MacOS Development workspace 2021

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  • SonarQube - Static code analysis for 29 languages.
  • OPS - Build and Run Open Source Unikernels
  • Scout APM - Less time debugging, more time building
  • GitHub repo ohmyzsh

    🙃 A delightful community-driven (with 2,000+ contributors) framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 300+ optional plugins (rails, git, macOS, hub, docker, homebrew, node, php, python, etc), 140+ themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.

    Oh-my-zsh provides too many useful plugins, we are going to install a few of them.

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    Setup dotfiles for Mac OS (by kmiloflorez2)

    I have created a repository on GitHub to store the dotfiles and the installation script in case anyone wants to go straight to use it, I recommend to read the guide before though.

  • SonarQube

    Static code analysis for 29 languages.. Your projects are multi-language. So is SonarQube analysis. Find Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, and Code Smells so you can release quality code every time. Get started analyzing your projects today for free.

  • GitHub repo Homebrew-cask

    🍻 A CLI workflow for the administration of macOS applications distributed as binaries

    homebrew/cask brings simplicity, and speed to the installation and management of GUI macOS applications such as Atom and Google Chrome.

  • GitHub repo homebrew-cask-fonts

    🖋 Casks of F🅾𝓝𝐓𝚂

    homebrew/cask-fonts As we can imagin it contains free distributed fonts

  • GitHub repo exa

    A modern replacement for ‘ls’.

    exa: It's an alternative to the default listing command ls.

  • GitHub repo bat

    A cat(1) clone with wings.

    bat: A cat clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration.

  • GitHub repo bottom

    Yet another cross-platform graphical process/system monitor.

    clementtsang/bottom/bottom: A graphical process/system monitor with a customizable interface and a multitude of features.

  • OPS

    OPS - Build and Run Open Source Unikernels. Quickly and easily build and deploy open source unikernels in tens of seconds. Deploy in any language to any cloud.

  • GitHub repo jid

    json incremental digger

    jid: An utility to view and interact JSON content with a terminal.

  • GitHub repo hyperfine

    A command-line benchmarking tool

    hiperfine: A command-line benchmarking tool.

  • GitHub repo autojump

    A cd command that learns - easily navigate directories from the command line

    autojump: A faster way to navigate your filesystem

  • GitHub repo thefuck

    Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command.

    thefuck: It's an app able to correct errors in previous console commands.

  • GitHub repo stats

    macOS system monitor in your menu bar

    stats: A pretty macOS system monitor in the menu bar, includes CPU, Memory, disk, network, fans.

  • GitHub repo pixel-picker

    A tiny menu bar application that helps you pick colours from your screen! 🔍✨

    pixel-picker: A tool in the menu bar that allows us to obtain the color of any pixel with different color formats.

  • GitHub repo kawa

    A macOS input source switcher with user-defined shortcuts.

    kawa: A macOS input source switcher with user-defined shortcuts.

  • GitHub repo youtube-dl

    Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites

    youtube-dl: A command-line program to download videos from YouTube and other sites.

  • GitHub repo zsh-autosuggestions

    Fish-like autosuggestions for zsh

    ### Install zsh-autosuggestions git clone --depth=1 ${ZSH_CUSTOM:-$HOME/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/plugins/zsh-autosuggestions ### Install zsh-syntax-highlighting git clone --depth=1 ${ZSH_CUSTOM:-$HOME/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/plugins/zsh-syntax-highlighting ### Install fzf git clone --depth 1 ~/.fzf ~/.fzf/install ### Install powerlevel10k theme git clone --depth=1 ${ZSH_CUSTOM:-$HOME/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/themes/powerlevel10k

  • GitHub repo CPython

    The Python programming language

    golang, python, python3: Programming languages.

  • GitHub repo tldr

    📚 Collaborative cheatsheets for console commands

    tldr: It's an option to get the the command options and practical examples.

  • GitHub repo SDKMan

    The SDKMAN! Command Line Interface


  • GitHub repo nvm

    Node Version Manager - POSIX-compliant bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions


  • GitHub repo neovim

    Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

    nvim: It's an alternative vim-based editor with lots of plugins and programming languages supported.

  • GitHub repo dev-setup

    macOS development environment setup: Easy-to-understand instructions with automated setup scripts for developer tools like Vim, Sublime Text, Bash, iTerm, Python data analysis, Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, AWS, Heroku, JavaScript web development, Android development, common data stores, and dev-based OS X defaults.

    donnemartin - dev setup

  • GitHub repo awesome-mac

     Now we have become very big, Different from the original idea. Collect premium software in various categories.

    Awesome Mac

  • GitHub repo iTerm2

    iTerm2 is a terminal emulator for Mac OS X that does amazing things.

    iterm2: An alternative to the default terminal app brings an amazing performance and customization.

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    :penguin: Simple, fast, productivity-increaser dotfiles (by rgomezcasas)

    rgomezcasas - dotfiles

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    💻 macOS / Ubuntu dotfiles (by alrra)

    alrra - dotfiles

  • GitHub repo insomnia

    The open-source, cross-platform API client for GraphQL, REST, and gRPC.

    insomnia: An alternative to postman for design and test apis.

  • GitHub repo httpie

    As easy as /aitch-tee-tee-pie/ 🥧 Modern, user-friendly command-line HTTP client for the API era. JSON support, colors, sessions, downloads, plugins & more.

    httpie: It's a user-friendly command-line HTTP client, it comes with JSON support, syntax highlighting, persistent sessions, wget-like downloads, plugins, and more.

  • GitHub repo Pocket

    Headless iOS/Mac SDK for saving stuff to Pocket.

    Pocket: App to save content to check later.

  • GitHub repo calibre

    The official source code repository for the calibre ebook manager

    calibre: It's an open source e-book manager.

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