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  • swr

    React Hooks library for remote data fetching

    Latest mention: GraphQL Data Fetching with SWR React Hooks and Hasura | dev.to | 2020-12-14

    From SWR's github repo:

  • learn-anything

    Organize world's knowledge, explore connections and curate learning paths

    Latest mention: Ask HN: Show me your Half Baked project | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-01-09


    Currently can add and remove links (pinboard clone). But the big goal is more ambitious (https://docs.learn-anything.xyz/roadmap)

  • brain.js

    🤖 GPU accelerated Neural networks in JavaScript for Browsers and Node.js

    Latest mention: New to neural networks and need help saving trained state (brain.js) | reddit.com/r/neuralnetworks | 2021-01-12

    you can see the development in the project repository: https://github.com/BrainJS/brain.js

  • type-graphql

    Create GraphQL schema and resolvers with TypeScript, using classes and decorators!

  • mockoon

    Mockoon is the easiest and quickest way to run mock APIs locally. No remote deployment, no account required, open source.

    Latest mention: I received first-ever donation on my open-source side project and it felt great | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-01-12

    Still, I wish more companies would donate to support the massive amount of open-source software and libraries we all use every day. I understand that making a company pay for something free is a challenge. But come on, they can pay vast amount of money for getting support for open-source softwares, support they will probably never use... :)

    (Project on which I received donation: https://github.com/mockoon/mockoon)

  • rushstack

    Monorepo for tools developed by the Rush Stack community

    Latest mention: JavaScript Monorepo Implemented by Lerna with Yarn Workspaces and Git Submodules | dev.to | 2020-11-21

    I've also investigated the Rushstack a bit, another monorepo implementation from Microsoft. It works best with pnpm and has many conceptual differences from Lerna. For me the most significant is it doesn't encourage root package.json, and they have their ideas on husky and pre-commit git hooks. Moreover its configs are somehow complicated, should be suitable for LARGE monorepos, in things like even detailed file permissions, I think.

  • actionhero

    Actionhero is a realtime multi-transport nodejs API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks

    Latest mention: Handling and syncing types, docs and validation! | reddit.com/r/typescript | 2020-12-28

    1: for example - https://demo.actionherojs.com/swagger.html 2: https://github.com/actionhero/actionhero/pull/1671

  • wretch

    A tiny wrapper built around fetch with an intuitive syntax. :candy:

  • vendure

    A headless GraphQL ecommerce framework for the modern web

    Latest mention: Best headless CMS to sell art with Next? | reddit.com/r/webdev | 2021-01-14

    Hi! You might be interested to check out my project, Vendure (https://github.com/vendure-ecommerce/vendure). It's a headless graphql e-commerce framework written in TypeScript.

  • traduora

    Translation management platform for teams

  • pizzly

    The simplest, fastest way to integrate your app with an OAuth API 😋

  • gitbeaker

    🤖 GitLab API NodeJS library with full support of all the Gitlab API services.

    Latest mention: Monitor bundle size changes via GitLab CI? | reddit.com/r/gitlab | 2020-12-24

    Luckily there is also a javascript lib for the GitLab API. https://github.com/jdalrymple/gitbeaker#examples

  • notion-api-worker

    Notion as CMS with easy API access

    Latest mention: Vue ♥️ Notion – We made vue-notion: An unofficial Notion renderer | reddit.com/r/vuejs | 2020-12-22

    I went from https://github.com/janniks/vue-notion to https://github.com/splitbee/react-notion to https://github.com/splitbee/notion-api-worker. From the last one, it said I can host something myself and I find myself at https://workers.cloudflare.com/ and I still have no idea what Notion is heh.

  • opentelemetry-js

    OpenTelemetry JavaScript API and SDK

    Latest mention: A shallow dive into auto-instrumenting Node.js applications with Elastic APM | dev.to | 2020-12-07

    An even better option is auto-instrumentation, where the APM library automatically identifies the libraries you use and track the operations you do with them. This is how Elastic APM works. Honeycomb's Beeline, DataDog's dd-trace and the OpenTelemetry Node.js client also provide automatic instrumentation. Of course, "operations" don't only happen when you interact with other libraries, so these libraries still let you manually add spans.

  • amplication

    Create business applications, without coding. Build a fully functional Node.js server-side app with all your data models and a React client, in less than 5 minutes.

    Latest mention: How is a typical react app deployed nowadays? | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2021-01-15

    If you want something to autogenerate the API for you, look into Hasura and Amplication (https://github.com/amplication/amplication).

  • tensei

    🚀 The fastest and easiest way to build powerful and secure APIs

    Latest mention: The Ultimate Guide to JWT client side auth (Stop using local storage!!!) | dev.to | 2020-11-21

    Please consider following me on Twitter and also checking out tensei.js and giving it a star.

  • payload

    Headless CMS and Application Framework built with Node.js, React and MongoDB

    Latest mention: Introducing Payload - 2021's Node + React Headless CMS for JavaScript Developers | reddit.com/r/javascript | 2021-01-15

    The codebase is viewable on GitHub but is technically not open-source. You can find out more about our code's license right in the repo. We would love if you were to poke through the code. You could pull it down and get it up and running easily, but we do not allow the re-use or tampering with our licensing measures.

  • zipline

    Zipline - The best ShareX / File uploader you could ever want, with logging, URL shortening, and even more.

  • cli

    Mockoon's official CLI. Deploy your mock APIs anywhere.

    Latest mention: Mockoon CLI is now available 🥳 | dev.to | 2020-12-21

    One of the oldest requests from our users (September 2018! 😱) is now closed, but this is just the beginning! More improvements are already in the pipe. Stay tuned!

  • vicis

    Presentation and transformation layer for data output in RESTful APIs.

  • barcelona-urban-mobility-graphql-api

    GraphQL API that provides information about the different public transport / urban mobility services of Barcelona

    Latest mention: Barcelona Urban Mobility GraphQL API - a graphql powered api that provides information about Barcelona urban mobility services (metro, buses, bikes) | reddit.com/r/coolgithubprojects | 2021-01-03
  • Angular-group-chat

  • nx-node-apollo-grahql-mongo

    Nx Nodejs Apollo - TypegraphQL / GraphQL / Express / MongoDB - Typegoose API Boilerplate

    Latest mention: Building GraphQL API with Nodejs, TypeGraphQL , Typegoose and Troubleshooting common challenges. | dev.to | 2021-01-11

    I have created an boilerplate GraphQL API with Node.js, Apollo, TypeGraphQL , TypeScript , Nx, MongoDB , typegoose. You may want to check that out, here's the repository github.com/DevUnderflow/nx-node-apollo-grahql-mongo

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