.NET MAUI: .NET Multi-Platform App UI

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  • GitHub repo Introducing .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI)

    .NET MAUI is the .NET Multi-platform App UI, a framework for building native device applications spanning mobile, tablet, and desktop.

    Will .NET MAUI allow deployment of one code base across iPhone, Android, Windows Desktop, macOS Desktop and Linux?

    Yes, checkout this chart in the README to see the supported platforms.


  • GitHub repo Avalonia

    A cross platform XAML framework for .NET

    Lately I've been using AvaloniaUI ( https://github.com/AvaloniaUI/Avalonia ) for all new projects. For most intents and purposes it is much easier to make single UI codebase work across platforms when behavior and look of components does not depend on quirks of native controls.

  • Scout APM

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  • GitHub repo Uno Platform

    Build Mobile, Desktop and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML. Today. Open source and professionally supported.

  • GitHub repo forms-gtk-progress

    Xamarin.Forms GTK Backend Progress

    How likely will it be that F# is supported out of the box?

    I understand that this is a push for mobile but hopefully a linux support will be considered.


  • GitHub repo ASP.NET Core

    ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform .NET framework for building modern cloud-based web applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

    FWIW, I'm in the same bucket and I'm leaning toward Blazor. There's a big push in .NET 6 to deliver "Blazor Desktop", which is essentially more native wrappers around Blazor Server: https://github.com/dotnet/aspnetcore/issues/27217

    Might not fit your needs (it is bringing web technology to native apps, much like Electron) but I think it has more of a future than XAML/MAUI. And the underlying technologies (Razor, Blazor Server) have been around for a while so you can get started now even if all the pieces aren't quite there.

  • GitHub repo Comet

    Comet is an MVU UIToolkit written in C#

    You can try to use Comet [1] today if you don't want to wait for MAUI

    [1] - https://github.com/dotnet/Comet

  • GitHub repo net6-mobile-samples

    .NET 6 preview samples. Not for production use. The main branch tracks the current preview release, and develop tracks the upcoming preview.

  • SonarLint

    Deliver Cleaner and Safer Code - Right in Your IDE of Choice!. SonarLint is a free and open source IDE extension that identifies and catches bugs and vulnerabilities as you code, directly in the IDE. Install from your favorite IDE marketplace today.

  • GitHub repo hydro-sdk

    Author Flutter experiences in Typescript. No native bridge, no V8. Just Dart. From runtime to virtual machine.

  • GitHub repo core

    Home repository for .NET Core


    And it does not specifically require any paid extended support contract from Microsoft to actually install and run.

  • GitHub repo xamarin-forms-samples

    Sample apps built using the Xamarin.Forms framework

    > Plus you can't share UI code between Android and iOS. You still need to build the UI's natively with no code reuse.

    Utterly false - Xamarin Forms is totally cross-platform UI; you're probably mistaking it for Xamarin Native, which is used as a target renderer for each platform. Look at this sample project: https://github.com/xamarin/xamarin-forms-samples/tree/master...

    The .iOS and .Android project folders target each platform respectively, with a single project shared between them that defines UI that is rendered onto each platform. You claim to have experience with using it, but obviously haven't done anything even as simple as a HelloWorld.

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