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Mentions Stars Project Description
27 111,331 flutter Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful apps for mobile and beyond.
8 129 cyberpwned Automates CP 2077's "Breach Protocol" hacking minigame
6 6,369 sdk The Dart SDK, including the VM, dart2js, core libraries, and more.
5 331 flutter-design-patterns Flutter Design Patterns mobile application
5 0 Weatherify A weather app to get current weather of almost every city in the world.
5 153 SongTube-App Simple & Beautiful App (Tool) made in Flutter to Download Media from YouTube
4 3 Valorant-Elo-Checker
3 4 tabpanel
3 362 states_rebuilder a simple yet powerful state management technique for Flutter
3 223 KeyDecoder KeyDecoder app lets you use your smartphone or tablet to decode your mechanical keys in seconds.
3 423 natrium_wallet_flutter Natrium - Fast, Robust & Secure NANO Wallet, now written with Flutter.
3 10 libgen_mobile_app
3 45 visa Easy third party authentication (OAuth 2.0) for Flutter apps.
2 32 featurehub FeatureHub - cloud native feature flags management, a-b testing and remote configuration. This is the main repo to report issues, PRs and contributions.
2 1 dohack
2 5 fastotvlite_mobile
2 101 funvas Flutter fun canvas - Flutter package that allows creating canvas animations based on time and math functions.
2 30 wave-generator A dart package to generate audio wave data on the fly.
2 263 flutter-roadmap Roadmap for Flutter developers in 2020
2 12 irmamobile IRMA app for iOS and Android

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