November 2021 monthly "What are you working on?" thread

This page summarizes the projects mentioned and recommended in the original post on /r/ProgrammingLanguages

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  • Cwerg

    A light-weight compiler for a low level language with a reusable backend

    My compiler backend, Cwerg, now has a fairly usable WASM / WASI frontend which means that many WASM programs can be compiled directly to static Aarch64 ELF executables. The weak-point is support for the various WASI APIs. The Arm32 target works as long you avoid 64bit ints.

  • aussieplusplus

    Programming language from down under

    If you're looking for a good laugh, I'm working on my Australian programming language written in Rust.

  • InfluxDB

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  • xvm

    Ecstasy and XVM

    Current Ecstasy projects:

  • star

    An experimental programming language that's made to be powerful, productive, and predictable (by ALANVF)

    Making lots of progress on Star's typechecker, which has been very difficult due to its expansive type system. Although still not completely finished or useable, it does at least work a bit. Currently need to implement type variable expansion/substitution, "lazy" type refinement (because I have no clue what else to call it), and some basic support for existentials

  • Generic-C-DataStructures

    A repository for code I wrote while learning to implement generic data structures in C

    Started making a generic data structures library in C for subsequently using them to implement a basic Scheme interpreter. link

  • RustScript2

    RustScript is a functional scripting language with as much relation to Rust as Javascript has to Java.

    I'm working on Of course you can tell from the name it's a bit of a joke but I started writing it just to learn OCaml but I made so much progress so quickly and soon I'll implement a few web server builtins so I can rewrite my personal website in it.

  • The-Spiral-Language

    Functional language with intensional polymorphism and first-class staging.

    Right now I am quite pissed off at my old path. I made the Spiral language. I spent years working on it, and studying ML alongside only for ML itself to turn out completely useless. Something as simple as making a decent agent is out of reach without a computing cluster, and all ML 'advancements' are really domain specific tradeoffs whose only purpose is to look good on paper. Keeping up with ML papers is a waste of time. Over the past years I've been switching between being bullish and bearish on backprop, but I think this time I am going to put my foot down and just stay out of ML until neuroscience guys figure out how the brain is actually doing its magic.

  • Sonar

    Write Clean Python Code. Always.. Sonar helps you commit clean code every time. With over 225 unique rules to find Python bugs, code smells & vulnerabilities, Sonar finds the issues while you focus on the work.

  • tonic

    An elegant language for script-kiddies and terminal squatters. (by ryangjchandler)

    I'm getting ready for Advent of Code. Hoping to have it ready to complete all challenges.

  • lockdown

    Lockdown is a general-purpose programming language that combines the positive characteristics of both "strongly-typed" and "dynamic" languages, giving the developer the choice about when and how these should be used.

    I've been working on my language lockdown, which runs on top of Python. It allows you to:

  • skybison

    A fork of Instagram's experimental performance oriented greenfield implementation of Python. It features small objects; a moving GC; hidden classes; bytecode inline caching; type-specialized bytecode; an experimental template JIT. (by tekknolagi)

    I am, in fits and starts, writing a bytecode optimizer for Skybison that takes advantage of type information.

  • cinder

    Cinder is Meta's internal performance-oriented production version of CPython. (by facebookincubator)

    I also am working on adding a function inliner to Cinder for my day job.

  • protea

    An in-progress programming language inspired by JavaScript.

    I've been working on the grammar for my language Protea for a little over four months now. I aim for it to be used to build cross-platform full-stack applications, perhaps using existing JavaScript, Rust and Python libraries.

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