux networking tools, HostAPd (sometimes with custom improvements, but this all ends up upstreamed or reimplemented upstream given enough time) and custom glue code to tie them together. A "mesh" system is typically a user-facing network being broadcast by all APs (with shared settings such as name and password) and an invisible, "backhaul" network each AP hosts (either on a separate interface or on the same interface as the AP - I believe some wireless cards can act both as AP and station as long as the channel is the same) and the other in the path connects to, and the glue code handles configuring all of that. 802.11s is also an option that can be used, and I'm pretty sure all of this is already possible to configure manually in Linux - what's lacking is the "glue code" to set up & manage all of this automatically.

  • hello-express

    A simple Node app built on Express, instantly up and running.

  • go-littr

    Link aggregator inspired by (old)reddit using ActivityPub federation.

    I started a go project to create a link aggregator similar to HN and old reddit, but built on top of ActivityPub.

    It's targeted at small to medium communities, but at the same time it can reach outward through the federation mechanism that ActivityPub provides. Outside of immediate support to intercommunicate with other instances of its own platform, it will handle interactions from the larger fediverse at large: Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed, etc.

    Currently this is a one man project, namely me, and I would welcome support in any area that people could help: development, design, documentation, graphics, copy, etc.

    The project can be found at, and if anyone is interested there is a mailing list where people can get in touch:

    Some details about the project can be found on its wiki:

  • rayex

    Raylib binds to elixir for games programming

    I'm building a open source Raylib's binding for Elixir, to be the base of 2D/3D games in elixir (yes, I know that elixir is not the best language for that, but its something that would be cool to do on Erlang regardless)


    The project's architecture is already ready to use, it just needs more functions implemented from Raylib and I need to figure out how to make it work on MacOS (see issue #7)

  • chem

    I'm working on computational chemistry, with the very long-term (decades) goal of designing molecules (proteins/enzymes) for things like artificial photosynthesis and molecular computing (chips still rely on the bulk properties of semiconductors; for miniaturization to continue, at some point it will become necessary to design molecules to function as logic and interconnect).


  • cookiecutter

    A cross-platform command-line utility that creates projects from cookiecutters (project templates), e.g. Python package projects, C projects.

    I'd suggest keeping the project templates in Cookiecutter-style repos ( instead of embedding them as heredocs in a shall script.

  • DK86PC

    A WIP Intel 8086 and IBM PC 5150 emulator.

    I'm building an IBM 5150 emulator. Most of it is therefore an 8086 (technically 8088 but no difference for this) emulator. I have it successfully booting the BIOS and running BASIC in ROM (Casette BASIC). I'd like to boot DOS. I could use help with the disk support chips (everything is low level emulation right now) and more CGA graphics modes. It's just a hobby project—I'm not looking to make it performant, just working.

    It's written in poor C++ with SDL.

  • Benthos

    Fancy stream processing made operationally mundane

    Benthos the streaming processor could use more contributors. It's written 100% in Go and it's a single static binary.

  • builder

    Multiplayer game framework (by hathora)

    I've been working on a multiplayer game framework ( and would love to collaborate with anyone who wants to make building multiplayer games easier!

  • drumkit

    Browser based drumkit

    I'm building a percussion PWA at The main idea is to create a simple mobile-based app that can be used in live jamming situations (eg by plugging the mobile audio jack into a mixer). It's working well but I need help on the UX / graphics / branding side, so I would appreciate to hear from app designers. Thanks!

  • Sonar

    Write Clean JavaScript Code. Always.. Sonar helps you commit clean code every time. With over 300 unique rules to find JavaScript bugs, code smells & vulnerabilities, Sonar finds the issues while you focus on the work.

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