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  • Postwoman

    👽 Open source API development ecosystem - https://hoppscotch.io

    Project mention: Show HN: Open-source Postman alternative with type safety | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-05

    Have you seen hoppscotch[1]? They have been my postman alternative for quite some time now.

    [1] https://hoppscotch.io

  • vitest

    A Vite-native test framework. It's fast!

    Project mention: Vitest – A fast unit test framework powered by Vite | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-11
  • Amplication

    Amplication: open-source Node.js backend code generator. An open-source platform that helps developers build backends without spending time on boilerplate & repetitive coding. Including production-ready GraphQL & REST APIs, DB schema, DTOs, filtering, pagination, RBAC, & more.

  • garden

    Automation for Kubernetes development and testing. Spin up production-like environments for development, testing, and CI on demand. Use the same configuration and workflows at every step of the process. Speed up your builds and test runs via shared result caching

    Project mention: The Icelandic Saga Database | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-06-09

    Me too. In fact Garden (dev tooling for the Kubernetes)[0] is a Berlin start-up with three Icelandic founders.

    And if I'm not mistaken, two of us worked briefly with @halldorel (above commenter) at an earlier Icelandic start-up. It's a small world (if you're Icelandic).

    [0] https://garden.io

  • mongodb-memory-server

    Spinning up mongod in memory for fast tests. If you run tests in parallel this lib helps to spin up dedicated mongodb servers for every test file in MacOS, *nix, Windows or CI environments (in most cases with zero-config).

    Project mention: How to test nestjs modules? | /r/Nestjs_framework | 2022-10-13

    In the case of MongoDB there's jest-mongodb that use mongodb-memory-server; for other DBMS, I don't know if it's possible to run an instance in memory.

  • nut.js

    Native UI testing / controlling with node

    Project mention: I built a bot that plays HayDay using Node and many, many AutoHotKey scripts | /r/node | 2023-02-18

    Nut.js is great for this kind of thing, you could probably drop ahk with it

  • spearmint

    Testing, simplified. || An inclusive, accessibility-first GUI for generating clean, semantic Javascript tests in only a few clicks of a button. (by open-source-labs)

    Project mention: Codesmith fellowship experiences? | /r/codingbootcamp | 2022-10-09

    I went down a crazy rabbit hole gathering all kinds of data and analyzing the open source projects that Codesmith has. I'm very fast and it took about 2 hours one Sunday afternoon. I logged alumni LinkedIns and GitHubs for ~200 people listed on these open source project individual websites. I found about 2/3 of people listed 6+ months of work experience on their LinkedIns as "Software Engineers" but when looking at their GitHub contributions to the projects, committed on average over 2-3 week long periods only. All of these projects had the exact same spiky patterns, it was crazy, over and over and over and over again, like this: https://github.com/open-source-labs/spearmint/graphs/contributors and over and over people listing months and sometimes years of experience on their LinkedIns.

  • stepci

    Automated API Testing and Quality Assurance

    Project mention: Beyond OpenAPI | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-11
  • SurveyJS

    A Non-Cloud Alternative to Google Forms that has it all.. SurveyJS JavaScript libraries allow you to easily set up a robust form management system fully integrated into your IT infrastructure where users can create and edit multiple dynamic JSON-based forms in a no-code form builder. Learn more now.

  • lost-pixel

    Holistic visual testing for your Frontend 🖼 First class integration with Storybook, Ladle, Playwright & other frontend libraries.

    Project mention: Complete guide on Playwright visual regression testing | /r/webdev | 2023-05-16

    in this case you could start experimenting with cloud solutions as this setup that you explained looks far more in the direction of a well established business(where you could afford paying for external services). we built lost-pixel.com exactly for this purpose, we don't support multiple browser runs at this stage but we already do support breakpoints. it's usually about optimising the tools for the use case(or rather converging the use case to existing tools if it makes the life of engineers easier) and I think there is no unsolvable problem when it comes to testing :D

  • ezy

    🔥 GUI client for gRPC/gRPC-Web

    Project mention: What is this app? | /r/macapps | 2023-04-24
  • mockttp

    Powerful friendly HTTP mock server & proxy library

    Project mention: Client-side proxies – a better way to individualise the Internet? (2000) | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-07-23

    Interesting how the world has changed since the 2000s here - nowadays the ecosystem is far better, so it's much easier to set up tools to mess around with this, but the use of HTTPS everywhere makes it more difficult in more advanced cases (e.g. you'll often need to fight certificate configuration in individual clients).

