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  • GitHub repo storybook

    📓 The UI component explorer. Develop, document, & test React, Vue, Angular, Web Components, Ember, Svelte & more!

    Project mention: Announcing Monarch 1.7: the developer experience keeps getting better | reddit.com/r/FlutterDev | 2022-01-13

    It sounds you are familiar with web development. Monarch is akin to Storybook.

  • GitHub repo Docusaurus

    Easy to maintain open source documentation websites.

    Project mention: Building email signup form for Docusaurus with hCaptcha, Cloudflare Pages and Mailgun | dev.to | 2022-01-13

    Pglet website is made with Docusaurus and hosted on Cloudflare Pages. However, the following solution could be easily adopted for other React-based website frameworks such as Next.js and use a different backend for server-side logic such as Vercel Functions or Deno Deploy.

  • SonarLint

    Deliver Cleaner and Safer Code - Right in Your IDE of Choice!. SonarLint is a free and open source IDE extension that identifies and catches bugs and vulnerabilities as you code, directly in the IDE. Install from your favorite IDE marketplace today.

  • GitHub repo docz

    ✍ It has never been so easy to document your things!

    Project mention: Docz - It's never been easier to document your things! Let's test this statement – 2022 | dev.to | 2022-01-14

    Docz is an Open-Source Software powered by Gatsby that helps in creating or maintaining documents and It has all above features to make the document perfect as per their official documentation claim.

  • GitHub repo TOAST UI Editor

    🍞📝 Markdown WYSIWYG Editor. GFM Standard + Chart & UML Extensible.

    Project mention: Show HN: BookStack – An open source wiki platform and alternative to Confluence | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-01-08

    Have you looked at Toast UI Editor (MIT license)?


    I checked out a bunch of text editors on a past project and this one has worked very well as a WYSIWYG markdown editor.

  • GitHub repo react-styleguidist

    Isolated React component development environment with a living style guide

    Project mention: React library development - How do you render your components during development? | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2022-01-08

    So far, it seems that Storybook with it's interactive props and canvas playground is the most popular solution. Simplified versions, like Styleguidist or Docz do not provide enough props and canvas playground functionality to see them as alternatives. I would consider these two only valid documentation alternatives, but not for active development like Storybook.

  • GitHub repo mkdocs-material

    Technical documentation that just works

    Project mention: Year-End Change Freeze, Yes! | reddit.com/r/sysadmin | 2021-12-21

    This used to be me as well. Now days it's vs code -> markdown -> mkdocs-material to get my notes into something clean and searchable and can handle code snippets

  • GitHub repo reactjs.org

    The React documentation website

    Project mention: useEffect sometimes fires before paint | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2021-11-15

    To be fair, the docs never say this behavior is guaranteed. Still, filing an issue is a good idea.

  • OPS

    OPS - Build and Run Open Source Unikernels. Quickly and easily build and deploy open source unikernels in tens of seconds. Deploy in any language to any cloud.

  • GitHub repo typedoc

    Documentation generator for TypeScript projects.

    Project mention: Typejuice: Docs generator for .d.ts files inspired by godoc | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-12-24

    I've used Typedoc and it works very well for me. You'll need to tweak the configuration options a bit to get what you want but it makes solid documentation.


  • GitHub repo tsdoc

    A doc comment standard for TypeScript

    Project mention: Do you use JSdocs with TypeScript? | reddit.com/r/typescript | 2021-11-27
  • GitHub repo compodoc

    :notebook_with_decorative_cover: The missing documentation tool for your Angular, Nest & Stencil application

    Project mention: 🚀 Angular 13 Starter with ESLint, Material, Transloco, Jest, TestCafe, Docker & Prettier 🚀 | reddit.com/r/githubprojects | 2022-01-07

    ✅ Auto documentation with Compodoc

  • GitHub repo express-typescript-boilerplate

    A delightful way to building a RESTful API with NodeJs & TypeScript by @w3tecch

    Project mention: Standard Typescript Tutorial with Express and an ORM or ODM | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-06-18

    I would suggest to look for "boilerplate" with all tech u want to learn, than combine few tutorials to move forward ur knowledge and build something around that... Here is one example: https://github.com/w3tecch/express-typescript-boilerplate

  • GitHub repo docsearch

    :blue_book: The easiest way to add search to your documentation.

    Project mention: Wayland Explorer - Easily read Wayland protocol documentation online | reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-04-04

    Yes, search is definitely on the "roadmap" (if there is such a thing). A simple substring search across all protocols should be relatively easy to implement. But from your description it sounds like an integration with docsearch (or a similar service) would be more appropriate.

  • GitHub repo vue-styleguidist

    Created from react styleguidist for Vue Components with a living style guide

    Project mention: Document & Test Vue 3 Components With Storybook | dev.to | 2021-11-15

    Unfortunately, I found no way to add JSDoc comments to the counter-update event. I think it is currently not supported in vue-docgen-api, which Storybook uses under the hood to extract code comments into descriptions. Leave a comment if you know a way how to document events in Vue 3.

