⚡️Serverless Frameworks for 2023

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  • SurveyJS - Extensible JavaScript Form Builder Libraries
  • Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support
  • InfluxDB - Access the most powerful time series database as a service
  • serverless-frameworks-comparison

    Serverless frameworks comparison example apps

    ℹ️ tl;dr: If you want to skip ahead and just compare the structure and configuration for each project, including the code for the actual Lambda functions, you can find them all here.

  • terraform

    Terraform enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve infrastructure. It is an open source tool that codifies APIs into declarative configuration files that can be shared amongst team members, treated as code, edited, reviewed, and versioned.

    Terraform is a widely used Infrastructure-as-Code tool with open-source modules available for virtually any API, including AWS. In contrast to all previously discussed tools, Terraform does not produce and deploy CloudFormation. Instead, it talks directly to the AWS API and keeps track of its state on its own.

  • SurveyJS

    Extensible JavaScript Form Builder Libraries. SurveyJS is a set of four fully customizable JS libraries that allow you to create, easily modify, and run multiple web forms in any web app, while retaining all sensitive data on your own servers.

  • serverless-graphql

    Serverless GraphQL Examples for AWS AppSync and Apollo

    Serverless Framework is an open-source tool built specifically to simplify building serverless apps. While it does support other clouds, such as Azure and Google Cloud, AWS is definitely where the focus is. It's found a carefully balanced way of abstracting away “just enough” of the parts you may not care much about while allowing you the flexibility of CloudFormation when you need it. For a long time, Serverless Framework was the clear choice for many development teams.

  • Pulumi

    Pulumi - Universal Infrastructure as Code. Your Cloud, Your Language, Your Way 🚀

    Pulumi is another universal Infrastructure-as-Code tool, but instead of using a DSL, you can use Python, JavaScript, YAML, or other familiar programming- and markup languages. Like Terraform, Pulumi manages its own state instead of using CloudFormation.

  • sst

    💥 SST makes it easy to build full-stack serverless apps.

    SST is a batteries-included framework built on top of AWS CDK with a strong focus on developer experience. It includes high-level constructs for setting up common serverless resources, lets you build and deploy your frontend app in the same stack, and has a feature called Live Lambda that - hold on to your chai latte - lets you attach a debugger to a deployed Lambda function running in AWS.

  • serverless-application-model

    The AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) transform is a AWS CloudFormation macro that transforms SAM templates into CloudFormation templates.

    AWS's open-source take on a declarative framework specifically for deploying serverless applications is called AWS SAM, or Serverless Application Model. It had a slow start but has had an incredible cadence of pumping out features and quality-of-life additions in the last year or two and is now a very serious contender.

  • aws-cdk

    The AWS Cloud Development Kit is a framework for defining cloud infrastructure in code

    AWS CDK, Cloud Development Kit, is very different from our previous two candidates. It takes an imperative approach and lets you write your infrastructure code in the same language that you already use to write the rest of the application, and then synthesizes the code to CloudFormation to deploy it. A CDK app consists of building blocks called constructs, and these constructs can be shared and re-used. A perhaps unexpected aspect is that the nature of how you build your CDK apps makes it very easy to write actual unit tests for your infrastructure.

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support . Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

  • architect

    The simplest, most powerful way to build a functional web app (fwa)

    Architect is a heavily opinionated framework for building FWA's, Functional Web Apps. It uses AWS SAM under the hood but provides a layer on top with simplified abstractions that lets developers define and use AWS infrastructure without necessarily knowing what service is backing their "events" construct.

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