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  • taro

    开放式跨端跨框架解决方案,支持使用 React/Vue/Nerv 等框架来开发微信/京东/百度/支付宝/字节跳动/ QQ 小程序/H5/React Native 等应用。

    Latest mention: Top 10 Developer Trends, Thu Oct 22 2020 | | 2020-10-22

    NervJS / taro

  • reactotron

    A desktop app for inspecting your React JS and React Native projects. macOS, Linux, and Windows.

  • react-draft-wysiwyg

    A Wysiwyg editor build on top of ReactJS and DraftJS.

  • airframe-react

    Free Open Source High Quality Dashboard based on Bootstrap 4 & React 16:

    Latest mention: Best Free React Dashboards & Resources for every React Developer | | 2020-09-21

    Download Airframe

  • react-flip-move

    Effortless animation between DOM changes (eg. list reordering) using the FLIP technique.

  • twin.macro

    🦹‍♂️ Twin blends the magic of Tailwind with the flexibility of css-in-js (emotion, styled-components and goober) at build time.

    Latest mention: Tailwind CSS: The future of styling or just another CSS framework? | | 2021-01-15

    Tailwind at its own isn't too hard to learn. What I would want to explore is the tooling around it ex. twin.macro which aims to solve issue with long CSS class names and avoid creating separate CSS files at the same time. I also want discover more good practices.

  • react-ace

    React Ace Component

  • react-music

    Make beats with React!

  • react-awesome-slider

    React content transition slider. Awesome Slider is a 60fps, light weight, performant component that renders an animated set of production ready UI general purpose sliders. 🖥️ 📱

  • notion-clone

    Edit Notes like in Full-Stack App using React/Express.

    Latest mention: | | 2020-12-23

    I remember a while back someone posted an open source alternative [0], the biggest downside being that there are fewer features and must be run locally.


  • react-lifecycle-visualizer

    Real-time visualizer for React lifecycle methods

  • React-Bootstrap-with-Material-Design

    React Bootstrap with Material Design - Powerful and free UI KIT

  • user-event

    🐕 Simulate user events for react-testing-library

    Latest mention: Comparing Enzyme with React Testing Library | | 2021-01-04

    To get away from testing our code implementation and get closer to testing how the application is actually used, we turn once again to React Testing Library. Instead of creating fake DOM event objects and simulating various change events, we have the ability to mimic how users would actually interact with the application using userEvent's, which are provided by the user-event library.

  • megadraft

    Megadraft is a Rich Text editor built on top of Facebook's Draft.JS featuring a nice default base of components and extensibility

  • hedron

    A no-frills flexbox grid system for React, powered by styled-components.

  • prism-react-renderer

    🖌️ Renders highlighted Prism output to React (+ theming & vendored Prism)

    Latest mention: I over-engineered my blog, and here’s what I’ve learned | | 2021-01-05

    I could then style each line of code separately if I wanted or use a pre-defined theme such as Night Owl by Sarah Drasner.

  • Winterfell

    Generate complex, validated and extendable JSON-based forms in React.

  • reactive-elements

    Allows to use React.js component as HTML element (web component)

  • react-awesome-query-builder

    User-friendly query builder for React

  • react-pixi-fiber

    Write PixiJS applications using React declarative style.

    Latest mention: Deck the Halls With React Three Fiber | | 2020-12-22

    For 2D there is also and check them both out. I prefer inlet's.

  • espresso.js

    Super minimal MVC library

  • react-portal-tooltip

    Awesome React tooltip

  • react-custom-scroll

    Easily customize the browser scroll bar with native OS scroll behavior

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