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  • home-ops

    A mono repository for my home infrastructure and Kubernetes cluster which adheres to Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and GitOps practices where possible

    Great list. One thing I want to reinforce is that the leading edge engineers of the world are only just starting to surface wide-scale, acceptable, happy practices for running systems/software. It's only in the past couple years that "build a cluster of raspberry pi's" has become a "legible"/comprehensible pitch, something that makes a light bulb go off over people's heads. A couple years ago we wouldn't really have known what to think, what that would be good for.

    But now we have the shared language, the operational tools (& culture) to imagine clusters of computing resources coming together, reinforcing & helping one another, providing reliability & stable known operating environments for a vast variety of "easy" to launch workloads. To the point that a hobbyist can bring up a pi cluster mini-data-center in less than a weekend. That's draw dropping amazing, & a colossal demonstration of how much mastery we've achieved over such a wide wide set of concerns. 5 years ago we didn't even have the shared language to express the goal/desire, the cloud was abstract, but now it's real & something we can do for $120 and a couple hours. And we'll only get better. We're only really just getting started with this inertia, only just started bringing a lot of big ideas into the commons. While the primary drivers are big & medium entities doing ops, this is a huge foothold for the home, for the hobbyist to get going with, to make running software simple but not too simple, to have a platform that scales from very low & easy to very big & fancy. There's a lot of epic & amazing home-cloud stuff going on, & this is all so new, & very technical, but over time I expect a lot of paths to be paved, a lot of lessons learned, and the amazing ultra-leading-edge works like onedr0p's homecloud[1] to spring into bloom & to seed new efforts. Having a rich, high-potential ecosystem that computing & the computing community can build atop of & get good & get more elegant with is a precondition for any other part of computing succeeding. Without good ops, personal computing can go nowhere, and we are so so so much better gathered & doing so much better than we were even half a decade ago.

    Once our own computing becomes possible, the spread of p2p & distributed systems might start. Even that doesn't seem ultra-necessary to me. I believe the mediums we have are enormously powerful, enormously flexible, and incredibly distributed if put to use for those ends. Specs like ActivityPub and ActivityStreams can remake how almost all software works, can provide the fabric of connectivity that makes connected networked systems so compelling, so interesting to participate in, without the top-down-control, with self-determinism & agency & genuine ownership of data. That we can have amazing new online vantage points for these wide & diverse feeds of information when we harken to protocols & feeds.

    Still missing right now, mobile/low power systems are still trapped in the old world: the most important device we own, our phones, can not participate in the new dawning better-ops cross-system-ops galaxy we are breathing life into. Unlocking mobile from the confines of narrow consumerdom is a long battle, and I mostly hope the overwhelming brilliance of self-hosting Linux makes Linux on the phone too compelling to allow these consumer,


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