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10 571 real-world-onion-sites This is a list of substantial, commercial-or-social-good mainstream websites which provide onion services.
3 7,113 synapse Synapse: Matrix reference homeserver
3 607 protontricks A simple wrapper that does winetricks things for Proton enabled games, requires Winetricks.
3 0 songsearchbot
2 2,327 yt-dlc media downloader and library for various sites.
2 1,736 nvidia-patch This patch removes restriction on maximum number of simultaneous NVENC video encoding sessions imposed by Nvidia to consumer-grade GPUs.
2 0 SubredditModActionsLog
2 15 ssh-mitm ssh mitm server for security audits supporting public key authentication, session hijacking and file manipulation
2 2,736 vaderSentiment VADER Sentiment Analysis. VADER (Valence Aware Dictionary and sEntiment Reasoner) is a lexicon and rule-based sentiment analysis tool that is specifically attuned to sentiments expressed in social media, and works well on texts from other domains.
2 4,582 bips Bitcoin Improvement Proposals
2 87,733 youtube-dl Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites
2 522 AI-basketball-analysis :basketball::robot::basketball: AI web app and API to analyze basketball shots and shooting pose.
2 17 yt-dlp
1 2,611 Cura 3D printer / slicing GUI built on top of the Uranium framework
1 2,738 police-brutality Repository containing evidence of police brutality during the 2020 George Floyd protests
1 7,435 netbox IP address management (IPAM) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool.
1 21,190 mitmproxy An interactive TLS-capable intercepting HTTP proxy for penetration testers and software developers.
1 12,567 kivy Open source UI framework written in Python, running on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS
1 15 pck3r this program created for novice in linux and this program, can handle almost things in ubuntu and all distributions based on debian... this program , create by amzy0(M.Amin azimi.K) this program , can change under GPL3 license ... you can send me a pull request in github : https"// and features will be added to pck3r soon ... good luck...
1 985 fairgame Tool to help us buy a GPU in 2020

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real-world-onion-sites 571
pdb-tutorial 721
awesome-python 92,540
ssh-mitm 15
arlo-cam-api 5
hissp 80
ungoogled-chromium 10,832
fastnode2vec 21
pyinstxtractor 221
bCNC 1,079
temboz 47
tmux-copy-toolkit 0
btcrecover 645
netbox 7,435
bass 1,441
songsearchbot 0
enforce-githooks 0
pck3r 15
nnUNet 1,289
kivy 12,567