  • GitHub repo sandpack

    A component toolkit for creating live-running code editing experiences, using the power of CodeSandbox.

    Project mention: A simple change improved Chakra UI's PageSpeed significantly | dev.to | 2021-12-18

    Then I remembered that CodeSandbox released their Sandpack component toolkit that you can use to create live code editing blocks. Since that's an npm package that you install, I figured it will definitely be more performant because its code will be compiled, optimized and shipped along with the page. So I decided to swap out the old embedded iframe with the new Sandpack component. And the results were surprizing:

  • GitHub repo graphdoc

    Static page generator for documenting GraphQL Schema

    Project mention: Good Graphql Documentation | reddit.com/r/graphql | 2021-05-13

    I am happy with graphdoc (https://github.com/2fd/graphdoc) . It extracts the comments from my typedefs into static html files. Strongly recommend.

  • GitHub repo Optic

    Optic documents and tests your API as you build it

    Project mention: "Git for APIs"? | dev.to | 2021-05-17

    I'm really happy to say I've started a new job at Optic, and with this comes the learning process of getting more depth with new technology and its use cases.

  • GitHub repo docs.nestjs.com

    The official documentation https://docs.nestjs.com 📕

    Project mention: Best ORM for use with Typescript? | reddit.com/r/typescript | 2021-03-03

    One of the core members of the NestJS team here: I agree. I see so many posts about how Mikro is light years ahead of TypeORM. I'm personally not really for ORMs in general, but I wish Kamil didn't go and create @nestjs/sequelize. I believe he created the @nestjs/typeorm package before Mikro got too much steam and popularity. There's also discussion in a PR about adding a recipe for MikroORM so that the community becomes more aware of it.

  • GitHub repo README

    :wave: - The documentation for being an Artsy Engineer (by artsy)

    Project mention: Ask HN: Who is hiring? (December 2021) | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-12-01

    Artsy | Berlin (Hybrid), NYC (Hybrid) or Remote USA | Full-time

    Engineering Manager USA - preference for platform, data or infrastructure experience

    Engineering Manager Berlin & USA - preference for front-end or mobile experience

    Artsy’s mission is to expand the art market to support more artists and art in the world. Artsy has created the world’s largest two-sided art marketplace, with more than 1,000,000 works by 100,000 artists from 4,000 of the world’s leading galleries, auction houses, art fairs, and institutions across 190 countries.

    Apply via https://www.artsy.net/jobs

    More info https://github.com/artsy/README

  • GitHub repo log4brains

    ✍️ Log and publish your architecture decisions (ADR)

    Project mention: Can't bring myself to produce code any more, any ideas to help? | reddit.com/r/ExperiencedDevs | 2021-05-31

    I'm a solution architect in my current job, and I love it because I still get to solve technical problems and help/mentor more junior developers but I don't really write code anymore (except on minor occasions and it's mostly by choice). The tradeoff is I have to write docs and make presentations, but I learned how to do that easily enough.

  • GitHub repo documentalist

    :memo: A sort-of-static site generator optimized for living documentation of software projects

    Project mention: Stringify Interface? | reddit.com/r/typescript | 2021-02-24
  • GitHub repo docs

    Codecademy Docs is a collection of information for all things code. 📕 (by Codecademy)

    Project mention: How to Contribute to Codecademy Docs | dev.to | 2021-11-18

    All of the changes to Docs are housed in the Codecademy/docs repo on GitHub.

  • GitHub repo ip-num

    A TypeScript/JavaScript library for working with ASN, IPv4, and IPv6 numbers. It provides representations of these internet protocol numbers with the ability to perform various IP related operations like parsing, validating etc. on them

  • GitHub repo docs

    Unleash Bitcoin's full potential with decentralized apps and smart contracts. The documentation covers key aspects of the Stacks network and technology and provides tutorials and other helpful content for developers. (by blockstack)

    Project mention: Web3.0 Resources | dev.to | 2021-12-11
NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-01-14.

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What are some of the best open-source Documentation projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 storybook 68,017
2 Docusaurus 29,696
3 docz 22,112
4 TOAST UI Editor 14,125
5 react-styleguidist 10,212
6 mkdocs-material 8,469
7 reactjs.org 6,756
8 typedoc 5,443
9 tsdoc 3,809
10 compodoc 3,573
11 express-typescript-boilerplate 2,326
12 docsearch 2,317
13 vue-styleguidist 2,142
14 sandpack 1,359
15 graphdoc 1,358
16 Optic 940
17 docs.nestjs.com 573
18 README 460
19 log4brains 269
20 documentalist 135
21 docs 129
22 ip-num 126
23 docs 96
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