    In part because of that, browser extensions have become the main way to go for this kind of local web modification, but now there's new restrictions slowly coming in there too.

    If you want to mess around with HTTP-level rewriting for yourself though, I maintain a Node.js library for easily writing tiny custom HTTP & HTTPS-intercepting proxies that makes it very easy: https://github.com/httptoolkit/mockttp/. Others have built more specific tooling on top too, like this web page modification proxy: https://github.com/OnkelTem/wmod-proxy

    There's a walkthrough for setting up a quick local proxy & rewriting your own browser traffic here: https://httptoolkit.com/blog/javascript-mitm-proxy-mockttp/

  • crusher

    🧙‍♀️ Fast low-code testing framework ⏱️ Create test in <60 secs

    Project mention: Test your react/web app in under a minute with Crusher - a fast low-code framework | /r/reactjs | 2023-01-06
  • trytouca

    Continuous Regression Testing for Engineering Teams

    Project mention: Touca v2.0, open-source regression testing tool, a superior alternative to snapshot testing | /r/selfhosted | 2023-02-24

    Thanks for the information. Wouldn't it be easier to directly use the Server API to get the comparison results? I think this is the endpoint relevant to your use-case. Here is an example of how to interact with the API using Python.

  • prestige

    A text-based HTTP client in the browser. An interface-less Postman.

    Project mention: What is this app? | /r/macapps | 2023-04-24
  • Recorder

    A browser extension that generates Cypress, Playwright and Puppeteer test scripts from your interactions 🖱 ⌨ (by DeploySentinel)

  • argos

    Visual Testing for modern web apps. Review visual changes in your development workflow. (by argos-ci)

  • vscode-catch2-test-adapter

    Catch2, Google Test and doctest Adapter for the VSCode

    Project mention: IDE for CPP(leetcode) | /r/cpp_questions | 2023-01-03

    However, you can use a unit test framework like GoogleTest or Catch2 whic creates a main() function for you which allows you to run single functions, as long as they have been created through some preprocessor macros. Then you can use a VS Code test adapter like this or this which may let you run a single test by right clicking it directly in VS Code.

  • clobbr

    ⚡️ A tool to check the speed and resilience of your API endpoints against multiple parallel or sequence requests.

    Project mention: Show HN: I open sourced the CLI of my API Testing Framework | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-05-30
  • laika

    Log, test, intercept and modify Apollo Client's operations (by zendesk)

  • dakka

    Dakka - generate automation tests for Cypress, Playwright and Puppeteer

  • Jugglr

    Jugglr is a test data management tool that enables reliable testing with a Docker containerized database

  • github-action-ts-run-api

    Library for GitHub Action integration testing

  • chaos-stream-proxy

    Add some chaos to your HTTP streams to validate player behaviour

  • oral

    a decorator based testing framework for typescript

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The open-source backend cloud platform. The open-source backend cloud platform for developing Web, Mobile, and Flutter applications. You can set up your backend faster with real-time APIs for authentication, databases, file storage, cloud functions, and much more!

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What are some of the best open-source testing-tool projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Postwoman 54,609
2 vitest 10,120
3 garden 2,918
4 mongodb-memory-server 2,304
5 nut.js 1,665
6 spearmint 1,274
7 stepci 1,131
8 lost-pixel 1,001
9 ezy 885
10 mockttp 686
11 crusher 482
12 trytouca 441
13 prestige 373
14 Recorder 346
15 argos 217
16 vscode-catch2-test-adapter 171
17 clobbr 118
18 laika 116
19 dakka 94
20 Jugglr 75
21 github-action-ts-run-api 44
22 chaos-stream-proxy 24
23 oral 12
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