Monthly Hask Anything (October 2021)

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  • haskell-lox

  • dependent-map

    Dependently-typed finite maps (partial dependent products)

    Are there any clever ways to abstract the reallyUnsafePtrEquality traversal trick (as found e.g. here). Integrating it into something like uniplate was the only real idea I had, but I'm sure the overhead there would more than negate the saved allocations.


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  • haskell-platform

    Distribution of Haskell with batteries included

    Why does the haskell platform ( ) require it in order to install the IDE?

  • nixpkgs

    Nix Packages collection & NixOS

  • Hasklig

    Hasklig - a code font with monospaced ligatures

    self: super: { hasklig = self.callPackage ({ lib, fetchzip }: let version = "1.2"; in fetchzip { name = "hasklig-${version}"; url = "${version}/Hasklig-${version}.zip"; postFetch = '' unzip $downloadedFile install -m444 -Dt $out/share/fonts/opentype OTF/*.otf ''; sha256 = "sha256-8lY1m0P1qQIbR4e7kX68jVoKZmEfPWNwK3AFLoaBEak="; meta = with lib; { homepage = ""; description = "A font with ligatures for Haskell code based off Source Code Pro"; license = licenses.ofl; platforms = platforms.all; maintainers = with maintainers; [ davidrusu Profpatsch ]; }; }) {}; }

  • zeal

    Offline documentation browser inspired by Dash

    I like to use the Zeal documentation browser:

  • data-category

    Library of categories, with categorical constructions on them

    Even a fairly simple statement like "F preserves direct limits over N" is basically impossible to express like this. You can step further from Hask and work at the type level until the very end (which I believe is the approach taken by data-category), you can resign yourself to only expressing things that can be "defunctionalized" (an appropriate use of the term, I think, if not a correct one) down to Haskell functions, which gets you (Co)Yoneda, Lan, Ran, etc. in the general case and I think Traversable in this particular instance, or you can take some intermediate approach with constrained functions and/or explicit witnesses in your data types, but you can't make proper category theory "just work" the way it should.

  • InfluxDB

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